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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 8610

Chapter 8610 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Xu, X.M.; Ohashi, K.; Sanduja, S.K.; Ruan, K.H.; Wang, L.H.; Wu, K.K., 1993:
Enhanced prostacyclin synthesis in endothelial cells by retrovirus-mediated transfer of prostaglandin H synthase cDNA

Snijders, A.; Van-Der-Pouw-Kran, T.C.T.M.; Engel, M.; Wormeester, J.; Widjaja, P.; Zonneveld, I.M.; Bos, J.D.; Kapsenberg, M.L., 1998:
Enhanced prostaglandin E2 production by monocytes in atopic dermatitis (AD) is not accompanied by enhanced production of IL-6, IL-10 or IL-12

Andley, U.P.; Becker, B.; Hebert, J.S.; Reddan, J.R.; Morrison, A.R.; Pentland, A.P., 1996:
Enhanced prostaglandin synthesis after ultraviolet-B exposure modulates DNA synthesis of lens epithelial cells and lowers intraocular pressure in vivo

Bot, A.; Bot, S.; Bona, C., 1998:
Enhanced protection against influenza virus of mice immunized as newborns with a mixture of plasmids expressing hemagglutinin and nucleoprotein

Wong, J.P.; Stadnyk, L.L.; Saravolac, E.G., 1994:
Enhanced protection against respiratory influenza A infection in mice by liposome-encapsulated antibody

Frasa, H.; Benaissa-Trouw, B.; Tavares, L.; van Kessel, K.; Poppelier, M.; Kraaijeveld, K.; Verhoef, J., 1996:
Enhanced protection by use of a combination of anticapsule and antilipopolysaccharide monoclonal antibodies against lethal Escherichia coli O18K5 infection of mice

Wortham, C.; Grinberg, L.; Kaslow, D.C.; Briles, D.E.; McDaniel, L.S.; Lees, A.; Flora, M.; Snapper, C.M.; Mond, J.J., 1998:
Enhanced protective antibody responses to PspA after intranasal or subcutaneous injections of PspA genetically fused to granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor or interleukin-2

Berg, D.T.; Wiley, M.R.; Grinnell, B.W., 1996:
Enhanced protein C activation and inhibition of fibrinogen cleavage by a thrombin modulator

Kost, J.; Liu, L.S.; Ferreira, J.; Langer, R., 1994:
Enhanced protein blotting from PhastGel media to membranes by irradiation of low-intensity ultrasound

Jazzar, M.M.; Naseem, I., 1994:
Enhanced protein degradation by photoilluminated riboflavin in the presence of Cu(II)

Beeser, S.A.; Goldenberg, D.P.; Oas, T.G., 1997:
Enhanced protein flexibility caused by a destabilizing amino acid replacement in BPTI

Wang, H.Y.n; Friedman, E., 1996:
Enhanced protein kinase C activity and translocation in bipolar affective disorder brains

Soares, D.Silva, P., 1993:
Enhanced protein kinase C mediated inhibition of renal dopamine synthesis during high sodium intake

Welcker, M.; Lukas, J.; Strauss, M.; Bartek, J., 1996:
Enhanced protein stability: a novel mechanism of D-type cyclin over-abundance identified in human sarcoma cells

Nakagomi, T.; Kanemitsu, H.; Narita, K.; Nakayama, H.; Ishii, T.; Tamura, A., 1998:
Enhanced protein synthesis in the ipsilateral substantia nigra following middle cerebral artery occlusion in the rat

D.F.lippis, V.; D.A.toni, F.; Frigo, M.; Polverino, D.L.ureto, P.; Fontana, A., 1998:
Enhanced protein thermostability by AlafwdarwAib replacement

Azuma, M.; Tamatani, T.; Fukui, K.; Bando, T.; Sato, M., 1994 :
Enhanced proteolytic activity is responsible for the aberrant morphogenetic development of SV40-immortalized normal human salivary gland cells grown on basement membrane components

Lupu, C.; Calb, M.; Ionescu, M.; Lupu, F., 1993:
Enhanced prothrombin and intrinsic factor X activation on blood platelets from diabetic patients

