Characteristic features of the populations of tamarisk gerbil Meriones tamariscinus Pall. and midday gerbil M. meridianus Pall. in the Volga-Ural sands

Larina, N.I.; Eigelis, S.Y.; Eremina, I.V.

Ekologiya (Moscow) 1993(3): 57-64


Accession: 008289601

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The populations of tamarisk and midday gerbils cohabiting in the Volga-Ural sands, Russia, were studied. Methods used included realization of biotic potential of biological and morphological parameters and extended analysis of phenological complexes structure in intraspecies genetic blocks. The type of spatial changes in the degree of realization of maximum possible utilization of facies was determined. Craniometric factors, degree of realization, and the structure of realized phenological fund that characterize distinctive adaptive strategies in the two gerbil species studied were discussed.