Effect of aprotinin on blood loss and coagulation parameters in orthotopic liver transplantation

Kratzer, M.A.A.; Azad, S.C.; Groh, J.; Welte, M.; Haller, M.; Pratschke, E.

Anaesthesist 46(4): 294-302


Accession: 008523800

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The effect of aprotinin (2000000 IU as a bolus +500000 JU/h until the end of the operation) on transfusion requirements and coagulation parameters in orthotopic liver transplantation (study group: n=9; placebo group: n=9) was investigated in a randomised, double-blind study. Coagulation parameters were monitored intraoperatively using a mobile laboratory. In contrast to the published results, no effect on transfusion requirements could be demonstrated. However, aprotinin showed a positive effect on some coagulation parameters in the reperfusion phase.The mechanism appeared to be inhibition of the contact activation of the intrinsic system with less thrombin generation in the study group.