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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 8540

Chapter 8540 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Chen, J.Y.an; Tsen, H.Y.ng, 1991:
Effect of milk and milk constituents on heat stability and enzyme activity of lactase from Saccharomyces lactis

Sharma, S.K.; Mittal, G.S.; Hill, A.R., 1994:
Effect of milk concentration, pH and temperature on kappa-casein hydrolysis at aggregation, coagulation and curd cutting times of ultrafiltered milk

Pestova, M.I.; Gmoshinskii, I.V.; Mazo, V.K., 1992:
Effect of milk consumption on the activity of the formaldehyde detoxification system in formaldehyde-sensitized guinea pigs

Jodral, M.; Martinez, P.; Angulo, R.; Gallego, M.C.; Pozo, R., 1995:
Effect of milk pasteurization process on DDT and its metabolites

Heimlich, W.; Borquez, R.; Cespedes, I., 1994:
Effect of milk replacement by whey protein concentrates on the rheological properties of Dulce de Leche

Shimada, K.; Izaike, Y.; Suzuki, O.; Kosugiyama, M.; Takenouchi, N.; Ohshima, K.; Takahashi, M., 1992:
Effect of milk yield on growth of multiple calves in Japanese black cattle (Wagyu)

Hadorn, R.; Wenk, C.; Pfirter, H.P., 1996:
Effect of millet and soybean hulls on nutrient and energy utilization in growing pigs. 1. Characterization of diets, growth performance and nutrient utilization

Hadorn, R.; Wenk, C.; Pfirter, H.P., 1996:
Effect of millet and soybean hulls on nutrient and energy utilization in growing pigs. 2. Energy and N-balance

Indrani, D.; Rao, G.V.nkateswara, 1992:
Effect of milling methods on the chemical, rheological and bread making characteristics of whole wheat flour

Ozin, R.L.; Mikhailidis, D.P.; Baron, D.N., 1992:
Effect of milrinone on sodium transport in human platelets

Jeremy, J.Y.; Gill, J.; Mikhailidis, D., 1993:
Effect of milrinone on thromboxane A-2 synthesis, cAMP phosphodiesterase and calcium-45 uptake by human platelets

Tsvetkov, L.M.; Russev, G.C.; Anachkova, B.B., 1997:
Effect of mimosine on DNA synthesis in mammalian cells

Smuts, M.; Pierzynowski, S.G.; Puchala, R.; A.D.hneh, A.; Sahlu, T.; Fernandez, J.M.; Heitmann, R.N., 1995:
Effect of mimosine on portal-drained visceral net flux and concentrations of amino acids and minerals in plasma of alpine goats

Bulyakova, N.V., 1992:
Effect of minced muscle implantation and following laser therapy on guinea pig skeletal muscle regeneration

Boiko, V.S., 1997:
Effect of mineral and organic fertilizers on bromegrass yield on irrigated meadow-chernozem soil

Almetov, N.S., 1996:
Effect of mineral and organic fertilizers on changes in heavy metal concentrations in soils with varying granulometric composition in the Mari El Republic

Kuznetsov, N.P.; Gabibov, M.A., 1997:
Effect of mineral and organic fertilizers on the yield and quality of maize green mass on dark-gray forest soil

Klisurska, D.; Nikolova, A.; Gajdarzhieva, K.; Tyankova, L., 1992:
Effect of mineral deficiency and soybean seed storage on the isoenzyme spectrum of malate dehydrogenase

Shibata, K.; Sainoki, T., 1993:
Effect of mineral deficiency on the tryptophan-nicotinamide metabolism in rats

Satarov, G.A.; Dyumaeva, N.A., 1996:
Effect of mineral fertilizer on crop yield and content of heavy metals in principal and accessory produce of spring wheat

Lapa, V.V.; Ivakhnyenka, N.N.; Baranowski, A.M.; Katovich, N.I., 1995:
Effect of mineral fertilizers on oat yield and quality on soddy-podzolic sandy loamy soil

