Section 9
Chapter 8,397

Coumarin derivatives (Part II) . Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of certain sulphonamide, sulphonylhydrazine and sulphonyl azide derivatives of 4-methyl-7-hydroxycoumarin

Badran, M.M.; Ismail, M.A.-Hamid; Ismail, M.M.; Abdel-Hakeem, M.

Egyptian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 33(5-6): 1081-1098


Accession: 008396053

THE SYNTHESIS of novel coumarin-6-sulphonamide, sulphonylhdrazine and sulphonyl azide derivatives is described. Treatment of 7-hydroxy-4-methylcoumarin-6-sulphonyl chloride (I) with 5 moles of hydrazine hydrate afforded the sulphonylhydrazine (II), whereas using 1.5 moles of the reagent produced the N-1, N-2-bis (7-hydroxy-4-methyl coumarin-6-sulphonyl) hydrazine (III). The later compound was also obtained by condensation of (II) with (I).

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