Cyclic AMP-gated conductance in cochlear hair cells

Rebrik, T.I.; Kolesnikov, S.S.; Zhainazarov, A.V.; Tavartkiladze, G.A.; Kalamkarov, G.R.

Sensornye Sistemy 6(3): 83-87


Accession: 008406442

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Patch clamp technique was used to record cAMP-dependent current of the guinea pig cochlear hair cell plasma membrane. Data obtained indicated that the channels passing this current were moderately selective for monovalent cations and were effectively blocked by 1-cis-diltiasem and reversibly blocked by 1 mM Mg-2+ or Ca-2+. The single-channel unit conductance estimated in the absence of divalent cations is about 16 pS. The results demonstrate that cyclic nucleotide-dependent channels of cochlear hair cells are virtually identical to the photoreceptor and olfactory ones.