Blagodatskii, S.A.; Larionova, A.A.; Evdokimov, I.V., 1992:
Effect of mineral nitrogen compounds on soil respiration activity and microorganism growth in the soil

Silkin, V.A., 1994:
Effect of mineral nutrient limitation on the growth dynamics of unicellular algae: Effect of factor interaction

Texeira, P.G.; Decarvalho, M.A.gela Machado; Zaidan, L.B.P.; Klein, A.L., 1997:
Effect of mineral nutrients on growth and fructan contents in plants of Vernonia herbacea

Chun, J.C.; Han, K.W.; Yeo, J.K., 1993:
Effect of mineral nutrition and herbicide mixtures on the absorption and translocation of bensulfuron methyl in rice

Tyankova, L.; Klisurska, D.; Nikolova, A.; Gajdarzhieva, K.; Sternkopf, G.; Schlee, D., 1994:
Effect of mineral nutrition on viability and qualitative protein composition of soybean seeds

Rodgers, A.L., 1997:
Effect of mineral water containing calcium and magnesium on calcium oxalate urolithiasis risk factors

Nikolov Vvan, 1994:
Effect of minerals and vitamin addition into the ration of rams before reproductive season on ultrastructure of spermatozoa

Jambhulkar, V.; Shankhpal, K.V., 1992:
Effect of minerals on lipid production by Rhizopus nigricans and Penicillium nigricans on tamarind kernel powder

Karpman, V.L.; Belotserkovskii, Z.B.; Lyubina, B.G.; Ibragimov, T.K.; Ol'm, T.E.; Orel, V.R., 1994:
Effect of minimal physical exercises on blood circulation dynamics

Tazaki, Y.; Yamada, T., 1993:
Effect of minimal trace elements on dietary induced atherosclerosis in New Zealand white rabbit aorta

Bakhiev, A.B., 1993:
Effect of mining on vegetation in Karakalpakia

Malallah, Y.A.; Zissis, N.P., 1992:
Effect of minocycline on the sperm count and activity in infertile men with high pus cell count in their seminal fluid

Bernd, A.; Jackel, C.; Dold, K.; Gormar, F.; Theilig, C.; Breuer, M.; Ramirez Bosca, A.; Bereiter Hahn, J.; Holzmann, H., 1994:
Effect of minoxidil on the the mobility and differentiation of cultivated human keratinocytes

Chikai, T.; Saeki, K., 1995:
Effect of minute amounts of (D-Ala-2,MePhe-4,Gly(ol)-5)enkephalin injected into the tuberomammillary nucleus of rats on histamine release from the cerebral cortex

Banijamali, H.S.; ter Keurs, M.H.; ter Keurs, H.E.; Benediktsson, H.; Paul, L.C., 1998:
Effect of misoprostol on myocardial contractility in rats treated with cyclosporin A

Takagaki, M.; Honma, Y., 1996:
Effect of mist treatment on rooting and percent dry matter of soft wood cuttings of Photinia glabra and Euonymus japonicus Thunb

Chung, S.J.; Chi, S.H.; Shinohara, Y.; Ikeda, H.; Suzuki, Y., 1993:
Effect of misting intervals of nutrient solution on the growth and fruit yield of tomato

Mannen, H.; Kojima, T.; Oyama, K.; Mukai, F.; Ishida, T.; Tsuji, S., 1998:
Effect of mitochondrial DNA variation on carcass traits of Japanese Black cattle

Ishihara, H.; Nakazaki, M.; Kanegae, Y.; Inukai, K.; Asano, T.; Katagiri, H.; Yazaki, Y.; Kikuchi, M.; Miyazaki, J.; Saito, I.; Oka, Y., 1996:
Effect of mitochondrial and/or cytosolic glycerol 3-phosphate dehydrogenase overexpression on glucose-stimulated insulin secretion from MIN6 and HIT cells

