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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 8370

Chapter 8370 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Culp, D.J.; Latchney, L.R.; Frampton, M.W.; Jahnke, M.R.; Morrow, P.E.; Utell, M.J., 1995:
Composition of human airway mucins and effects after inhalation of acid aerosol

Karpe, F.; Tornvall, P.; Olivecrona, T.; Steiner, G.; Carlson, L.A.; Hamsten, A., 1993:
Composition of human low density lipoprotein: effects of postprandial triglyceride-rich lipoproteins, lipoprotein lipase, hepatic lipase and cholesteryl ester transfer protein

Doyle, I.R.; Jones, M.E.; Barr, H.A.; Orgeig, S.; Crockett, A.J.; McDonald, C.F.; Nicholas, T.E., 1994:
Composition of human pulmonary surfactant varies with exercise and level of fitness

Lehmann, K.G.; van Suylen, R.J.; Stibbe, J.; Slager, C.J.; Oomen, J.A.; Maas, A.; di Mario, C.; deFeyter, P.; Serruys, P.W., 1997:
Composition of human thrombus assessed by quantitative colorimetric angioscopic analysis

Bercegeay, S.; Jean, M.; Lucas, H.; Barriere, P., 1995:
Composition of human zona pellucida as revealed by SDS-PAGE after silver staining

Vishnepol'skii, B.M.; Pirtskhalava, M.K., 1997:
Composition of hydrophobic core and the stability of double-stranded parallel supercoiled alpha-helix

Herrmann, G.; Stunitz, H.; Nitsch, C., 1998:
Composition of ibotenic acid-induced calcifications in rat substantia nigra

Kudelin, V.M., 1996:
Composition of ichthyofauna in the littoral zone of Lake Baikal within the spreading area of treated sewage from the Baikal pulp and paper mill

Ganor, E.; Levin, Z.; Van Grieken, R., 1998:
Composition of individual aerosol particles above the Israelian Mediterranean coast during the summer time

Anadon, P., 1992:
Composition of inland waters with marine-like fauna and inferences for a Miocene lake in Spain

Fogh-Andersen, N.; Altura, B.M.; Altura, B.T.; Siggaard-Andersen, O., 1995:
Composition of interstitial fluid

Darasella, G.Y.; Gagelidze, N.; Konicek, J.; Konickova Radochova, M.; Amiranashvili, L., 1991:
Composition of intracellular soluble proteins in Mycobacterium rubrum and its mutants

Voronina, E.P.; Dmitriev, L.B.; Gorbunova, E.A.; Grandberg, I.I., 1995:
Composition of lavender essential oil (Lavandula vera DC.) introduced by General Botanical Garden of RAS

Tsutsuki, K.; Kondo, R.; Shiraishi, H.; Kuwatsuka, S.; (Japan), O.-Wetland-Research-Group, 1993:
Composition of lignin-degradation products, lipids, and opal phytoliths in a peat profile accumulated since 32,000 years B.P. in central Japan

Sourek, J.; Stransky, K.; Trnka, T.; Julak, J.; Levin, J.; Michalec, C., 1992:
Composition of lipid A in the S and E forms of Shigella dysenteriae serovar 1

Dutta, S.; Das, S.K.; Btattacharyya, S.P., 1997:
Composition of lipids from the glands of the external ear canal of the adult children

Aggelis, G.; Stathas, D.; Tavoularis, N.; Komaitis, M., 1996:
Composition of lipids produced by some strains of Candida species. Production of single-cell oil in a chemostat culture

Stancheva, Nadya, 1997:
Composition of lipolytic microflora of ewe's milk stored in a refrigerator

Stancheva, Nadya, 1997:
Composition of lipolytic microorganisms isolated from fresh ewe's milk

Pracyk, J.B.; Simonson, S.G.; Young, S.L.; Ghio, A.J.; Roggli, V.L.; Piantadosi, C.A., 1996:
Composition of lung lavage in pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis

Bradford Grieve, J.M.; Murdoch, R.C.; Chapman, B.E., 1993:
Composition of macrozooplankton assemblages associated with the formation and decay of pulses within an upwelling plume in greater Cook Strait, New Zealand

