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Effect of cellulase addition on hydrolysis of sago starch granules by raw starch digesting amylase from Penicillium brunneum No. 24

Haska, N.; Ohta, Y.

Starch 45(7): 237-241


ISSN/ISBN: 0038-9056
DOI: 10.1002/star.19930450706
Accession: 008525731

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Raw sago starch digesting amylase was obtained from Penicillium brunneum No. 24, with strong ability to digest sago starch granules. The crude enzyme from this strain contains CMC-ase and avicelase. The specific activity of the enzyme did not increase proportionally with purification. We tried combination of our purified enzyme with other hydrolytic enzymes as a means of improving the hydrolysis of sago starch granules. Addition of cellulase at the initial stage of the hydrolyzation process resulted in an increase in the ability of raw starch digesting amylase to digest sago starch granules. Adding 10 units/g starch of cellulase, followed of our purified raw starch digestion amylase in small portion at various time intervals was found effective in the hydrolysis of untreated sago starch granules. The treatment resulted in a conversion rate of untreated sago starch granules to glucose near to complete after 120 h enzymes reaction, and was also effective in reducing the reaction time of hydrolysis of treated sapo starch granules. This process showed that mainly glucose was produced.

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