Mietz, H.; Prager, T.C.; Schweitzer, C.; Patrinely, J.; Valenzuela, J.R.; Font, R.L., 1997:
Effect of mitomycin C on the optic nerve in rabbits

Riemersma, R.A.; Debeer, L.J., 1997:
Effect of mivazerol on lactate production, blood flow and electrocardiographic signs of ischaemia induced by coronary artery ligation in the anaesthetised dog

Huss, R.; Deeg, H.J.; Gooley, T.; Bryant, E.; Leisenring, W.; Clift, R.; Buckner, C.D.; Martin, P.; Storb, R.; Appelbaum, F.R., 1996:
Effect of mixed chimerism on graft-versus-host disease, disease recurrence and survival after HLA-identical marrow transplantation for aplastic anemia or chronic myelogenous leukemia

Cotamine, A.S.; Abecassis, J.; Morel, M.H.; Vergnes, B.; Verdel, A., 1995:
Effect of mixing condition on the quality of dough and biscuits

Delcros, J.F.ancois; Rakotozafy, L.; Boussard, A.; Davidou, S.; Porte, C.; Potus, J.; Nicolas, J., 1998:
Effect of mixing conditions on the behavior of lipoxygenase, peroxidase, and catalase in wheat flour doughs

Ahmad, C.M.S.; Tahir, M., 1995:
Effect of mixture of GA-3, NAA and BA on some of the yield parameters of Solanum tuberosum L

Pack, H.; Hempel, D.C., 1997:
Effect of mixtures of heavy metals on the biological treatment of sewages containing naphthalenesulfonic acid

Goldhill, J.; Pichat, P.; Roome, N.; Angel, I.; Arbilla, S., 1998:
Effect of mizolastine on visceral sensory afferent sensitivity and inflammation during experimental colitis

Kamada, H.; Nakagami, K., 1996:
Effect of mizoribine on collagen-induced arthritis in mice

Kamada, H.; Inoue, N.; Takaoka, Y.; Nakagami, K.; Mori, H.; Nagai, H., 1996:
Effect of mizoribine on effector T cell-mediated immune responses in mice

Shimizu, M.; Shou, I.; Tsuge, T.; Abe, M.; Tomino, Y., 1998:
Effect of mizoribine on glomerulonephritis of early-stage IgA nephropathy in ddY mice

Furman, D.P.; Rodin, S.N.; Kozhemyakin, T.A., 1992:
Effect of mobile elements on the penetrance of a quantitative character in Drosophila melanogaster

Gerardy, J., 1994:
Effect of moclobemide on rat brain monoamine oxidase A and B: comparison with harmaline and clorgyline

Pierard, C.; Florence, G.; Barrere, B.; Bonnier, R.; Guezennec, C.Y.; Peres, M., 1997:
Effect of modafinil on cerebral blood flow: A laser-Doppler flowmetry study

Pierard, C.; Peres, M.; Barrere, B.; Merino, D.; Guezennec, C.Y.; Lagarde, D., 1997:
Effect of modafinil on energetic brain metabolism: A 31P NMR spectroscopy study

Zhekov, Zheko, P., 1994:
Effect of mode cattle grown on some productive features: Behaviour and productivity

Strek, M.E.; White, S.R.; Hsiue, T.R.; Kulp, G.V.; Williams, F.S.; Leff, A.R., 1993:
Effect of mode of activation of human eosinophils on tracheal smooth muscle contraction in guinea pigs

Ziadeh, S.; Abu Heija, A.T.; E.J.llad, M.F.; Abukteish, F., 1998:
Effect of mode of delivery of perinatal results in singleton breech presentation weighing greater than or equal to 1500 g

Tateishi, H.; Yamauchi, Y.; Yamanouchi, I.; Khashaba, M.T., 1994:
Effect of mode of delivery, parity and umbilical blood gas on first meconium passage in full-term healthy neonates

