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Direct estimation of base-pair exchange kinetics in oligo-DNA by a combination of NOESY and ROESY experiments

Maltseva, T.V.; Yamakage, S.I.; Agback, P.; Chattopadhyaya, J.

Nucleic Acids Research 21(18): 4288-4295


ISSN/ISBN: 0305-1048
PMID: 8414984
Accession: 008480821

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A new method for the determination of the kinetics of exchange of the imino protons of DNA duplex is reported using a combination NOESY and ROESY experiments at short mixing times ( ltoreq 20 ms). These results have been compared with the commonly used longitudinal relaxation approach through the T-1 measurement. To calculate k-ex and tau-ex by ROESY-NOESY experiment, the volume of the cross-peaks between imino protons and water in the NOESY and ROESY spectra have been measured separately from the magnetization term. This work shows that the present approach for the measurement of the kinetics of slow exchanging imino protons of DNA duplex is comparable to the saturation recovery experiment in which the exchange rate can be accelerated by the addition of a base catalyst. The present ROESY-NOESY approach has been found to be particularly useful and reasonably accurate for the measurement of exchange kinetics of both the fast- and slow-exchanging imino protons in DNA duplex both under non-physiological and physiological condition where the saturation recovery method can not be used.

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