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Diethylamine/nitric oxide (NO) adduct, an NO donor, produces potent pulmonary and systemic vasodilation in intact newborn lambs

Vanderford, P.A.; Wong, J.; Chang, R.; Keefer, L.K.; Soifer, S.J.; Fineman, J.R.

Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 23(1): 113-119


ISSN/ISBN: 0160-2446
PMID: 7511722
DOI: 10.1097/00005344-199401000-00016
Accession: 008465464

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Nitric oxide (NO), a labile humoral factor produced by vascular endothelial cells, is a potent vasodilator and an important mediator of pulmonary vascular tone. Nucleophile/NO adducts are a new class of compounds that spontaneously and predictively release NO. We investigated the hemodynamic effects of intravenous (i.v.) infusions of a recently developed NO-donor drug, the diethylamine-nitric oxide adduct (DEA/NO), in 17 intact newborn lambs. At rest, DEA/NO (1-2 mu-g cntdot kg-1 cntdot min-1) produced dose-dependent decreases in mean pulmonary (from 10.6 +- 8.6 to 21.2 +- 7.9%, p lt 0.05) and systemic arterial pressure (from 13.2 +- 11.7 to 31.0 +- 15.4%, p lt 0.05).

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