Callus formation from protoplast cultures of Allium wakegi

Seo, B.B.; Lee, S.H.; Nair, A.S.

Bionature 14(1): 23-28


Accession: 008258250

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Protoplasts were enzymatically isolated from leaves obtained from bulb cultures of amphidiploid A. wakegi, and protoplasts were inoculated in KM8P liquid medium containing 0.1M Mannitol, 0.4m glucose. 0.4 mg/1 2,4-D, 2 mg/1 NAA and 1 mg/1 BAP, and incubated in dark. Colony formation was observed within two weeks of inoculation, and developed into mini-callus after one month. The mini-callus obtained were transferred to MS medium containing 3% sucrose, 0.4 mg/1 2,4-D, 2 mg/1 NAA. 1 mg/1 BAP, and 0.8% agarose, and developed into friable callus.