Kusumi, I.; Koyama, T.; Yamashita, I., 1994:
Effect of mode stabilizing agents on agonist-induced calcium mobilization in human platelets

Donato, M.T.; Castell, J.V.; Gómez-Lechón, M.J., 1995:
Effect of model inducers on cytochrome P450 activities of human hepatocytes in primary culture

Fedorova, O.I.; Okuneva, G.N.; Balykin, M.V., 1995:
Effect of moderate alpine hypoxia on the structure of circadian rhythms of the acid-base state and blood gas composition

Abbasova, V.M.; Yusifov, E.Y., 1990:
Effect of moderate and intensive illumination on glutathione peroxidase activity in frog eye tissues

Hendriks, H.F.; Veenstra, J.; Velthuis-te Wierik, E.J.; Schaafsma, G.; Kluft, C., 1994:
Effect of moderate dose of alcohol with evening meal on fibrinolytic factors

Akima, H.; Kuno, S.-Ya; Watanabe, N.; Nakajima, H.; Itai, Y.; Katsuta, S., 1995:
Effect of moderate endurance training (60 percent Vo-2max) on morphological characteristics and muscle strength in human thigh muscles

Lei, B.; Tan, X.; Cai, H.; Xu, Q.; Guo, Q., 1994:
Effect of moderate hypothermia on lipid peroxidation in canine brain tissue after cardiac arrest and resuscitation

Chu, S.Y.; Granneman, G.R.; Pichotta, P.J.; Decourt, J.P.; Girault, J.; Fourtillan, J.B., 1993:
Effect of moderate or severe hepatic impairment on clarithromycin pharmacokinetics

Ferrara, S.D.; Tedeschi, L.; Frison, G.; Orlando, R.; Mazzo, M.; Zordan, R.; Padrini, R.; Palatini, P., 1996:
Effect of moderate or severe liver dysfunction on the pharmacokinetics of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid

Maldonado, C.; Pahlich, E., 1997:
Effect of moderate water deficit on the stability and autoregulatory properties of cytoplasmic redox system GSH/GSSG in wheat plants

Al-Hajjaj, M.S.; Al-Nasser, M.N.; Huraib, S.O.; Al-Kassimi, F.A., 1994:
Effect of moderately high altitude on the pattern of lung disease

Shao, K.; Purohit, S.; Bahl, O.P., 1996:
Effect of modification of all loop regions in the alpha- and beta-subunits of human choriogonadotropin on its signal transduction activity

Snyder, K.R.; Story, S.C.; Heidt, M.E.; Murray, T.F.; DeLander, G.E.; Aldrich, J.V., 1992:
Effect of modification of the basic residues of dynorphin A-(1-13) amide on kappa opioid receptor selectivity and opioid activity

Shao, K.; Bahl, O.P., 1997:
Effect of modification of the beta-hairpin and long loops simultaneously in both alpha- and beta-subunits on the function of human choriogonadotropin: part II

Drechsel, P.; Mutwewingabo, B.; Hagedorn, F., 1996:
Effect of modifications of the P-Bray no. 1 method on soil test results

Rohani, M.Y.n; Zaipun, M.Z.in; Norhayati, M., 1997:
Effect of modified atmosphere on the storage life and quality of Eksotika papaya

Muguruma, M.; Okayama, T.; Murakami, S.; Yamada, H., 1995:
Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on myofibrillar fragmentation, extractability of muscle protein and LDH activity on thin sliced beef

Franco Abuin, C.M.; Rozas Barrero, J.; Romero Rodriguez, M.A.; Cepeda Saez, A.; Fente Sampayo, C., 1997:
Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on the growth and survival of listeria in raw minced beef

Latifah, M.N.r; Ali, Z.M.; Lazan, H., 1997:
Effect of modified atmosphere packing on the quality of Eksotika papaya stored at low temperature

Kravchuk, V.V.; Gavrina, G.B.; Vorontsova, A.L., 1993:
Effect of modified post-operative chemotherapy on antimetastatic resistance in patients with ovarian cancer