Wilczek, A.; Kondoh, H.; Mishima, Y., 1996:
Composition of mammalian eumelanins: Analyses of DHICA-derived units in pigments from hair and melanoma cells

Geise, R.A.; Palchevsky, A., 1996:
Composition of mammographic phantom materials

Csapo, J.; Stefler, J.; Martin, T.G.; Makray, S.; Csapo-Kiss, Z., 1995:
Composition of mares' colostrum and milk. Fat content, fatty acid composition and vitamin content

Vandenberghe, N.; Rueda, V.; Moreno, A.; Ceular, A.; Rodriguez, C., 1993:
Composition of milk from sheep of the Gallega de Montana breed: Changes during the first 12 weeks of lactation

Skrökki, A.; Hormi, O., 1994:
Composition of minced meat part A: Methods

Skrökki, A.; Hormi, O., 1994 :
Composition of minced meat part B: A survey of commercial ground meat

Laman, Timothy, G., 1992:
Composition of mixed-species foraging flocks in a Bornean rainforest

Paleari, M.A.; Beretta, G.; Grimaldi, P.; Vaini, F., 1997:
Composition of muscle tissue of farmed white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) with particular reference to lipidic content

Vasilenko, A.V., 1995:
Composition of nektonic communities of the southwestern Bering Sea during the winter: Trends in long-term dynamics

Sheard, P.W.; Duxson, M.J., 1996:
Composition of newly forming motor units in prenatal rat intercostal muscle

Vietor, R.J.; Voragen, A.G.J.; Angelino, S.A.G.F., 1993:
Composition of non-starch polysaccharides in wort and spent grain from brewing trials with malt from a good malting quality barley and a feed barley

Tremblay, S.D.; Lafontaine, J.G., 1992:
Composition of nuclear dense bodies and nucleolus-associated bodies in interphase nuclei of the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Doehlert, D.C.; Moore, W.R., 1997:
Composition of oat bran and flour prepared by three different mechanisms of dry milling

Fabiano, M.; Danovaro, R., 1994:
Composition of organic matter in sediments facing a river estuary (Tyrrhenian Sea): Relationships with bacteria and microphytobenthic biomass

Carlén, A.; Börjesson, A.C.; Nikdel, K.; Olsson, J., 1998:
Composition of pellicles formed in vivo on tooth surfaces in different parts of the dentition, and in vitro on hydroxyapatite

Stroncek, D.F.; Clay, M.E.; Smith, J.; Herr, G.; Ilstrup, S.; Kunkel, L.A.; Mccullough, J., 1997:
Composition of peripheral blood progenitor cell components collected from healthy donors

Kravets, V.V.; Berezovskaya, I.V., 1994:
Composition of periphyton biocenoses of disk rotator biological contactors and their role in water purification

Hackshaw, K.V.; Jackson, N.A.; Shi, Y., 1994:
Composition of peritoneal macrophage membranes in autoimmune MRL lpr/lpr mice

Bernhard, W.; Postle, A.D.; Linck, M.; Sewing, K.F.iedrich, 1995:
Composition of phospholipid classes and phosphatidylcholine molecular species of gastric mucosa and mucus

Juhler, R.K.; Andreasson, E.; Yu, S.G.; Albertsson, P.K., 1993:
Composition of photosynthetic pigments in thylakoid membrane vesicles from spinach

Vogel, G.L.; Zhang, Z.; Carey, C.M.; Ly, A.; Chow, L.C.; Proskin, H.M., 1998:
Composition of plaque and saliva following a sucrose challenge and use of an alpha-tricalcium-phosphate-containing chewing gum

Soudant, P.; Moal, J.; Marty, Y.; Samain, JF., 1997:
Composition of polar lipid classes in male gonads of Pecten maximus (L.). Effect of nutrition

Kakela, R.; Hyvarinen, H., 1998:
Composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the liver of freshwater and marine ringed seals (Phoca hispida ssp.) differs largely due to the diet of the seals

Margolis, H.C.; Moreno, E.C., 1992:
Composition of pooled plaque fluid from caries-free and caries-positive individuals following sucrose exposure

Wurzinger, A.; Roth, I.; Netzer, M.; Bandion, F., 1993:
Composition of pressing fruit from Austrian apples and pears of 1992