Lowe, K.C.; Anthony, P.; Davey, M.R.; Power, J.B.; Washington, C., 1995:
Enhanced protoplast growth at the interface between oxygenated fluorocarbon liquid and aqueous culture medium supplemented with pluronic F-68

Derad, I.; Pietrowsky, R.; Dodt, C.; Fehm, H.L.; Born, J., 1996:
Enhanced psychophysiological signs of attention after angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition by captopril

Mckenna, M.J.; Heigenhauser, G.J.F.; Mckelvie, R.S.; Obminski, G.; Macdougall, J.D.ncan; Jones, N.L., 1997:
Enhanced pulmonary and active skeletal muscle gas exchange during intensive exercise after spring training in men

Eichinger, M.R.; Walker, B.R., 1994:
Enhanced pulmonary arterial dilation to arginine vasopressin in chronically hypoxic rats

Piedra, P.A.; Wyde, P.R.; Castleman, W.L.; Ambrose, M.W.; Jewell, A.M.; Speelman, D.J.; Hildreth, S.W., 1993:
Enhanced pulmonary pathology associated with the use of formalin-inactivated respiratory syncytial virus vaccine in cotton rats is not a unique viral phenomenon

Kusewitt, D.F.; Budge, C.L.; Ley, R.D., 1994:
Enhanced pyrimidine dimer repair in cultured murine epithelial cells transfected with the denV gene of bacteriophage T4

Ragni, G.; Finzi, G.C.L.mbroso; Caccamo, A.; Dalla Serra, A.; Crosignani, P.G., 1993:
Enhanced quality of capacitated spermatozoa from oligoasthenozoospermic men after incubation in test yolk medium

Brus, R.; Plech, A.; Kostrzewa, R.M., 1995:
Enhanced quinpirole response in rats lesioned neonatally with 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine

Yang, L.X.; Douple, E.B.; O'hara, J.A.; Crabtree, R.A.; Eastman, A., 1995:
Enhanced radiation-induced cell killing by carboplatin in cells of repair-proficient and repair-deficient cell lines

Koch, C., J.; Skov, K., A., 1994:
Enhanced radiation-sensitivity by preincubation with nitroimidazoles: Effect of glutathione depletion

Leveillee, R.J.; Hoey, M.F.; Hulbert, J.C.; Mulier, P.; Lee, D.; Jesserun, J., 1996:
Enhanced radiofrequency ablation of canine prostate utilizing a liquid conductor: the virtual electrode

Garkavij, M.; Tennvall, J.; Strand, S.E.; Norrgren, K.; Lindgren, L.; Nilsson, R.; Sjögren, H.O., 1995:
Enhanced radioimmunotargeting of 125I-labeled L6-biotin monoclonal antibody (MAb) by combining preload of cold L6 MAb and subsequent immunoadsorption in rats

Milross, C.G.; Mason, K.A.; Hunter, N.R.; Terry, N.H.A.; Patel, N.; Harada, S.; Jibu, T.; Seong, J.; Milas, L., 1997:
Enhanced radioresponse of paclitaxel-sensitive and -resistant tumours in vivo

Yamagishi, N.; Miyakoshi, J.; Takebe, H., 1997:
Enhanced radiosensitivity by inhibition of nuclear factor kappa-B activation in human malignant glioma cells

Bauer, M.J.; Bayley, R.; Chipps, M.J.; Eades, A.; Scriven, R.J.; Rachwal, A.J., 1998:
Enhanced rapid gravity filtration and dissolved air flotation for pre-treatment of River Thames reservoir water

Franklin, M.R., 1995:
Enhanced rates of cytochrome P450 metabolic-intermediate complex formation from nonmacrolide amines in rifampicin-treated rabbit liver microsomes

Hess, S.; Visscher, K.J.; Pullerits, T.; Sundström, V.; Fowler, G.J.; Hunter, C.N., 1994:
Enhanced rates of subpicosecond energy transfer in blue-shifted light harvesting LH2 mutants of Rhodobacter sphaeroides

Piperakis, S.M., 1995:
Enhanced reactivation of nitrous acid treated adenovirus is not associated with enhanced mutagenesis in pretreated with heavy metals HeLa cells

