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Continuous veno-venous hemodiafiltration using bicarbonate dialysate

Roy, D.; Hogg, R.J.; Wilby, P.A.; Matthews, N.; Henning, P.H.; Jureidini, K.F.

Pediatric Nephrology 11(6): 680-683,.


ISSN/ISBN: 0931-041X
DOI: 10.1007/s004670050364
Accession: 008382026

We report our experience with 11 children treated by continuous veno-venous hemodiafiltration. The median age was 5.0 years (range 3 days to 14 years). Access was via dual-lumen subclavian or femoral vein catheters. Hemofilters were chosen on the basis of patient size and dialysis requirements. Bicarbonate-buffered dialysis solution was prepared shortly before use by supplementation of a specially prepared base solution with commercially available electrolyte solutions. The mean ultrafiltration rate was 37.4 +- 27 ml/kg body weight per hour. Urea and creatinine clearances were 15.1 +- 6.4 ml/kg body weight per min and 16.4 +- 8.4 ml/kg body weight per min, respectively. Metabolic acidosis was readily controlled in all patients. Of the 11 patients, 7 ultimately recovered normal renal function.

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