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Cytogenetic and morpho-biological features of spring common wheat allolines with cytoplasms of Agropyron trichophorum (Link.) Richt. and Aegilops variabilis L

Fedotova, V.D.; Koval, S.F.

Genetika 32(5): 716-718


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758
Accession: 008409815

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Spring common wheat alloplasmic lines, which combined cytoplasms of Agropyron trichophorum (Link.) Richt. or Aegilops variabilis L. with nuclei of cultivars Belorusskaya 80 or Novosibirskaya 67, were studied. The processes of growth depression, decrease in ear fertility and disorders in MI meiosis were higher in Agropyron cytoplasm than in Aegilops cytoplasm. Both genotypes in cytoplasm of Ag. trichophorum contained a microchromosome pair in addition to the usual wheat chromosomes (42 + 2) micro). The microchromosomes were maintained during 21 backcrosses, in which nuclei of cv. Penjamo 62, Belorusskaya 80, and Novosibirskaya 67 were introduced into cytoplasm of Ag. trichophorum. This fact shows the significance of the microchromosomes for normalization of nuclear-cytoplasmic interactions.