Softly, B.J.; Huang, A.S.un; Finley, J.W.; Petersheim, M.; Yarger, R.G.; Chrysam, M.M.; Wieczorek, R.L.; Otterburn, M.S.; Manz, A.; Templeman, G.J., 1994:
Composition of representative SALATRIM fat preparations

Bearzoti, E.; Aquino, L.-Henrique-De, 1992:
Composition of sampling plans on 'Cravo' mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco)

Uhlmann, D.; Hupfer, M.; Appelt, C., 1997:
Composition of sediments in drinking water reservoirs as a basis for the assessment of potential changes in water quality

Haukos, D.A.; Smith, L.M., 1994:
Composition of seed banks along an elevational gradient in playa wetlands

Berge, G.; Hestmark, G., 1997:
Composition of seed banks of roadsides, stream verges and agricultural field in southern Norway

Kara, M.H.; Derbal, F.; Labed, S., 1996:
Composition of seminal fluid in Sparus aurata during seasonal spermiation

Semwal, A.D.; Murthy, M.C.N.rasimha; Arya, S.S., 1996:
Composition of some commercially available biscuits

Csapo, J.; Csapo-Kiss, Z.; Martin, T.G.; Hazas, Z., 1995:
Composition of sow's colostrum and milk: I. Protein content, amino acid composition and biological value

Csapo, J.; Csapo-Kiss, Z.; Martin, T.G.; Hazas, Z., 1995:
Composition of sow's colostrum and milk: II. Fatty acid composition, and contents of fat, vitamins and macro-and microelements

Liskins, N.; Ornicans, A.; Pilats, V., 1998:
Composition of species, age and sex of dead seals found on the Gulf of Riga Coast in 1995

König, B.; Prévost, G.; König, W., 1997:
Composition of staphylococcal bi-component toxins determines pathophysiological reactions

Chalom, S.; Elrezzi, E.; Peña, P.; Astiarsarán, I.; Bello, J., 1995:
Composition of sulfited potatoes: comparison with fresh and frozen potatoes

Peltier, K.M.; Chivers, S.J.; Kruse, S., 1993:
Composition of the 1991 incidental kill of small cetaceans in the eastern tropical Pacific US tuna fishery and two California gillnet fisheries

Salichon, M.R.; Guy, G.; Rousselot, D.; Blum, J.C., 1994:
Composition of the 3 types of foie gras: Goose, mule duck and muscovy duck foie gras

Van Toorenburg, R.A.; Gilmartin, W.G.; Henderson, J.R., 1993:
Composition of the Hawaiian monk seal population at Kure Atoll, 1990

Peltier, K.M.; Chivers, S.J.; Norman, W.T., 1994:
Composition of the Incidental Kill of Odontocetes in the Eastern Tropical Pacific US Tuna Fishery and Two California Gillnet Fisheries for 1992

Lachlak, N.; Ageron, E.; Zampatti, O.; Michel, G.; Grimont, P.A., 1996:
Composition of the Lactobacillus acidophilus complex isolated from vaginal flora

Pell, M.; Ljunggren, H., 1996:
Composition of the bacterial population in sand-filter columns receiving artificial wastewater, evaluated by soft independent modelling of class analogy (SIMCA)

Schneegurt, M., A.; Sherman, D., M.; Sherman, L., A., 1997:
Composition of the carbohydrate granules of the cyanobacterium, Cyanothece sp. strain ATCC 51142

Nguyen, T.; Fleet, G.; Rogers, P., 1998:
Composition of the cell walls of several yeast species

Adinolfi, M.; Corsaro, M.M.chela; Lanzetta, R.; Parrilli, M.; Folkard, G.; Grant, W.; Sutherland, J., 1994:
Composition of the coagulant polysaccharide fraction from Strychnos potatorum seeds

Machado, R.; Simplicio, A.A., 1997:
Composition of the costs in reproductive schedules for goats

Tutin, C.E.G.; Fernandez, M., 1993:
Composition of the diet of chimpanzees and comparison with that of sympatric lowland gorillas in the Lope Reserve, Gabon

Saikia, P.K.; Devriese, L.A.; Kalita, C.C.; Haesebrouck, F.; Dutta, G.N., 1994:
Composition of the enterococcal intestinal flora of chickens in a tropical area