Sotelo, C.G.; Kurosky, A., 1994:
Enhanced reactivity of lysozyme and formaldehyde during cold denaturation

Smiley, B., K.; Minion, F.C.ris, 1993:
Enhanced readthrough of opal (UGA) stop codons and production of Mycoplasma pneumoniae P1 epitopes in Escherichia coli

Steinberg, S.F.; Alter, A., 1993:
Enhanced receptor-dependent inositol phosphate accumulation in hypoxic myocytes

Orlewska, E.; Olszewski, W.L.ch, 1996:
Enhanced recipients accept heart allograft but reject allogeneic lymphocytes from the same donor

Suominen, I.; Ford, C.; Stachon, D.; Heimo, H.; Niederauer, M.; Nurmela, H.; Glatz, C., 1993:
Enhanced recovery and purification of Aspergillus glucoamylase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae by the addition of poly(aspartic acid) tails

Schmid, G.P.; Faur, Y.C.; Valu, J.A.; Sikandar, S.A.; McLaughlin, M.M., 1995:
Enhanced recovery of Haemophilus ducreyi from clinical specimens by incubation at 33 versus 35 degrees C

Magnuson, N.S.; Linzmaier, P.M.; Gao, J.W.; Reeves, R.; An, G.; Lee, J.M., 1996:
Enhanced recovery of a secreted mammalian protein from suspension culture of genetically modified tobacco cells

Toung, T.J.; Kirsch, J.R.; Traystman, R.J., 1996:
Enhanced recovery of brain electrical activity by adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate following complete global cerebral ischemia in dogs

Schilling, R.; Clarkson, P.J.; Cooke, M., 1998:
Enhanced recovery of chlorophenols from surface waters using polymer based extraction cartridges

Lazar, H.L.; Treanor, P.; Yang, X.M.ng; Rivers, S.; Bernard, S.; Shemin, R.J., 1994:
Enhanced recovery of ischemic myocardium by combining percutaneous bypass with intraaortic balloon pump support

Date, I.; Yoshimoto, Y.; Imaoka, T.; Miyoshi, Y.; Gohda, Y.; Furuta, T.; Asari, S.; Ohmoto, T., 1993:
Enhanced recovery of the nigrostriatal dopaminergic system in MPTP-treated mice following intrastriatal injection of basic fibroblast growth factor in relation to aging

Chen, H.; Nelson, R.S.; Sherwood, J.L., 1994:
Enhanced recovery of transformants of Agrobacterium tumefaciens after freeze-thaw transformation and drug selection

Fabiani, R.; Johansson, L.; Lundkvist, O.; Ronquist, G., 1994:
Enhanced recruitment of motile spermatozoa by prostasome inclusion in swim-up medium

Arima, H.; Kondo, T.; Irie, T.; Uekama, K., 1992:
Enhanced rectal absorption and reduced local irritation of the anti-inflammatory drug ethyl 4-biphenylylacetate in rats by complexation with water-soluble beta-7-cyclodextrin derivatives and formulation as oleaginous suppository

Tanaka, M.; Kuwahara, E.; Takahashi, M.; Koyama, O.; Takahashi, N.; Yotsuyanagi, T., 1998:
Enhanced rectal absorption of amphotericin B lyophilized with glycyrrhizinate in rabbits

Yamamoto, K.; Shah, A., C.; Nishihata, T., 1994:
Enhanced rectal absorption of itazigrel formulated with polysorbate 80 micelles vehicle in rat: Role of co-administered esterase

Koren, W.; Koldanov, R.; Peleg, E.; Rabinowitz, B.; Rosenthal, T., 1997:
Enhanced red cell sodium-hydrogen exchange in microvascular angina

Kowala, M.C.; Valentine, M.; Recce, R.; Beyer, S.; Goller, N.; Durham, S.; Aberg, G., 1998:
Enhanced reduction of atherosclerosis in hamsters treated with pravastatin and captopril: ACE in atheromas provides cellular targets for captopril

Turick, C.E.; Bulmer, D.K., 1998:
Enhanced reduction of nitrous oxide by Pseudomonas denitrificans with perfluorocarbons

