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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 8391

Chapter 8391 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Roth, J.-Jacques; Clerc, P., 1997:
Cordyceps michiganensis Mains (Ascomycetes, Clavicipitales) new ascomycete in Europe

Fletcher, T.M.; Hansen, J.C., 1995:
Core histone tail domains mediate oligonucleosome folding and nucleosomal DNA organization through distinct molecular mechanisms

Wilson, I.B.; Harthill, J.E.; Mullin, N.P.; Ashford, D.A.; Altmann, F., 1998:
Core alpha1,3-fucose is a key part of the epitope recognized by antibodies reacting against plant N-linked oligosaccharides and is present in a wide variety of plant extracts

Wilson, R.; Rowan, M.S.; Henderson, J., 1995:
Core and comprehensive health care services: 1. Introduction to the Canadian Medical Association's decision-making framework

Ashwal, S.; Tone, B.; Tian, H.R.; Cole, D.J.; Pearce, W.J., 1998:
Core and penumbral nitric oxide synthase activity during cerebral ischemia and reperfusion

Safriel, U.N.; Volis, S.; Kark, S., 1994:
Core and peripheral populations and global climate change

Griffin, M.J.; O'Sullivan, J.J.; Scott, A.; Maurer, B.J., 1993:
Core and peripheral temperature response to exercise in patients with impaired left ventricular function

Alfonso, M.; Montoya, G.; Cases, R.; Rodriguez, R.; Picorel, R., 1994:
Core antenna Complexes, CP43 and CP47, of higher plant photosystem II. Spectral properties, pigment stoichiometry, and amino acid composition

Hosono, S.; Tai, P.C.; Wang, W.; Ambrose, M.; Hwang, D.G.; Yuan, T.T.; Peng, B.H.; Yang, C.S.; Lee, C.S.; Shih, C., 1995:
Core antigen mutations of human hepatitis B virus in hepatomas accumulate in MHC class II-restricted T cell epitopes

Cooper, M.; Hunt, J., 1998:
Core beliefs and underlying assumptions in bulimia nervosa and depression

Wijmenga, C.; Gregory, P.E.; Hajra, A.; Schröck, E.; Ried, T.; Eils, R.; Liu, P.P.; Collins, F.S., 1996:
Core binding factor beta-smooth muscle myosin heavy chain chimeric protein involved in acute myeloid leukemia forms unusual nuclear rod-like structures in transformed NIH 3T3 cells

Britos-Bray, M.; Friedman, A.D., 1997:
Core binding factor cannot synergistically activate the myeloperoxidase proximal enhancer in immature myeloid cells without c-Myb

Freedman, R.R.; Norton, D.; Woodward, S.; Cornélissen, G., 1995:
Core body temperature and circadian rhythm of hot flashes in menopausal women

Freedman, R.R.; Woodward, S., 1996:
Core body temperature during menopausal hot flushes

Pollak, C.P.; Wagner, D.R., 1994:
Core body temperature in narcoleptic and normal subjects living in temporal isolation

Hamilos, D.L.; Nutter, D.; Gershtenson, J.; Redmond, D.P.; D.C.ementi, J.D.; Schmaling, K.B.; Make, B.J.; Jones, J.F., 1998:
Core body temperature is normal in chronic fatigue syndrome

Perez Carro, L.; Gomez Cimiano, F.J.; Gomez Del Alamo, G.; Garcia Suarez, G., 1996:
Core decompression and arthroscopic bone grafting for avascular necrosis of the knee

Styles, L.A.; Vichinsky, E.P., 1996:
Core decompression in avascular necrosis of the hip in sickle-cell disease

Smith, S.W.; Fehring, T.K.; Griffin, W.L.; Beaver, W.B., 1995:
Core decompression of the osteonecrotic femoral head

Karle, I.L.; Ranganathan, D., 1995:
Core directed self-assemblies in the solid state of retro Aib bis-peptide dicarboxylic acids; a design strategy for control of molecular orientation in peptides

Mastrandrea, L.D.; Kasperek, E.M.; Niles, E.G.; Pickart, C.M., 1998:
Core domain mutation (S86Y) selectively inactivates polyubiquitin chain synthesis catalyzed by E2-25K

De-Filippis, V.; Vindigni, A.; Altichieri, L.; Fontana, A., 1995:
Core domain of Hirudin from the leech Hirudinaria manillensis: Chemical synthesis, purification, and characterization of a Trp-3 analog of fragment 1-47

