Effects of stents on lithotripsy of ureteral calculi: treatment results with 18,825 calculi using the Lithostar lithotriptor

Mobley, T.B.; Myers, D.A.; Jenkins, J.M.; Grine, W.B.; Jordan, W.R.

Journal of Urology 152(1): 53-56


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-5347
PMID: 8201687
DOI: 10.1016/s0022-5347(17)32814-8
Accession: 008581914

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Between November 14, 1988 and August 1, 1993, 18,825 ureteral calculi were treated in the United States using 25 different mobile and 2 fixed base Siemens Lithostar lithotriptors. Lithotripsy was performed by 1,012 urologists using the modified Puigvert technique. The overall stone-free rate was 83.8% with a retreatment rate of 10.8%. The stone-free rate varied from 85.8% with stones of 10 mm. or smaller to 67.9% for stones larger than 20 mm. A ureteral stent or catheter was placed before lithotripsy in 19.3% of all treatments and 80.7% had in situ treatment without instrumentation. For calculi of any size, the use of ureteral stents or catheters had no effect on treatment outcome at any ureteral location.