Azari, N.P.; Binkofski, F.; Pettigrew, K.D.; Freund, H.J.; Seitz, R.J., 1996:
Enhanced regional cerebral metabolic interactions in thalamic circuitry predicts motor recovery in hemiparetic stroke

Takayama, Y.; Holmes, J.W.; LeGrice, I.; Covell, J.W., 1996:
Enhanced regional deformation at the anterior papillary muscle insertion site after chordal transsection

Thomas, R.S.; Gustafson, D.L.; Ramsdell, H.S.; el-Masri, H.A.; Benjamin, S.A.; Yang, R.S., 1998:
Enhanced regional expression of glutathione S-transferase P1-1 with colocalized AP-1 and CYP 1A2 induction in chlorobenzene-induced porphyria

Kubo, T.; Ishizuka, T.; Fukumori, R.; Asari, T.; Hagiwara, Y., 1995:
Enhanced release of acetylcholine in the rostral ventrolateral medulla of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Inamoto, T.; Georgian, M.M.; Kagan, E.; Ogimoto, K., 1993:
Enhanced release of an alveolar macrophage-derived chemoattractant for fibroblasts in rats after asbestos inhalation

Jilg, S.; Barsig, J.; Leist, M.; Küsters, S.; Volk, H.D.; Wendel, A., 1996 :
Enhanced release of interleukin-10 and soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors as novel principles of methylxanthine action in murine models of endotoxic shock

Ioannidis, I.; Bätz, M.; Paul, T.; Korth, H.G.; Sustmann, R.; De Groot, H., 1996:
Enhanced release of nitric oxide causes increased cytotoxicity of S-nitroso-N-acetyl-DL-penicillamine and sodium nitroprusside under hypoxic conditions

Jachowicz, R.; Nuernberg, E., 1997:
Enhanced release of oxazepam from tablets containing solid dispersions

Kim, S.H.; Kim, Y.K.; Jeong, S.J.; Haass, C.; Kim, Y.H.; Suh, Y.H., 1997:
Enhanced release of secreted form of Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein from PC12 cells by nicotine

Talinli, I.; E.M.brouk, F.A., 1994:
Enhanced removal of phenol and m-cresol in PAC additional activated sludge system

Rogers, S.A.; Miller, S.B.; Hammerman, M.R., 1993:
Enhanced renal IGF-I expression following partial kidney infarction

Stojanovic, T.; Gröne, H.J.; Gieseler, R.K.; Klanke, B.; Schlemminger, R.; Tsikas, D.; Gröne, E.F., 1996:
Enhanced renal allograft rejection by inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase: a nonimmunologic influence on alloreactivity

Kost, C.K.; Jackson, E.K., 1993:
Enhanced renal angiotensin II subtype 1 receptor responses in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

Zalups, R.K., 1997:
Enhanced renal outer medullary uptake of mercury associated with uninephrectomy: implication of a luminal mechanism

Nielsen, C.B.; Eiskjaer, H.; Pedersen, E.B., 1993:
Enhanced renal production of cyclic GMP and reduced free water clearance during sodium nitroprusside infusion in healthy man

Kennefick, T.M.; Oyama, T.T.; Thompson, M.M.; Vora, J.P.; Anderson, S., 1996:
Enhanced renal sensitivity to angiotensin actions in diabetes mellitus in the rat

Tajiri, K.; Miyakawa, H.; Liu, J.; Kamiyama, T.; Marumo, F.; Sato, C., 1997:
Enhanced renal susceptibility to ischemia-reperfusion injury in the rat with obstructive jaundice

Feng, J.J.; Arendshorst, W.J., 1996:
Enhanced renal vasoconstriction induced by vasopressin in SHR is mediated by V1 receptors

Angayarkanni, N.; Selvam, R., 1998:
Enhanced renal vitamin-K-dependent gamma-glutamyl carboxylase activity in experimental rat urolithiasis

Bases, R.; Mendez, F.; Franklin, W.A., 1994:
Enhanced repair endonuclease activities from radiation-arrested G2 phase mammalian cells