Lin, A.I.; Philipsberg, G.A.; Haltiwanger, R.S., 1994:
Core fucosylation of high-mannose-type oligosaccharides in GlcNAc transferase I-deficient (Lec1) CHO cells

Clement, B., M.; Holzheid, A.; Tilgner, A., 1997:
Core geophysics (Summary of a session presented at the Third Annual German-American Frontiers of Science Symposium, Kardinal Wendel Haus, Munich, Germany, June 20-22, 1997)

Jardine, E.; Wallis, C., 1998:
Core guidelines for the discharge home of the child on long term assisted ventilation in the United Kingdom

Ura, K.; Wolffe, A.P.; Hayes, J.J., 1994:
Core histone acetylation does not block linker histone binding to a nucleosome including a Xenopus borealis 5 S rRNA gene

Hebbes, T.R.; Clayton, A.L.; Thorne, A.W.; Crane-Robinson, C., 1994:
Core histone hyperacetylation co-maps with generalized DNase I sensitivity in the chicken beta-globin chromosomal domain

Lorain, S.; Quivy, J.P.; Monier-Gavelle, F.; Scamps, C.; Lécluse, Y.; Almouzni, G.; Lipinski, M., 1998:
Core histones and HIRIP3, a novel histone-binding protein, directly interact with WD repeat protein HIRA

Ballestar, E.; Abad, C.; Franco, L., 1996:
Core histones are glutaminyl substrates for tissue transglutaminase

Frank, S.M.; Shir, Y.; Raja, S.N.; Fleisher, L.A.; Beattie, C., 1994:
Core hypothermia and skin-surface temperature gradients

Dick, F.; Leaven, T.; Dillman, D.; Torner, R.; Finken, L., 1998:
Core morphological concepts of disease for second-year medical students

Gronenborn, A., M.; Frank, M.K.rsten; Clore, G.M.rius, 1996:
Core mutants of the immunoglobulin binding domain of streptococcal protein G: Stability and structural integrity

Vega, A.; Garijo, F.; Ortega, E., 1995:
Core needle aspiration biopsy of palpable breast masses

Gecim, I.E.; Rowlands, P.; Mcdicken, I.; Bakran, A.; Sells, R.A.; Gladman, M.; Gillies, J., 1995:
Core needle biopsy in renal transplantation

Liberman, L.; Dershaw, D.D.; Rosen, P.P.; Morris, E.A.; Cohen, M.A.; Abramson, A.F., 1996:
Core needle biopsy of synchronous ipsilateral breast lesions: impact on treatment

Florentine, B., D.; Cobb, C., J.; Frankel, K.; Greaves, T.; Martin, S.-Ellen, 1997:
Core needle biopsy: A useful adjunct to fine-needle aspiration in select patients with palpable breast lesions

Mollah, A.K.; Aleman, M.A.; Albright, R.A.; Mossing, M.C., 1996:
Core packing defects in an engineered Cro monomer corrected by combinatorial mutagenesis

Sakurai, H.; Ohishi, T.; Fukasawa, T., 1996:
Core promoter elements are essential as selective determinants for function of the yeast transcription factor GAL11

Kanai, K.; Kako, M.; Aikawa, T.; Hino, K.; Tsubouchi, H.; Takehira, Y.; Iwabuchi, S.; Kawasaki, T.; Tsuda, F.; Okamoto, H.; Miyakawa, Y.; Mayumi, M., 1996:
Core promoter mutations of hepatitis B virus for the response to interferon in e antigen-positive chronic hepatitis B

Emami, K.H.; Navarre, W.W.; Smale, S.T., 1995:
Core promoter specificities of the Sp1 and VP16 transcriptional activation domains

Noble, S.; Nibert, M.L., 1997:
Core protein mu2 is a second determinant of nucleoside triphosphatase activities by reovirus cores

Kokenyesi, R.; Bernfield, M., 1994:
Core protein structure and sequence determine the site and presence of heparan sulfate and chondroitin sulfate on syndecan-1

Katoh-Semba, R.; Oohira, A., 1993:
Core proteins of soluble chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans purified from the rat brain block the cell cycle of PC12D cells

Duda, T.; Goraczniak, R.M.; Sharma, R.K., 1993:
Core sequence of ATP regulatory module in receptor guanylate cyclases