Baines, A.D.; Adamson, G.; Wojciechowski, P.; Pliura, D.; Ho, P.; Kluger, R., 1998:
Effect of modifying O2 diffusivity and delivery on glomerular and tubular function in hypoxic perfused kidney

Lyskov, E.B.; Medvedev, S.V.; Sandstrom, M.; Hanson Mild, C.; Polyakov, A.V.; Ponomarev, V.A., 1995:
Effect of modulated illumination on electroencephalogram synchronization in humans

Patel, J.; Chonmaitree, T.; Schmalstieg, F., 1993:
Effect of modulation of polymorphonuclear leukocyte migration with anti-CD18 antibody on pathogenesis of experimental otitis media in guinea pigs

Lyubimov, E.; Lan, L.B.; Pashinsky, I.; Stein, W.D., 1996:
Effect of modulators of the multidrug resistance pump on the distribution of vinblastine in tissues of the mouse

Kamm, V.J.; Rietjens, I.M.; Vervoort, J.; Heerschap, A.; Rosenbusch, G.; Hofs, H.P.; Wagener, D.J., 1994:
Effect of modulators on 5-fluorouracil metabolite patterns in murine colon carcinoma determined by in vitro 19F nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Gennadiev, V.G.; Pykhtina, T.K.; Sadkovskii, V.T., 1992:
Effect of moisture and growth of uredospores of the wheat stripe rust agent Puccinia striiformis West. on their sensitivity to ultra-low temperatures

Alderete, R.; Losada, H.; Osorio, M.; Aranda, E., 1995:
Effect of molasses/urea and blood meal supplementation on the reproductive performance of commercial Zebu heifers

Vogel, V.R.; Pastukhov, A.V.; Psikha, B.L.; Kotel'nikov, A.I., 1997:
Effect of molecular dynamics on photoinduced electron transfer in eosin-myoglobin complex

Chen Yin, Fang Dawei, 1995:
Effect of molecular hydrogen and oxygen on nitrogenase activity of blue-green algae Anabaena 7210 driven by stress of high temperature

Carlson, G.; Silverstein, J., 1998:
Effect of molecular size and charge on biofilm of organic matter

Zhang, Y.; Palette-Pays, C.; Naline, E.; Varoquaux, O.; Advenier, C., 1993:
Effect of molsidomine and linsidomine on the human isolated bronchus and the guinea-pig isolated trachea

Seaborn, C.D.; Yang, S.P., 1993:
Effect of molybdenum supplementation on N-nitroso-N-methylurea-induced mammary carcinogenesis and molybdenum excretion in rats

Novelli, A.; Gambella, G.; Casu, A., 1993:
Effect of monensin administration on rat liver glycogen content: Preliminary histological observations

Morais, C.A.C.; Fontes, C.A.A.; Lana, R.P.; Soares, J.E.; Queiroz, A.C.; Campos, J.M.S., 1993:
Effect of monensin and castration on feedlot performance of crossbred cattle

Turinsky, J.; Damrau-Abney, A.; Elmendorf, J.S.; Smith, T.R., 1997:
Effect of monensin on 2-deoxyglucose uptake, the insulin receptor and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase activity in rat muscle

Okugawa, T.; Itoh, M., 1993:
Effect of monensin on DNA synthesis in cultured human thyroid cells

Morais, C.A.C.; Fontes, C.A.A.; Lana, R.P.; Soares, J.E.; Freitas, J.A.; Castro, A.C.G., 1993:
Effect of monensin on carcass dressing percentage and yield and proportion of commercial cuts from bulls and steers

Tworek, B.L.; Wiegert, R.L.; Tuma, D.J.; Casey, C.A., 1998:
Effect of monensin on ethanol-induced alterations in function hepatocellular asialoglycoprotein receptor subpopulations

