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Callus induction from hybrid cells between Allium wakegi and A. fistulosum

Seo, B.-Bo; Ko, J.-Min

Korean Journal of Genetics 15(4): 355-364


Accession: 008258292

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Leaf mesophyll protoplasts isolated from amphidiploid Allium wakegi were fused with protoplasts derived from young leaf sheath bases of A. fistulosum. The somatic hybrid cell was cultured in KM8P medium supplemented with 0.4 M glucose, 0.1 M mannitol, 0.4 mg/l 2,4-D, 2 mg/l NAA and 1 mg/l BAP for 5 days. Then the medium was diluted by adding fresh KM8P medium with 1 g/l glutamine (substituted for ammonium nitrate and potassium nitrate), 0.4 M glucose, 1 mg/l NAA and 1 mg/l BAP. After three days the medium was diluted with KM8P medium with 1 g/l glutamine, 0. 3 M glucose, 0.1 mg/l NAA and 1 mg/l BAP. When MS medium with 30 g/l sucrose, 0.1 mg/l NAA, and 1 mg/l BAP was added into the petri dishes in three days intervals, and callus was obtained.

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