Perrotta, A.T.; Been, M.D., 1996:
Core sequences and a cleavage site wobble pair required for HDV antigenomic ribozyme self-cleavage

Alt, M.; Renz, R.; Hofschneider, P.H.; Caselmann, W.H., 1997:
Core specific antisense phosphorothioate oligodeoxynucleotides as potent and specific inhibitors of hepatitis C viral translation

Takada, K.; Tomoda, M.; Shimizu, N., 1992:
Core structure of glycyrrhizan GA, the main polysaccharide from the stolon of Glycyrrhiza glabra var. glandulifera; anti-complementary and alkaline phosphatase-inducing activities of the polysaccharide and its degradation products

Redecker, D.; Wehrmeyer, W.; Reuter, W., 1993:
Core substructure of the hemiellipsoidal phycobilisome from the red alga Porphyridium cruentum

Gowda, D.C.; Jackson, C.M.; Kurzban, G.P.; McPhie, P.; Davidson, E.A., 1996:
Core sugar residues of the N-linked oligosaccharides of Russell's viper venom factor X-activator maintain functionally active polypeptide structure

Raps, E.C.; Baker, C.; Solomon, R.A., 1995:
Core temperature control in the management of CNS lesions

Jakobsson, J.; Nilsson, A.; Carlsson, L., 1992:
Core temperature measured in the auricular canal: Comparison between four different tympanic thermometers

Griffith, D.J.; Busot, J.C.; Lee, W.E.; Djeu, D.J., 1993:
Core temperature rhythms in normal and tumor-bearing mice

Cabanac, M.; White, M.D., 1995:
Core temperature thresholds for hyperpnea during passive hyperthermia in humans

Swanson, S.M., 1994:
Core tracing: depicting connections between features in electron density

Mcwhinney, Ian, R., 1998:
Core values in a changing world

Alexopoulou, A.; Owsianka, A.M.; Kafiri, G.; Dourakis, S.P.; Carman, W.F.; Hadziyannis, S.J., 1998:
Core variability does not affect response to interferon alpha in HBeAg negative chronic hepatitis B

Wadkins, T.S.; Been, M.D., 1997:
Core-associated non-duplex sequences distinguishing the genomic and antigenomic self-cleaving RNAs of hepatitis delta virus

Fritsch, D.S.; Chaney, E.L.; Boxwala, A.; McAuliffe, M.J.; Raghavan, S.; Thall, A.; Earnhart, J.R., 1995:
Core-based portal image registration for automatic radiotherapy treatment verification

Kawashima, Y.; Niwa, K.; Takeuchi, H.; Hino, T.; Niwa, T., 1996:
Core-particle design and control of coating film by suspension coating with chitosan

Murdoch, I.A.; Qureshi, S.A.; Mitchell, A.; Huggon, I.C., 1993:
Core-peripheral temperature gradient in children: does it reflect clinically important changes in circulatory haemodynamics?

Kumar, R.; Camphausen, R.T.; Sullivan, F.X.; Cumming, D.A., 1996:
Core2 beta-1,6-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase enzyme activity is critical for P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 binding to P-selectin

Gerloff, C.; Grodd, W.; Altenmüller, E.; Kolb, R.; Naegele, T.; Klose, U.; Voigt, K.; Dichgans, J., 1996:
Coregistration of EEG and fMRI in a simple motor task

Schmid, Wolfgang, 1998:
Coregonus lavaretus ova predation by newly introduced ruffe (Gymnocephalus cernuus L.) in Lake Constance, Germany

Gudbjarnason, S.; Benediktsdottir, V.E.da, 1995:
Coregulation of adrenoceptors and the lipid environment in heart muscle during repeated adrenergic stimulation

Galperin; Noll; Romano, 1997:
Coregulation of beta-galactoside uptake and hydrolysis by the hyperthermophilic bacterium Thermotoga neapolitana

Möller, P.; Henne, C.; Leithäuser, F.; Eichelmann, A.; Schmidt, A.; Brüderlein, S.; Dhein, J.; Krammer, P.H., 1993:
Coregulation of the APO-1 antigen with intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (CD54) in tonsillar B cells and coordinate expression in follicular center B cells and in follicle center and mediastinal B-cell lymphomas

