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Bulk, wet and dry deposition on a forestal area in the Spanish Basque country

Encinas, D.; Casado, H.; Lacaux, J.P.

Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A Environmental Science and Engineering 28(5): 1055-1071


ISSN/ISBN: 0360-1226
DOI: 10.1080/10934529309375929
Accession: 008247872

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During a three-year period (1988-91) we measured bulk and wet deposits of the main contaminants in the municipality of Olatea, a forestal area in the Comunidad Autonoma Vasca, and we estimated the dry deposit, using the results obtained from the first two. The SO-4-2- ion, with 51.3 kg cntdot ha-1 cntdot yr-1, is the ion which appears most in the bulk deposit found, whilst the Cl- and SO-4-2- ions, with levels of 62.0 and 34.9 kg cntdot ha-1 cntdot yr-1, are those which appear most in wet deposit. The NO-3-, SO-4-2-, Na+ and Mg-2+ ions are usually deposited during wet processes, whilst the NH-4+, K+ and Ca-2+ are done so during dry deposit. We have observed drops in the Cl- ion and, to a lesser degree, in the NH-4+ ion in the bulk deposit as a result of the evaporation processes which these ions may undergo in the bulk deposit. The SO-4-2- and Ca-2+ ions vary their deposition form depending upon the type of retrotrajectory of the cloud mass.

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