Ali-Osman, F.; Berger, M.S.; Rairkar, A.; Stein, D.E., 1994:
Enhanced repair of a cisplatin-damaged reporter chloramphenicol-O-acetyltransferase gene and altered activities of DNA polymerases alpha and beta, and DNA ligase in cells of a human malignant glioma following in vivo cisplatin therapy

Hasegawa, K.; Huang, J.; Rogers, S.A.; Blum, H.E.; Liang, T.J., 1994:
Enhanced replication of a hepatitis B virus mutant associated with an epidemic of fulminant hepatitis

Kim, H.S.; Kwang, J.; Yoon, I.J.; Joo, H.S.; Frey, M.L., 1993:
Enhanced replication of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus in a homogeneous subpopulation of MA-104 cell line

Mamenta, E.L.; Poma, E.E.; Kaufmann, W.K.; Delmastro, D.A.; Grady, H.L.; Chaney, S.G., 1994 :
Enhanced replicative bypass of platinum-DNA adducts in cisplatin-resistant human ovarian carcinoma cell lines

Prendergast, B.J.; Kelly, K.K.; Zucker, I.; Gorman, M.R., 1996:
Enhanced reproductive responses to melatonin in juvenile Siberian hamsters

Dunn, W.R.; Wellman, G.C.; Bevan, J.A., 1994:
Enhanced resistance artery sensitivity to agonists under isobaric compared with isometric conditions

Vanella, A.; Campisi, A.; D.G.acomo, C.; Sorrenti, V.; Vanella, G.; Acquaviva, R., 1997:
Enhanced resistance of adriamycin-treated MCR-5 lung fibroblasts by increased intracellular glutathione peroxidase and extracellular antioxidants

Sasaki, T.; Fukami, S.; Namioka, S., 1994:
Enhanced resistance of mice to Escherichia coli infection induced by administration of peptidoglycan derived from Bifidobacterium thermophilum

Strakhovskaya, M.G.; Lavrukhina, O.G.; Fraikin, G.Y., 1995:
Enhanced resistance of the Pamirs high-mountain strain of Cryptococcus albidus to UV radiation of an ecological range

Araki, S.; Suzuki, M.; Fujimoto, M., 1992:
Enhanced resistance to bacterial infections in mice by oral administration of an active egg white product

Chiou, H.C.; Tangco, M.V.; Levine, S.M.; Robertson, D.; Kormis, K.; Wu, C.H.; Wu, G.Y., 1994:
Enhanced resistance to nuclease degradation of nucleic acids complexed to asialoglycoprotein-polylysine carriers

Winklhofer-Roob, B.M.; Puhl, H.; Khoschsorur, G.; van't Hof, M.A.; Esterbauer, H.; Shmerling, D.H., 1995:
Enhanced resistance to oxidation of low density lipoproteins and decreased lipid peroxide formation during beta-carotene supplementation in cystic fibrosis

Breen, J.P., 1993:
Enhanced resistance to three species of aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae) in Acremonium endophyte-infected turfgrasses

Shapiro, M.J.; Chin, J.; Marti, R.E.; Jarosinski, M.A., 1997:
Enhanced resolution in MAS NMR for combinatorial chemistry

Cheng, L.L.; Lean, C.L.; Bogdanova, A.; WrightS.C.rter, J.; Ackerman, J.L.; Brady, T.J.; Garrido, L., 1996:
Enhanced resolution of proton NMR spectra of malignant lymph nodes using magic-angle spinning

Neri, L.M.; Cinti, C.; Santi, S.; Marchisio, M.; Capitani, S.; Maraldi, N.M., 1997:
Enhanced resolution of specific chromosome and nuclear regions by reflectance laser scanning confocal microscopy

Kyd, J.M.; Dunkley, M.L.; Cripps, A.W., 1995:
Enhanced respiratory clearance of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae following mucosal immunization with P6 in a rat model

Hamanaka, K.; Soya, H.; Yoshizato, H.; Nakase, S.; Ono, J.; Inui, K.; Zhang, K.; Okuyama, R.; Ishikawa, Y.; Kitayama, I.; Nomura, J., 1998:
Enhanced response of growth hormone to growth hormone-releasing hormone and a decreased content of hypothalamic somatostatin in a stress-induced rat model of depression