Baser, K.H.; Kirimer, N.; Duman, H., 1997:
Composition of the essential oil of Micromeria dolichodontha P. H. Davis

Figueiredo, A.C.istina; Barroso, J.G.; Pedro, L.G.; Fontinha, S.S.; Looman, A.; Scheffer, J.J.C., 1997:
Composition of the essential oil of Monizia edulis Lowe, an endemic species of the Madeira Archipelago

Figueiredo, A.C.istina; Barroso, J., G.; Pais, M.S.lome, S.; Scheffer, J., J.C., 1992:
Composition of the essential oils from two populations of Achillea millefolium ssp. millefolium

Laenger, R.; Mechtler, C.; Jurenitsch, J., 1996:
Composition of the essential oils of commercial samples of Salvia officinalis L. and S. fruticosa Miller: A comparison of oils obtained by extraction and steam distillation

Perrins, R.; Soffe, S.R., 1996:
Composition of the excitatory drive during swimming in two amphibian embryos: Rana and Bufo

Potter, I.C.; Hyndes, G.A., 1994:
Composition of the fish fauna of a permanently open estuary on the southern coast of Australia, and comparisons with a nearby seasonally closed estuary

Kornyushin, V.V.; Czaplinski, B.; Tkach, V.V., 1996:
Composition of the genus Drepanidotaenia Railliet, 1892 and its place in the system of hymenolepidid cestodes

L'vovskii, A.L., 1996:
Composition of the genus Odites Wlsm. and its position in the classification of the Gelechioidea (Lepidoptera)

Moos, J.; Faundes, D.; Kopf, G.S.; Schultz, R.M., 1995:
Composition of the human zona pellucida and modifications following fertilization

Chivers, S., J.; Robertson, K., M.; Henshaw, M., D., 1997:
Composition of the incidental kill of cetaceans in two California gillnet fisheries: 1990-1995

Hinchliffe, S.A.; Ciftci, A.O.; Khine, M.M.; Rickwood, A.M.K.; Ashwood, J.; Mcgill, F.; Clapham, E.M.; Van-Velzen, D., 1994:
Composition of the inflammatory infiltrate in pediatric penile lichen sclerosus et atrophicus (balanitis xerotica obliterans): A Prospective, comparative immunophenotyping study

Burton, T.M.; Sivaramakrishnan, K.G., 1993:
Composition of the insect community in the streams of the Silent Valley National Park in southern India

Wickramasinghe, S.N.; Lee, M.J.; Furukawa, T.; Eguchi, M.; Reid, C.D., 1996:
Composition of the intra-erythroblastic precipitates in thalassaemia and congenital dyserythropoietic anaemia (CDA): identification of a new type of CDA with intra-erythroblastic precipitates not reacting with monoclonal antibodies to alpha- and beta-globin chains

Ince, O.; Anderson, G.K.; Kasapgil, B., 1997:
Composition of the microbial population in a membrane anaerobic reactor system during start-up

Rosenberg, G.D.; Tubergen, L.B., 1993:
Composition of the otosclerotic stapes: electron microprobe analyses

Burroughs, M.H.; Chang, Y.S.; Gage, D.A.; Tuomanen, E.I., 1993:
Composition of the peptidoglycan of Haemophilus influenzae

Murphy, E.J.; Horrocks, L.A., 1993:
Composition of the phospholipids and their fatty acids in the ROC-1 oligodendroglial cell line

Bird, A., F.; Mcclure, S., G., 1997:
Composition of the stylets of the tardigrade, Macrobiotus CF. pseudohufelandi

Takizawa, T.; Robinson, J.M., 1994:
Composition of the transfer medium is crucial for high-resolution immunocytochemistry of cryosectioned human neutrophils

Laakso, P.H.; Nurmela, K.V.V.; Homer, D.R., 1992:
Composition of the triacylglycerols of butterfat and its fractions obtained by an industrial melt crystallization process

Harris, P.J.; Webster, J.; Weinhandl, J.A.; Stone, B.A., 1994:
Composition of the walls of pollen grains of the seagrass Amphibolis antarctica

Costa, L.-Gonzaga-Silva; Mantovani, W., 1995:
Composition of the woody flora in semideciduous mesophyll forest at Ibicatu Ecological Station, Piracicaba (SP)

