Section 9
Chapter 8,579

Effects of pruning on vegetative growth, nutrient concentrations, sex expression and yield of sweet gourd

Rahman, M.A.; Yasmin, F.

Bangladesh Journal of Botany 22(2): 183-187


ISSN/ISBN: 0253-5416
Accession: 008578815

Among the pruning treatments, pruning of laterals up to the fifth node produced the highest total length of vine, number of branches, number of female flowers and lowest male to female sex ratio. Concentrations of N and P of plant were maximum when main vine was pruned at four-leaf stage but K, total NPK and Ca concentrations were observed highest when all laterals were pruned throughout the growth period. The number of fruits per plant, fresh weight per fruit and yield per plant were maximum when laterals were pruned up to the fifth node.

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