Berrard, S.; Varoqui, H.; Cervini, R.; Israel, M.; Mallet, J.; Diebler, M.F.ancoise, 1995:
Coregulation of two embedded gene products, choline acetyltransferase and the vesicular acetylcholine transporter

Janssen, T.; Petein, M.; Van Velthoven, R.; D.D.cker, R.; Assenmacher, C.; Corbusier, A.; Pasteels, J.L.mbert; Kiss, R.; Schulman, C., 1997:
Coregulatory effects of epidermal growth factor, dihydrotestosterone, and prolactin on benign human prostatic hyperplasia tissue culture proliferation

Vanner, S., 1994:
Corelease of neuropeptides from capsaicin-sensitive afferents dilates submucosal arterioles in guinea pig ileum

Koller, A.; Sun, D.; Huang, A.; Kaley, G., 1994:
Corelease of nitric oxide and prostaglandins mediates flow-dependent dilation of rat gracilis muscle arterioles

Von Kuegelgen Vvar, 1994:
Corelease of noradrenaline and ATP by brief pulse trains in guinea-pig vas deferens

Jonas, P.; Bischofberger, J.; Sandkühler, J., 1998:
Corelease of two fast neurotransmitters at a central synapse

Gromek, D.; Figadere, B.; Hocquemiller, R.; Cave, A.; Cortes, D., 1993:
Corepoxylone, a possible precursor of monotetrahydrofuran gamma-lactone acetogenins: Biomimetic synthesis of corossoline

Dhordain, P.; Albagli, O.; Lin, R.J.; Ansieau, S.; Quief, S.; Leutz, A.; Kerckaert, J.P.erre; Evans, R.M.; Leprince, D., 1997:
Corepressor SMRT binds the BTB/POZ repressing domain of the LAZ3/BCL6 oncoprotein

Kanai, H.; Suzuki, M., 1997:
Coriaria terminalis Hemsley in N. Myanmar and W. Nepal

Stephenson, M.; Klaverkamp, J.; Motycka, M.; Baron, C.; Schwartz, W., 1996:
Coring artifacts and contaminant inventories in lake sediment

Stein, H., A.; Vu, B.L.Linda, 1994:
Coring: a potential problem in eye surgery

Rainey, F.A.; Weiss, N.; Stackebrandt, E., 1994:
Coriobacterium and Atopobium are phylogenetic neighbors within the actinomycetes line of descent

Jansson, A., 1998:
Corisa propinqua Fieber, 1860 (currently Glaenocorisa propinqua; Insecta, Heteroptera): Proposed conservation of the specific name

Gil, Luis, 1997:
Cork powder waste: An overview

Cordeiro, N.; Belgacem, M.N.; Silvestre, A.J.; Pascoal Neto, C.; Gandini, A., 1998:
Cork suberin as a new source of chemicals. 1. Isolation and chemical characterization of its composition

Chernyad'eva, I.V., 1993:
Cormophytic mosses in the middle course of the Sebayakhi River in Central Yamal

Callaghan, D.A.; Kirby, J.S.; Bell, M.C.; Spray, C.J., 1998:
Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo occupancy and impact at stillwater game fisheries in England and Wales

Modde, T.; Wasowicz, A.F.; Hepworth, D.K., 1996:
Cormorant and grebe predation on rainbow trout stocked in a southern Utah reservoir

Keller, Thomas, 1996:
Cormorant deterring techniques: A review

Acord, Bobby, R., 1995:
Cormorant management and responsibilities: United States Department of Agriculture

Kirby, J.S.; Holmes, J.S.; Sellers, R.M., 1996:
Cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo as fish predators: An appraisal of their conservation and management in Great Britain

Platteeuw, M.; Beekman, J., H.; Boudewijn, T., J.; Marteijn, E., C.L., 1992:
Cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo in Lake Ketelmeer outside the breeding season: Numbers, food choice and food availability

Schratter, D.; Trauttmansdorff, J., 1993:
Cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis at the Austrian Danube and Enns: Analysis of pellets

Dirksen, S.; Boudewijn, T., J.; Noordhuis, R.; Marteijn, E., C.L., 1995:
Cormorants Phalacrocorax carbo sinensis in shallow eutrophic freshwater lakes: Prey choice and fish consumption in the non-breeding period and effects of large-scale fish removal

Muesing, R.A.; Griffin, P.; Mitchell, P., 1995:
Corn oil and beef tallow elicit different postprandial responses in triglycerides and cholesterol, but similar changes in constituents of high-density lipoprotein