Moore, K.J.; Naito, T.; Martin, C.; Kelley, V.R., 1996:
Enhanced response of macrophages to CSF-1 in autoimmune mice: a gene transfer strategy

Zeine, R.; Heath, D.; Owens, T., 1993:
Enhanced response to antigen within lymph nodes of SJL/J mice that were protected against experimental allergic encephalomyelitis by T cell vaccination

Maugeri, N.; Kempfer, A.C.; Evangelista, V.; Cerletti, C.; de Gaetano, G.; Lazzari, M.A., 1997:
Enhanced response to chemotactic activation of polymorphonuclear leukocytes from patients with heart valve replacement

Andreoni, A.; Colasanti, A.; Kisslinger, A.; Mastrocinque, M.; Portella, G.; Riccio, P.; Roberti, G., 1993:
Enhanced response to daunomycin of normal, tumor and metastatic cell lines via drug photoactivation

Strakowski, S.M.; Sax, K.W.; Setters, M.J.; Keck, P.E., 1996:
Enhanced response to repeated d-amphetamine challenge: evidence for behavioral sensitization in humans

Chapman, V.; Dickenson, A.H., 1994:
Enhanced responses of rat dorsal horn neurones after UV irradiation of the hindpaw; roles of the NMDA receptor

Kitazono, T.; Heistad, D.D.; Faraci, F.M., 1995:
Enhanced responses of the basilar artery to activation of endothelin-B receptors in stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rats

Pucci, M.L.; Dick, L.B.; Miller, K.B.; Smith, C.J.; Nasjletti, A., 1995:
Enhanced responses to L-arginine in aortic rings from rats with angiotensin-dependent hypertension

Trevisan, R.; Bruttomesso, D.; Vedovato, M.; Brocco, S.; Pianta, A.; Mazzon, C.; Girardi, C.; Jori, E.; Semplicini, A.; Tiengo, A.; Del Prato, S., 1998:
Enhanced responsiveness of blood pressure to sodium intake and to angiotensin II is associated with insulin resistance in IDDM patients with microalbuminuria

Schultz, H.D.; Wang, W.; Ustinova, E.E.; Zucker, I.H., 1997:
Enhanced responsiveness of cardiac vagal chemosensitive endings to bradykinin in heart failure

Brunelleschi, S.; Parenti, A.; Ceni, E.; Giotti, A.; Fantozzi, R., 1992:
Enhanced responsiveness of ovalbumin-sensitized guinea-pig alveolar macrophages to tachykinins

Tantengco, M.V.ctoria T.; Ross, R.D.; Humes, R.A.; Sullivan, N.M.; Joshi, V.M.; Clapp, S.K.; Epstein, M.L., 1997:
Enhanced resting left ventricular filling in patients with successful coarctation repair and exercise-induced hypertension

Schneider, J.S.; Distefano, L., 1995:
Enhanced restoration of striatal dopamine concentrations by combined GM1 ganglioside and neurotrophic factor treatments

Jenkins, G.J.; de G Mitchell, I.; Parry, J.M., 1997:
Enhanced restriction site mutation (RSM) analysis of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine induced mutations, using endogenous p53 intron sequences

Quinn, Patrick, 1995:
Enhanced results in mouse and human embryo culture using a modified human tubal fluid medium lacking glucose and phosphate

Churg, A.; Stevens, B., 1995:
Enhanced retention of asbestos fibers in the airways of human smokers

Paré, W.P., 1996:
Enhanced retrieval of unpleasant memories influenced by shock controllability, shock sequence, and rat strain

Arriaga, M.; Gorum, M., 1996:
Enhanced retrosigmoid exposure with posterior semicircular canal resection

Pu, L.Q.; Sniderman, A.D.; Brassard, R.; Lachapelle, K.J.; Graham, A.M.; Lisbona, R.; Symes, J.F., 1993:
Enhanced revascularization of the ischemic limb by angiogenic therapy

Katz, A.E.; D.V.ies, G.M.; Begg, M.D.; Raffo, A.J.; Cama, C.; O'toole, K.; Buttyan, R.; Benson, M.C.; Olsson, C.A., 1995:
Enhanced reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction for prostate specific antigen as an indicator of true pathologic stage in patients with prostate cancer