Bozelli, Reinaldo Luiz, 1992:
Composition of the zooplankton community of Batata and Mussura Lakes and of the Trombetas River, State of Para, Brazil

Jacob, K.; Doss, M.O., 1993:
Composition of urinary coproporphyrin isomers I-IV in human porphyrias

Auger, J.; Boscher, J.; Lages, B.; Postaire, E.; Viel, C., 1993:
Composition of volatile sulphur derivatives in two species of indigenous wild garlic

Albu, J.; Smolowitz, J.; Lichtman, S.; Heymsfield, S.B.; Wang, J.; Pierson, R.N.; Pi-Sunyer, F.X., 1992:
Composition of weight loss in severely obese women: a new look at old methods

Sanchez-Romero, C.; Heredia, A.; Guillen, R.; Jimenez, A.; Fernandez-Bolanos, J., 1992:
Composition of white asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L): Modifications during its processing

Berg, M.J.; Durrie, R.; Sapirstein, V.S.; Marks, N., 1997:
Composition of white matter bovine brain coated vesicles: evidence that several components influence beta-amyloid peptide to form oligomers and aggregates in vitro

Repa, Pavel, 1994:
Composition of winter bird communities in the lowland of Tachov

Kennamer, R.A.; Alsum, S.K.; Colwell, S.V., 1997:
Composition of wood duck eggs in relation to egg size, laying sequence, and skipped days of laying

Asankozhoev, K.A.; Soboleva, G.E.; Bogoslovskii, N.A.; Koshoev, K.K.; Samokhvalov, G.I., 1992:
Composition of wool fat and cholesterol isolation from the fat

Stollarova, Viera, 1996:
Composition of yeast population on the fruits of morello cherries (Cerasus vulgaris)

Kumar, C.R.A.ith; Ramachandran, N.K.; Asthana, A., 1995:
Composition, abundance and distribution of fish in Banganga-Gambhir river system and source of fish to the Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur

Harris, S.A.; Cyrus, D.P., 1997:
Composition, abundance and seasonality of larval fish in Richards Bay Harbour, Kwazuli-Natal, South Africa

Rodriguez Romero, J.; Abitia Cardenas, L.A.dres; Galvan Magana, F.; Chavez Ramos, H., 1994:
Composition, abundance and specific richness of fishes from Concepcion Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Brandt, Angelika, 1993:
Composition, abundance, and diversity of peracarid crustaceans on a transect of the Kolbeinsey Ridge, north of Iceland

Diao, J.; Michalak, T.I., 1996:
Composition, antigenic properties and hepatocyte surface expression of the woodchuck asialoglycoprotein receptor

Cruz, F.; Gozalbo, A.; San Feliu, J.M., 1990:
Composition, caloric content, growth and survival of Penaeus japonicus juveniles fed with different diets

Leterrier, C.; Nys, Y., 1992:
Composition, cortical structure and mechanical properties of chicken tibiotarsi: effect of growth rate

Peres, Carlos, A., 1994:
Composition, density, and fruiting phenology of arborescent palms in an Amazonian Terra Firme forest

Tapia Garcia, M.; Garcia Abad, M.C.; Gonzalez Medina, G.; Montesy, M.C.M.cuitl; D.G.evara, G.C.rdenares L., 1994:
Composition, distribution and abundance of the demersal fish community in the Gulf of Thuantepec, Mexico

Gaughan, D.J.; Potter, I.C., 1995:
Composition, distribution and seasonal abundance of zooplankton in a shallow, seasonally closed estuary in temperate Australia

Krasinska, M.; Krasinski, Z.A., 1995:
Composition, group size, and spatial distribution of European bison bulls in Bialowieza Forest

Fabian, Daniel, 1993:
Composition, horizontal distribution and seasonal variation of planktonic crustaceans of the Cisne reservoir, Uruguay

Fukui, Yoshio, 1993:
Composition, organization, and function of the motor systems of free-living Dictyostelium amoeba

Krivokhatskii, V.A.; Piryulin, D.D., 1997:
Composition, origin and current changes of Myrmeleontidae (Neuroptera) fauna in the Aral Sea region

Massiot, P.; Renard, C.M.G.C., 1997:
Composition, physico-chemical properties and enzymatic degradation of fibres prepared from different tissues of apple