Almeida-Dominguez, H.D.; Suhendro, E.L.; Rooney, L.W., 1997:
Corn alkaline cooking properties related to grain characteristics and viscosity (RVA)

Chen, F.; Cole, P.; Mi, Z.; Xing, L.Y.ng, 1993:
Corn and wheat-flour consumption and mortality from esophageal cancer in Shanxi, China

Furlani, A.M.ria Cangiani; Furlani, P.R.berto, 1996:
Corn cultivar responses to zinc in nutrient solution

Lavezzo, O.E.isa Nogueira Mendes; Lavezzo, W.; Wechsler, F.S.efano, 1998:
Corn development: 3. Silage evaluation by rumen fermentation parameters

Archer, T.L.; Bynum, E.D. Jr.;, 1994:
Corn earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) biology on food corn on the high plains

Nikonorenkov, V.A.; Taova, L.A.; Ivashchenko, V.G., 1994:
Corn infestation with stalk rots and their effect on yield and protein quality

Abe, M.; Abe, K.; Kuroda, M.; Arai, S., 1992:
Corn kernel cysteine proteinase inhibitor as a novel cystatin superfamily member of plant origin. Molecular cloning and expression studies

Sotillo, E.; Hettiarachchy, N.S., 1994:
Corn meal-sunflower meal extrudates and their physicochemical properties

Chen, H.W.; Ko, J.J.; Lii, C.K.; Ou, C.C.; Sheen, L.Y., 1997 :
Corn oil enhances gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase-positive foci development in the presence of phenobarbital during hepatocarcinogenesis in rats

Baldy, Pierrette, 1993:
Corn phosphoglycolate phosphatase: Immunodetection in kranz cells

Yibirin, H.; Johnson, J.W.; Eckert, D., 1996:
Corn production as affected by daily fertilization with ammonium, nitrate, and phosphorus

Porter, P.M.; Hicks, D.R.; Lueschen, W.E.; Ford, J.H.; Warnes, D.D.; Hoverstad, T.R., 1997:
Corn response to row width and plant population in the northern corn belt

Viccini, L.F.cio; Saraiva, L.S.rgio; Cruz, C.D.miao, 1997:
Corn seed response to gamma radiation as a function of water content

Elizalde, J.C.; Rearte, D.H.; Santini, F.J., 1992:
Corn silage supplementation of cows grazing winter oats: Dynamics of digestion and ruminal environment

Ferrero, C.; Martino, M.N.; Zaritzky, N.E., 1994:
Corn starch-xanthan gum interaction and its effect on the stability during storage of frozen gelatinized suspensions

Lawford, H.G.; Rousseau, J.D., 1997:
Corn steep liquor as a cost-effective nutrition adjunct in high-performance Zymomonas ethanol fermentations

Toranzos-De-Perez, M.; Flores, N., A., 1996:
Corn stubble grazing. Effects of supplementation with multinutritional molasses blocks

Toranzos-De-Perez, M.; Flores, N.A., 1996:
Corn stubble. Influence of quality and grain in the steers and cull cows intake

Zhang, J.; Hamill, A.S.; Weaver, S.E., 1996:
Corn yield after 10 years of different cropping sequences and weed management practices

Herald, T.J.; Hachmeister, K.A.; Huang, S.; Bowers, J.R., 1996:
Corn zein packaging materials for cooked turkey

Holton, E.E.; Asp, E.H.; Zottola, E.A., 1994:
Corn-starch-containing polyethylene film used as food packaging

Banys, V.-Lucia; Von-Tiesenhausen, I., M.E.V.; Falco, J.-Egmar; Oliveira, A.-Ilson-Gomes-De; Silva, R.-Helen-Da, 1996:
Corn-sunflower intercrop: Agronomic characteristics

Smith, R.S.; Hawes, N.L.; Kuhlmann, S.D.; Heckenlively, J.R.; Chang, B.; Roderick, T.H.; Sundberg, J.P., 1996:
Corn1: a mouse model for corneal surface disease and neovascularization

Tahvanainen, E.; Forsius, H.; Karila, E.; Ranta, S.; Eerola, M.; Weissenbach, J.; Sistonen, P.; D.L.C.apelle, A., 1995:
Cornea Plana Congenita Gene Assigned to the Long Arm of Chromosome 12 by Linkage Analysis