Kelley, A.E.; Holahan, M.R., 1997:
Enhanced reward-related responding following cholera toxin infusion into the nucleus accumbens

Millard, S.S.; Yan, J.S.; Nguyen, H.; Pagano, M.; Kiyokawa, H.; Koff, A., 1997:
Enhanced ribosomal association of p27(Kip1) mRNA is a mechanism contributing to accumulation during growth arrest

Barak, Z.; Gallant, J.; Lindsley, D.; Kwieciszewki, B.; Heidel, D., 1996:
Enhanced ribosome frameshifting in stationary phase cells

Kluger, Y.; Paul, D.B.; Townsend, R.N.; Diamond, D.L., 1994:
Enhanced rim around infarcted, traumatized spleen on computed tomographic scans: case report

Conti, F.; Dousset, B.; Archambeau, D.; Louvel, A.; Houssin, D.; Calmus, Y., 1995:
Enhanced risk of steroid-resistant acute rejection following pretransplant steroid therapy in liver graft recipients

Aloba, O.T.; Bergman, D.E.; Miller, R.T.; Daly, R.E., 1993:
Enhanced robotic dissolution system with concurrent off-line analysis

Najibi, S.; Cohen, R.A., 1995:
Enhanced role of K+ channels in relaxations of hypercholesterolemic rabbit carotid artery to NO

Morgan, J.A.; Knight, W.G.; Dudley, L.M.; Hunt, H.W., 1994:
Enhanced root system C-sink activity, water relations and aspects of nutrient acquisition in mycotrophic Bouteloua gracilis subjected to CO-2 enrichment

Itoh, F.; Yamamoto, H.; Hinoda, Y.; Imai, K., 1996:
Enhanced secretion and activation of matrilysin during malignant conversion of human colorectal epithelium and its relationship with invasive potential of colon cancer cells

Chanson, M.; Fanjul, M.; Bosco, D.; Nelles, E.; Suter, S.; Willecke, K.; Meda, P., 1998:
Enhanced secretion of amylase from exocrine pancreas of connexin32-deficient mice

Fuwa, I.; Mayberg, M.; Gadjusek, C.; Harada, T.; Luo, Z., 1993:
Enhanced secretion of endothelin by endothelial cells in response to hemoglobin

Brown, R.S.; Lomri, N.; De Voss, J.; Rahmaoui, C.M.; Xie, M.H.; Hua, T.; Lidofsky, S.D.; Scharschmidt, B.F., 1995:
Enhanced secretion of glycocholic acid in a specially adapted cell line is associated with overexpression of apparently novel ATP-binding cassette proteins

Bae, C.S.on; Yang, D.S.k; Chang, K.R.ong; Seong, B.L.n; Lee, J., 1998:
Enhanced secretion of human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor directed by a novel hybrid fusion peptide from recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae at high cell concentration

Kim, Y.H.an; Kim, J.H.eon; Yoo, Y.J., 1997:
Enhanced secretion of peroxidase from carrot hairy roots using polyethylene glycol

Cioni, C.; Renzi, D.; Calabro, A.; Annunziata, P., 1998:
Enhanced secretion of substance P by cytokine-stimulated rat brain endothelium cultures

Parsot, C.; Menard, R.; Gounon, P.; Sansonetti, P.J., 1995:
Enhanced secretion through the Shigella flexneri Mxi-Spa translocon leads to assembly of extracellular proteins into macromolecular structures

Wu, S.C.; Ye, R.; Wu, X.C.; Ng, S.C.; Wong, S.L., 1998:
Enhanced secretory production of a single-chain antibody fragment from Bacillus subtilis by coproduction of molecular chaperones

Smolnik, R.; Pietrowsky, R.; Fehm, H.L.; Born, J., 1998:
Enhanced selective attention after low-dose administration of the benzodiazepine antagonist flumazenil

Wang, J.; Chen, L.; Liu, J.; Lu, F., 1996:
Enhanced selectivity and sensitivity of first-generation enzyme electrodes based on the coupling of rhodinized carbon paste transducers and permselective poly(o-phenylenediamine) coatings

