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Differential effect of moisture stress and potassium levels on growth and K uptake in sorghum

Umar, S.; Rao, N.R.; Sekhon, G.S.

Indian Journal of Plant Physiology 36(2): 94-97


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5502
Accession: 008470426

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Results of two experiments conducted in greenhouse with sorghum indicated that potassium improved the water use efficiency by increasing the stomatal resistance. Higher relative water content in leaves was maintained with K application at the early stages. With lower amounts of K (upto 60 ppm), uptake of K at harvest increased significantly with the increase in amount of water applied whereas at higher K doses (90 and 120 ppm) these differences were negligible. Application of K helped in mitigating the adverse effects of drought via regulating the stomata, retaining more water in the tissues and maintaining growth and development.

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