Dobloug, E.; Bjerkas, E., 1995:
Cornea and diseases of the cornea in dogs and cats

Ergur, A.T.rel; Ergur, O.; Gultekin, A., 1997:
Cornea diameter in premature infants

Sadowski, B.; Rohrbch, J.M.; Steuhl, K.P.; Weidle, E.G.; Castrillon Oberndorfer, W.L., 1994:
Cornea manifestation in vitamin A deficiency

Hwang, D.G.; Kramer, S.G., 1993:
Corneal allograft rejection after multiple blood transfusions

Kagotani, Y.; Nomura, K.; Yamamoto, M., 1995:
Corneal endothelial cells in cicatricial retinopathy of prematurity

Pinheiro, M.N.; Bryant, M.R.; Tayyanipour, R.; Nassaralla, B.A.; Wee, W.R.; McDonnell, P.J., 1995:
Corneal integrity after refractive surgery. Effects of radial keratotomy and mini-radial keratotomy

Miller, J.K.; Laycock, K.A.; Nash, M.M.; Pepose, J.S., 1993:
Corneal Langerhans cell dynamics after herpes simplex virus reactivation

Ardjomand, N.; Komericki, P.; Radner, H.; Aigner, R.; Reich, M.E.a, 1997:
Corneal Langerhans cells during storage in organ culture medium

Ito, Y.; Sugatani, J.; Miki, H.; Uyama, M.; Saito, K., 1993:
Corneal PAF acetylhydrolase increases in anterior segment ischemia in rabbits

Gross, R.H.; Holland, G.N.; Elias, S.J.; Tuz, R., 1995:
Corneal pharmacokinetics of topical clarithromycin

Ferreira, R.C.; Ferreira, L.C.; Forstot, L.; King, R., 1997:
Corneal abnormalities associated with incontinentia pigmenti

Lueder, G., T.; Steiner, R., D., 1995:
Corneal abnormalities in a mother and daughter with focal dermal hypoplasia (Goltz-Gorlin syndrome)

Bilgihan, K.; Bilgihan, A.; Hasanreisoglu, B.; Turkozkan, N., 1998:
Corneal aldehyde dehydrogenase and glutathione S-transferase activity after excimer laser keratectomy in guinea pigs

Nagel, S.; Wiegand, W.; Thaer, A.A., 1995:
Corneal alterations and healing processes after in situ keratomileusis

Pardue, M.T.; Sivak, J.G.; Kovacs, K.M., 1993:
Corneal anatomy of marine mammals

Ishiko, S.; Yoshida, A.; Mori, F.; Abiko, T.; Kitaya, N.; Konno, S.; Kato, Y., 1998:
Corneal and lens autofluorescence in young insulin-dependent diabetic patients

Brouzas, D.; Chatzoulis, D.; Galina, E.; Liaskou, A.; Koukoulomatis, P., 1997:
Corneal anesthesia in a case with Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome

Gross, R.H.; Miller, K.M., 1996:
Corneal astigmatism after phacoemulsification and lens implantation through unsutured scleral and corneal tunnel incisions

Walkow, T.; Anders, N.; Wollensak, J., 1996:
Corneal astigmatism after pterygium excision and phototherapeutic keratectomy with the excimer laser (193 nm)

Inoue, H.; Ogawa, T., 1997:
Corneal astigmatism following non-suture cataract surgery with 3.2 mm superior scleral incisions, 3.2 mm clear temporal or nasal corneal incision

Hovding, Gunnar, 1995:
Corneal astigmatism: The effect of transverse corneal incisions

Chang, S.W.; Hsu, H.C.; Hu, F.R.; Chen, M.S., 1995:
Corneal autofluorescence and epithelial barrier function in diabetic patients

Miyake, Y.; Maekubo, K.; Miyake, T.; Miyake, K., 1994:
Corneal autofluorescence in eyes with branch retinal vein occlusion

Ishida, M.; Yokoi, N.; Okuzawa, J.; Maeda, K.; Kinoshita, S., 1995:
Corneal autofluorescence in patients with diabetic retinopathy

Guy, P.R.; Taggart, I.; Adeniran, A.; Burd, D.A., 1994:
Corneal burns with eyelid sparing and their treatment