Bäck, N.; Soinila, S., 1996:
Effect of monensin on secretory granules and basal beta-endorphin secretion in the melanotroph of the rat pituitary

Goldoni, P.; Castellani Pastoris, M.; Cattani, L.; Peluso, C.; Sinibaldi, L.; Orsi, N., 1995:
Effect of monensin on the invasiveness and multiplication of Legionella pneumophila

Yang, C.M.; Russell, J.B., 1993:
Effect of monensin on the specific activity of ammonia production by ruminal bacteria and disappearance of amino nitrogen from the rumen

Toharmat, T.; Tanabe, S.; Kume, S.; Kameoka, K., 1997:
Effect of monensin or salinomycin supplementation in a 50 percent concentrate diet on mineral utilization of growing goats

Shim, S.S.; Becker, R.E., 1993:
Effect of monoamine oxidase A and B inhibition on the uptake and metabolism of serotonin within serotonergic neurons of rat brain

Hilakivi, I.; Ahtee, L.; Rinne, J.O.; Taira, T.; Attila, L.M.J.; Marjamaki, P., 1995:
Effect of monoamine uptake inhibitors given early postnatally on monoamines in the brain stem, caudate/putamen and cortex, and on dopamine D-1 and D-2 receptors in the caudate/putamen

Sugiyama, T., 1995:
Effect of monoamines and antidepressant drugs on calcium-dependent current generating the afterhyperpolarization of hippocampal pyramidal cells

Abramets, I.I.; Samoilovich, I.M., 1992:
Effect of monoamines on the responses of frog spinal motoneurons mediated by non-NMDA glutamate receptors

Ponomarenko, S.V.; Gocharova, A.V.; Karpenyuk, T.A.; Ivashchenko, A.T., 1991:
Effect of monoatomic alcohols and pH on ATPase properties of chloroplasts of different plants

Karu, T.I.; Pyatibrat, L.V.; Esenaliev, R.O., 1994:
Effect of monochromatic light of red and near infrared spectrum areas on the adhesive properties of cell membranes: Dependence on wave length

D.F.zio, S.R.; Masli, S.; Gozzo, J.J., 1996:
Effect of monoclonal anti-CD4 and anti-CD8 on skin allograft survival in mice treated with donor bone marrow cells

Firulina, I.I.; Runovskaya, I.V.; Ivanov, V.A., 1993:
Effect of monoclonal antibodies 10H/2 on cytotoxic activity of human blood mononuclears

Metelitza, D.I.; Girina, N.V.; Karaseva, E.I.; Cherednikova, T.V., 1995:
Effect of monoclonal antibodies against peroxidase on peroxidase-catalyzed oxidation of o-phenylenediamine

Katzav-Gozansky, T.; Hanan, E.; Solomon, B., 1996:
Effect of monoclonal antibodies in preventing carboxypeptidase A aggregation

van Raamsdonk, M.; de Soet, J.J.; de Graaff, J., 1993:
Effect of monoclonal antibodies on the colonization of rats by Streptococcus sobrinus

Pankova, T.M.; Starostina, M.V.; Lyuboslavskaya, P.N.; Khichenko, V.I.; Shtark, M.B., 1993:
Effect of monoclonal antibodies on the evoked potentials and long-term posttetanic potentiation in hippocampus

Cong, J.; Thompson, V.F.; Goll, D.E., 1993:
Effect of monoclonal antibodies specific for the 28-kDa subunit on catalytic properties of the calpains

Kulakov, V.V.; Boiko, A.N.; Pinegin, B.V., 1993:
Effect of monoclonal antibodies to differentiating T-cell antigens on the proliferative activity of lymphocytes in autologous mixed culture

Ohmuro, H.; Tomino, Y.; Koide, H., 1994:
Effect of monoclonal antibody CD4 on expression of intercellular adhesion molecule 1 in renal tissues of ddY mice: a spontaneous animal model of IgA nephropathy

