Breeding for improvement of synthetic maize populations and efficiency of the selection: II. Results of the first and second cycle of recurrent selection in the synthetic exotic

Genova, I.

Genetika i Selektsiya 26(2): 105-109


Accession: 008245339

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Recurrent selection for specific combining ability was conducted in the original synthetic Exotic. Testers of the two contrasting genetic source lines B-73 and Mo-17 were used. As a result of selection the hybridizing value of the synthetic was increased by 7.6% in the first cycle, and by 4.8% - in the second. No significant change was observed in the yield and in the components of yield of the synthetics. Testing of S-3 lines originating from the first selection cycle showed considerable increase in specific combining ability. This fact is also an index for efficiency of the selection.