Gunderson, C.A.; Stone, R.; Peiffer, R.; Freedman, S., 1996:
Corneal coloboma, aphakia and retinal neovascularization with anterior segment dysgenesis (Peters' anomaly)

Sachs, R.; Zagelbaum, B.M.; Hersh, P.S., 1993:
Corneal complications associated with the use of crack cocaine

Matsumoto, T.; Makino, H.; Arai, M.; Matsumura, H.; Uozato, H.; Saishin, M., 1998:
Corneal configuration as an interfering factor in intraocular pressure values in primary open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension

Young, J.A.; Siegel, I.M., 1993:
Corneal contour mapping: an isomorphic approach

Hagenah, M.; Böhnke, M., 1993:
Corneal cryopreservation with chondroitin sulfate

Sanaty, M.; Temel, A., 1996:
Corneal curvature changes in soft and rigid gas permeable contact lens wearers after two years of lens wear

Yamaguchi, H.; Kobari, K.; Shioya, H.; Kajita, M.; Kato, K., 1993:
Corneal curvature of myopia

Howland, H.C.; Howland, M.; Giunta, A.; Cronin, T.W., 1997:
Corneal curvatures and refractions of Central American frogs

Ibaraki, N.; Shimizu, H., 1995:
Corneal damage after glass intraocular lens implantation

Courtright, P.; Lewallen, S.; Holland, S.P.; Wendt, T.M., 1995:
Corneal decompensation after cataract surgery. An outbreak investigation in Asia

Tornqvist, K.; Tornqvist, H., 1996:
Corneal deepithelialization caused by acute deficiency of isoleucine during treatment of a patient with Maple Syrup urine disease

Horikiri, K.; Ozaki, K.; Maeda, H.; Narama, I., 1994:
Corneal dermoid in two laboratory beagle dogs

Adachi, K.; Ito, K.; Ishihara, M.; Yamasaki, A.; Setogawa, A.; Tamai, A., 1996:
Corneal edema due to rupture of Descemet's membrane in a case of Hallermann-Streiff syndrome

Means, T.L.; Holley, G.P.; Mehta, K.R.; Edelhauser, H.F., 1994:
Corneal edema from an intraocular irrigating solution containing benzalkonium chloride

Herse, P.; Hooker, B., 1994:
Corneal edema recovery dynamics in diabetes: is the alloxan induced diabetic rabbit a useful model?

Rosner, M.; Bobak, P.; Lam, T.L., 1993:
Corneal electrode for recording electroretinograms in rats

Jiang, L.Q.; Hamasaki, D., 1994:
Corneal electroretinographic function rescued by normal retinal pigment epithelial grafts in retinal degenerative Royal College of Surgeons rats

Probst, L.E.; Nichols, B.D., 1993:
Corneal endothelial and intraocular pressure changes after phacoemulsification with Amvisc Plus and Viscoat

Lee, W.R.; Marshall, G.E.; Kirkness, C.M., 1994:
Corneal endothelial cell abnormalities in an early stage of the iridocorneal endothelial syndrome

Wirbelauer, C.; Anders, N.; Pham, D.T.; Wollensak, J., 1998:
Corneal endothelial cell changes in pseudoexfoliation syndrome after cataract surgery

McDermott, M.L.; Swendris, R.P.; Shin, D.H.; Juzych, M.S.; Cowden, J.W., 1993:
Corneal endothelial cell counts after Molteno implantation

Hagenah, M.; Carstens, D.; Boehnke, M.; Winter, R., 1997:
Corneal endothelial cell density 5 years after penetrating keratoplasty using fresh and organ-culture-preserved donor corneas

Hayashi, K.; Nakao, F.; Hayashi, F., 1994:
Corneal endothelial cell loss after phacoemulsification using nuclear cracking procedures

Chiba, K.; Hara, T.; Hara, T., 1995:
Corneal endothelial cell loss caused by detached opacified anterior lens capsule in the anterior chamber

Hayashi, K.; Hayashi, H.; Nakao, F.; Hayashi, F., 1996:
Corneal endothelial cell loss in phacoemulsification surgery with silicone intraocular lens implantation

Fukagawa, K.; Tsubota, K.; Kimura, C.; Hata, S.; Mashita, T.; Sugimoto, T.; Oguchi, Y., 1993:
Corneal endothelial cell loss induced by air bags

Campochiaro, P.A.; Hackett, S.F., 1993:
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