Yang, Y.; He, X.; Li, J.; He, S., 1997:
Effect of monoclonal antibody against human tissue factor pathway inhibitor on plasma coagulation time

Reid, M.J.; Dunston, S.K.; Lamé, M.W.; Wilson, D.W.; Morin, D.; Segall, H.J., 1998:
Effect of monocrotaline metabolites on glutathione levels in human and bovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells

Ru, S.; Li, Y.; Liu, X.; Jiang, M., 1997:
Effect of monocrotophos on ultrastructure Penaeus chinensis cells: III. Toxicity to gill

Chang, K.; Van Sluyters, R.C.; Olavarria, J.F., 1995:
Effect of monocular blockade of retinal activity on the development of visual callosal connections in the rat

Sharma, P.; Halder, M.; Prakash, P., 1995:
Effect of monocular vertical displacement of horizontal recti in A V phenomena

Shirinskii, V.S.; Kirikova, S.F., 1992:
Effect of monocytes on B-lymphocyte proliferation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Liu Zhipei, Y.H.ifang; Jia Shengfen, 1997:
Effect of monoformamidine pesticide on the microbial population and living in model pond ecosystem

Xu, C.; Holscher, M.A.; Jones, M.M.; Singh, P.K., 1995:
Effect of monoisoamyl meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinate on the pathology of acute cadmium intoxication

Lu, Y.; Zao; Shufen; Lu; Ji, 1992:
Effect of monosodium glutamate on hypothalamic neurons in the new born rat

Zaknun, J.; Elmaleh, D.R.; Guan, J.H.; Fischman, A.J., 1995:
Effect of monounsaturation of a branched fatty acid on organ selectivity

Danko, I.M.; Kaz'min, S.D., 1993:
Effect of monovalent cations on chromatin structure in Ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells

Pirog, T.P., 1996:
Effect of monovalent cations on the production of acylated exopolysaccharides by Acinetobacter sp

Flores, M.V.; Ertola, R.J.; Voget, C.E., 1996:
Effect of monovalent cations on the stability and activity of Kluyveromyces lactis beta-galactosidase

Ogasawara, T.; Ukai, Y.; Yoshikuni, Y.; Kimura, K., 1996:
Effect of montirelin hydrate (NS-3), an analog of TRH, on the scopolamine-induced EEG-slowing in rabbits

Ferreiro, E.A.; D.B.ssetti, S.G.; Helmy, A.K., 1992:
Effect of montmorillonite on phosphate sorption by hydrous aluminum oxides

Pieniaszek, H.J.; Davidson, A.F.; Benedek, I.H., 1993:
Effect of moricizine on the pharmacokinetics of single-dose theophylline in healthy subjects

Rastogi, G.R.; Bisaria, A.K., 1991:
Effect of morphactin on yield and post harvest changes in tomato fruits

Pacifici, R.; Patrini, G.; Venier, I.; Parolaro, D.; Zuccaro, P.; Gori, E., 1994:
Effect of morphine and methadone acute treatment on immunological activity in mice: pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic correlates

Penagini, R.; Picone, A.; Bianchi, P.A., 1996:
Effect of morphine and naloxone on motor response of the human esophagus to swallowing and distension

Błaszczyk, J.; Kedziora, J.; Luciak, M.; Sibińska, E.; Trznadel, K.; Pawlicki, L., 1994:
Effect of morphine and naloxone on oxidative metabolism during experimental renal ischemia and reperfusion

Yonehara, N.; Tang, F.D.; Inoki, R., 1993:
Effect of morphine on changes in cutaneous blood flow induced by antidromic stimulation of primary afferent fibers in the hind instep of rats

Bian, T.H.; Wang, X.F.; Li, X.Y., 1995:
Effect of morphine on interleukin-1 and tumor necrosis factor alpha production from mouse peritoneal macrophages in vitro