Lange, R.; Engst, W.; Elsner, A.; Brueckner, J., 1994:
Composition, preparation and functionality of rapeseed phospholipids

Anton, M.; Gandemer, G., 1997:
Composition, solubility and emulsifying properties of granules and plasma of egg yolk

Mccarthy, B., C.; Bailey, D., R., 1996:
Composition, structure, and disturbance history of Crabtree Woods: An old-growth forest of western Maryland

Master, Terry, L., 1992:
Composition, structure, and dynamics of mixed-species foraging aggregations in a southern New Jersey salt marsh

Czuchajowsak, Z.; Otto, T.; Paszczynska, B.; Baik, B.K.e, 1998:
Composition, thermal behavior, and gel texture of prime and tailings starches from garbanzo beans and peas

Mehaia, Mohamed, A., 1993:
Composition, yield and organoleptic evaluation of fresh Domiati cheese, made from a mixture of camel and cow milk

Topoleski, L.D.T.; Salunke, N.V.; Humphrey, J.D.; Mergner, W.J., 1997:
Composition- and history-dependent radial compressive behavior of human atherosclerotic plaque

Lopshire, R.F.; Watson, J.T.; Enke, C.G., 1996:
Composition-selective detection of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) by oxygen-chlorine exchange reaction in a tandem mass spectrometer (MS/MS)

Hayashi, T.; Takeda, T., 1994:
Compositional analysis of the oligosaccharide units of xyloglucans from suspension-cultured poplar cells

Luhaloo, M.; Martensson, A.C.; Andersson, R.; Aman, P., 1998:
Compositional analysis and viscosity measurements of commercial oats brans

Downey, G.; Spengler, B., 1996:
Compositional analysis of coffee blends by near infrared spectroscopy

Sevlever, D.; Humphrey, D., R.; Rosenberry, T., L., 1995:
Compositional analysis of glucosaminyl(acyl)phosphatidylinositol accumulated in HeLa S3 cells

Aebischer, N.J.; Robertson, P.A.; Kenward, R.E., 1993 :
Compositional analysis of habitat use from animal radio-tracking data

Qiu, G.; Toyoda, H.; Toida, T.; Koshiishi, I.; Imanari, T., 1996:
Compositional analysis of hyaluronan, chondroitin sulfate and dermatan sulfate: HPLC of disaccharides produced from the glycosaminoglycans by solvolysis

Shepherd, T.; Robertson, G.W.; Griffiths, D.W., 1995:
Compositional analysis of intact alkyl esters in leaf epicuticular wax of swede by capillary gas chromatography and electron-impact mass spectrometry

Clarke, A.J., 1993:
Compositional analysis of peptidoglycan by high-performance anion-exchange chromatography

Yadav, M.P.; Bemiller, J.N.; Embuscado, M.E., 1994:
Compositional analysis of polysaccharides via solvolysis with liquid hydrogen fluoride

Gramshaw, J.W.; Vandenburg, H.J., 1995:
Compositional analysis of samples of thermoset polyester and migration of ethylbenzene and styrene from thermoset polyester into pork during cooking

Baetge, B.; Diebold, J.; Stein, H.; Bodo, M.; Mueller, P.K., 1992:
Compositional analysis of the collagenous bone matrix: A study on adult normal and osteopenic bone tissue

Sumano, H.; Ocampo, L., 1995:
Compositional analysis surveillance of eleven brands of enrofloxacin including Baytril for veterinary use

Llewellyn, G.; Messing, C.G., 1993:
Compositional and Taphonomic Variations in Modern Crinoid-Rich Sediments from the Deep-Water Margin of a Carbonate Bank

Rani, M.; Verma, N.S., 1995:
Compositional and biochemical changes in cheese manufactured from cow milk: Soy milk blends using calf and microbial rennets

Ambrosch, A.; Domroese, U.; Westphal, S.; Dierkes, J.; Augustin, W.; Neumann, K.H.; Luley, C., 1998:
Compositional and functional changes of low-density lipoprotein during hemodialysis in patients with ESRD

Pal, P.K.; Hossain, S.A.; Sarkar, P.K.; Patil, G.R., 1994:
Compositional and sensory characteristics of Kachcha churpi

