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Effect of dichlorprop on firmness, pectic substances and cell wall hydrolases of Tsugaru apple fruits

Byun, J.K.; Her, J.S.; Chang, K.H.

Journal of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science 33(6): 452-457


Accession: 008528525

This study was conducted to investigate the effects of dichlorprop, a chemical inhibitor of preharvest drop, on fruit softening, content of pectin substances, and cell wall hydrolases in 'Tsugaru' apple fruits. Dichlorprop decreased flesh firmness and total acidity, whereas increased soluble solids compared to untreated fruits. Alcohol-insoluble substances (AIS), total pectic substances (TPS), and insoluble pectic substances (IPS) of dichlorprop treated fruits were lower compared to untreated fruits. Water-soluble pectin (WSP) in dichlorprop treated fruits was lower in early stage of fruit ripening, while higher at the third weeks after initiation of storage compared to untreated fruits. Dichlorprop increased versene-soluble pectin in all observations. In dichlorprop treated fruits, activity of beta-galactosidase was higher than that of untreated fruits and activity of polygalacturonase increased earlier. Addition of calcium acetate to dichlorprop solution greatly reduced the effects of dichlorprop on firmness, pectic substances, and cell wall hydrolases.

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