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Development and evaluation of transdermal patches of nonivamide and sodium nonivamide acetate

Wu, P.C.; Fang, J.Y.; Huang, Y.B.; Tsai, Y.H.

Die Pharmazie 52(2): 135-138


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-7144
PMID: 9122272
Accession: 008450722

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Transdermal patches were developed and evaluated for two synthetic derivatives of capsaicin, nonivamide (NVA) and sodium nonivamide acetate (SNA), by in vitro and in vivo skin permeation. The designed system was essentially based on natural rubber or polymeric Gelva dispersion. The characterization of physicochemical properties of the patches showed adequate adhesive force and low thickness which suggested these patch formulations possessed good quality. In the study of in vitro percutaneous experiment, the predicted therapeutic activities of patches were all higher than that of a commerically available plaster after the calculation of antinociceptive index. The highest in vitro penetration flux was found in the Gelva patch for NVA. The result of in vivo experiments revealed a high obverse correlation with that of in vitro experiments. The information of this present study is helpful for the further development of NVA and SNA transdermal drug delivery system.

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