Cardoso, L.E.; Mourao, P.A., 1996:
Compositional and structural alterations of arterial glycosaminoglycans associated with the complications brought about by thalassemia major. A case report

Shi, L.X.n; Schroeder, W.P., 1997:
Compositional and topological studies of the PsbW protein in spinach thylakoid membrane

Collins, T.M.; Wimberger, P.H.; Naylor, G.J.P., 1994:
Compositional bias, character-state bias, and character-state reconstruction using parsimony

Karlin, S.; Mrázek, J.; Campbell, A.M., 1997:
Compositional biases of bacterial genomes and evolutionary implications

Zoubak, S.; Rynditch, A.; Bernardi, G., 1992:
Compositional bimodality and evolution of retroviral genomes

Gong, Z.; Watanabe, N.; Yagi, A.; Etoh, H.; Sakata, K.; Ina, K.; Liu, Q., 1993:
Compositional change of Pu-erh tea during processing

Cho, J.Y.ul; Yeon, J.D.uk; Nam, K.H.; Kim, J.Y.ng; Yoo, E.S.ok; Yu, Y.H.o; Park, M.H.an, 1996:
Compositional change of hepatic bile acid by multiple administration of DWP305, a combined preparation containing ursodeoxycholic acid and silymarin, in rats

Rao, Raman, 1995:
Compositional changes during the fermentation of buffered straws with Pleurotus ostreatus and Sporotrichum thermophile

Rhoades, Richard, W., 1992:
Compositional changes in an oak forest in southwestern Virginia after twenty years

Lee, T.A.; Kempthorne, R.; Hardy, J.K., 1992:
Compositional changes in brewed coffee as a function of brewing time

Iiyama, K.; Stone, B.A.; Macauley, B.J., 1994:
Compositional Changes in Compost during Composting and Growth of Agaricus bisporus

Iiyama, K.; Thi-Bach-Tuyet-Lam; Stone, B., A.; Perrin, P., S.; Macauley, B., J., 1995:
Compositional changes in composts during composting and mushroom growth: Comparison of conventional and environmentally controlled composts from commercial farms

Keino, H.; Banno, T.; Ozeki, J., 1998:
Compositional changes in glycoconjugates recognized histochemically with lectins in Purkinje cells in suckling and adult rats

Whyte, JNC.; Bourne, N.; Ginther, NG.; Hodgson, CA., 1992:
Compositional changes in the larva to juvenile development of the scallop Crassadoma gigantea (Gray)

Todoriki, S.; Hayashi, T., 1997:
Compositional changes of membrane fatty acids in gamma-irradiated potatoes

Lee, J.W.; Yeomans, W.G.; Allen, A.L.; Gross, R.A.; Kaplan, D.L., 1997:
Compositional consistency of a heteropolysaccharide-7 produced by Beijerinckia indica

Jackson, Donald, A., 1997 :
Compositional data in community ecology: The paradigm or peril of proportions?

Santalla, E.; Riccobene, I.; Nolasco, S., 1993:
Compositional data on sunflower seed grown in Argentine

Brink, M.; Turunen, T.; Happonen, R.P.kka; Yli Urpo, A., 1997:
Compositional dependence of bioactivity of glasses in the system Na-2O-K-2O-MgO-CaO-B-2O-3-P-2O-5-SiO-2

Capell, W.H.; Zambon, A.; Austin, M.A.; Brunzell, J.D.; Hokanson, J.E., 1996:
Compositional differences of LDL particles in normal subjects with LDL subclass phenotype A and LDL subclass phenotype B

Karlin, S.; Mrazek, J., 1997:
Compositional differences within and between eukaryotic genomes

Bernadzki, E.; Bolibok, L.; Brzeziecki, B.; Zajaczkowski, J.; Zybura, H., 1998:
Compositional dynamics of natural forests in the Bialowieza National Park, northeastern Poland

Spadafora, Elena, 1995:
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Compression of nucleotide databases for fast searching

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Compression? Yes, but for low or high frequencies, for low or high intensities, and with what response times?

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Compressive and bone-bonding strength of hydroxyapatite thermal decomposition product implanted in the femur of rabbit as a bioactive ceramic bone cement

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Compressive behavior of articular cartilage is not completely explained by proteoglycan osmotic pressure

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