Section 9
Chapter 8,346

Combining ability of sunflower plastome mutant lines and expression of heterosis for quantitative traits in intermutant hybrids

Zinovatnaya, G.N.; Ulitcheva, I.I.; Gus'kov, E.P.

Genetika 31(12): 1671-1678


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758
Accession: 008345889

It was shown that distinct mutant plastomes determined significant differences in general combining ability in chlorina lines and green revertants with identical nuclear genomes. Both positive and negative effects of mutant plastomes on GCA and SCA, depending on parental lines, cross combination, and the trait analyzed, were demonstrated. The relationship between GCA and SCA and the manifestation of heterosis was studied. Prevailing types of gene interactions, which cause heterosis for morphological characters in particular hybrid combinations, were revealed. Several hypotheses on the possible mechanisms of plastome involvement in expression of heterosis were advanced.

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