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Effect of the combined use of mineral, organic and lime fertilizers on crop yield and quality, grain-beet crop rotation productivity, and fertility of leached chernozems in southwestern Central Chernozem Region of Russia: Communication 2. Crop yield and quality in grain-feed link of a crop rotation

Bogomazov, N.P.; Shelganov, I.I.; Abramenko, P.M.; Shil'nikov, I.A.; Netrebenko, N.I.

Agrokhimiya (11): 51-60


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1881
Accession: 008549109

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The doses of N90, N60, N180P60K60, N180, N60P60K60 and N180P60K60 were found to be optimal for fodder barley, brewer's barley, corn silage, medium productivity winter wheat cultivars, and highly productive winter wheat cultivars, respectively. Application of fertilizers under peas was found to be ineffective. The number of feed-protein units per an area unit was used to assess the degree of the effect of fertilizers on the grain-feed link productivity of a crop rotation.