Bencsics, A.; Elenkov, I.J.; Vizi, E.S., 1997:
Effect of morphine on lipopolysaccharide-induced tumor necrosis factor-alpha production in vivo: involvement of the sympathetic nervous system

Singhal, P.C.; Pan, C.Q.; Gibbons, N.; Valderrama, E., 1993:
Effect of morphine on mesangial immunoglobulin G aggregate kinetics

Omote, K.; Kawamata, M.; Iwasaki, H.; Namiki, A., 1994:
Effect of morphine on neuronal and behavioural responses to visceral and somatic nociception at the level of spinal cord

Luza, J., 1992:
Effect of morphine on phagocytic activity of the polymorphonuclears and monocytes

Singhal, P.C.; Sharma, P.; Gibbons, N.; Franki, N.; Kapasi, A.; Wagner, J.D., 1997:
Effect of morphine on renomedullary interstitial cell proliferation and matrix accumulation

Singhal, P.C.; Pan, C.; Gibbons, N., 1993:
Effect of morphine on uptake of immunoglobulin G complexes by mesangial cells and macrophages

Fan-Havard, P.; Koshy, Z.; Bais, R.M.; Smith, C.; Eng, R.H., 1993:
Effect of morphine or phenobarbital on teicoplanin elimination pharmacokinetics

Singh, D.; Chadha, M.L., 1991:
Effect of morphological characters of brinjal on incidence of Leucinodes orbonalis (Guen)

Lou Yonggen, Chen Jiaan, 1996:
Effect of morphological characters of rice varieties on functional response of Anagrus nilaparvatae

Mayrand, E.; Guderley, H.; Dutil, J.D.nis, 1998:
Effect of morphometric maturity and size on enzyme activities and nucleic acid ratios in the snow crab Chionoecetes opilio

Rodriguez, E.-Diaz; Urquijo, M.D.lores-Colmenero; Alvarez, B.-Fernandez; Fernandez, B.-Marin; Lopez, B.-Diaz, 1995:
Effect of mother pineal gland on offspring's somatic and ovarian maturation

Shibata, C.; Sasaki, I.; Naito, H.; Takahashi, M.; Doi, T.; Ohtani, N.; Koyama, K.; Matsuno, S., 1995:
Effect of motilin on colonic motor activity in the interdigestive state in conscious dogs

Korber, D.R.; Lawrence, J.R.; Caldwell, D.E., 1994:
Effect of Motility on Surface Colonization and Reproductive Success of Pseudomonas fluorescens in Dual-Dilution Continuous Culture and Batch Culture Systems

Shulman, G.L.; Schwarz, J.; Miezin, F.M.; Petersen, S.E., 1998:
Effect of motion contrast on human cortical responses to moving stimuli

Prigent, F.M.; Hyun, M.; Berman, D.S.; Rozanski, A., 1993:
Effect of motion on thallium-201 SPECT studies: a simulation and clinical study

Yetkin, F.Z.; Haughton, V.M.; Cox, R.W.; Hyde, J.; Birn, R.M.; Wong, E.C.; Prost, R., 1996:
Effect of motion outside the field of view on functional MR

Budyka, E.V.; Efimova, I.V.; Khomskaya, E.D., 1998:
Effect of motor activity on the health of students with different types of hemispheric organization

Xia Guo Liang, 1996:
Effect of mouse age and gap junction breaking of cumulus-oocyte complexes on oocyte maturation

Narushima, S.; Itoh, K.; Mitsuoka, T.; Nakayama, H.; Itoh, T.; Hioki, K.; Nomura, T., 1998:
Effect of mouse intestinal bacteria on incidence of colorectal tumors induced by 1,2-dimethylhydrazine injection in gnotobiotic transgenic mice haboring human prototype c-Ha-ras genes

Bloch, K.E.; Barandun, J.; Sackner, M.A., 1995:
Effect of mouthpiece breathing on cardiorespiratory response to intense exercise

Duckworth, R.M.; Stewart, D., 1994:
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