Shelton, C.M.; Koch, J.T.; Desai, N.; Wheeler, J.F., 1997:
Enhanced selectivity for capillary zone electrophoresis using ion-pair agents

Pavo, I.; Slaninova, J.; Klein, U.; Fahrenholz, F., 1994:
Enhanced selectivity of oxytocin antagonists containing sarcosine in position 7

Rocheleau, G.A.; Woodson, S.A., 1995:
Enhanced self-splicing of Physarum polycephalum intron 3 by a second group I intron

Bayon, M.M.ntes; Garcia Alonso, J.I.nacio; Sanz Medel, A., 1998:
Enhanced semiquantitative multi-analysis of trace elements in environmental samples using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Picano, E.; Pingitore, A.; Conti, U.; Kozàkovà, M.; Boem, A.; Cabani, E.; Ciuti, M.; Distante, A.; L'Abbate, A., 1993:
Enhanced sensitivity for detection of coronary artery disease by addition of atropine to dipyridamole echocardiography

Naylor, S.; Ji, Q.; Johnson, K.L.; Tomlinson, A.J.; Kieper, W.C.; Jameson, S.C., 1998:
Enhanced sensitivity for sequence determination of major histocompatibility complex class I peptides by membrane preconcentration-capillary electrophoresis-microspray-tandem mass spectrometry

Granchelli, J.A.; Hudecki, M.S.; Pollina, C.M., 1994:
Enhanced sensitivity of mdx mice to intramuscular injection of compound 48/80

Bomstein, Y.; Fishelson, Z., 1997:
Enhanced sensitivity of P-glycoprotein-positive multidrug resistant tumor cells to complement-mediated lysis

Elskens, M.T.; Penninckx, M.J., 1995 :
Enhanced sensitivity of a glutathione-deficient yeast strain to thiram and dimethyldithiocarbamic acid

Leidy, John, W.Jr, 1996:
Enhanced sensitivity of a two-site acridinium ester based immunochemiluminometric assay for rat growth hormone-releasing hormone using simple modifications in assay procedure

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Enhanced sensitivity of rapidly exchanging amide protons by improved phase cycling and the constructive use of radiation damping

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Enhanced specific antibody productivity of hybridomas resulting from hyperosmotic stress is cell line-specific

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Enhanced stress-induced dopamine release in the prefrontal cortex of amphetamine-sensitized rats

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Enhanced surface plasmon resonance inhibition test (ESPRIT) using latex particles

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Enhanced sympathetic neurotransmission in the tail artery of 1,3-dipropyl-8-sulphophenylxanthine (DPSPX)-treated rats

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Enhanced sympathetic reactivity to glutamate stimulation in medulla oblongata of spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Enhanced synovial production of hyaluronic acid may explain rapid clinical response to high-dose glucosamine in osteoarthritis

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Enhanced taurine release in cell-damaging conditions in the developing and ageing mouse hippocampus

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Enhanced teratogenic activity of di-n-butyltin diacetate by carbon tetrachloride pretreatment in rats

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Enhanced therapeutic effect of cytidine-5'-diphosphate choline when associated with GM1 containing small liposomes as demonstrated in a rat ischemia model

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Enhanced thermotolerance by hydrostatic pressure in the deep-sea hyperthermophile Pyrococcus strain ES4

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Enhanced thrombin sensitivity of a factor VIII-heparin cofactor II hybrid

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Davi, G.; Basili, S.; Vieri, M.; Cipollone, F.; Santarone, S.; Alessandri, C.; Gazzaniga, P.; Cordova, C.; Violi, F.; Group, C.O.structive Bronchitis And Haemostasis Study, 1997:
Enhanced thromboxane biosynthesis in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Enhanced tissue factor activity and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 antigen in human umbilical vein endothelial cells incubated with lipoproteins

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Enhanced tissue polyamine content in the spontaneously hypertensive rat

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Enhanced tolerance of neuroblastoma cells towards the neurotoxin 6-hydroxydopamine following specific cell-cell interaction with primary astrocytes

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Enhanced topoisomerase II-induced DNA breaks and free radical production by a new anthracycline with potent antileukemic activity

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Enhanced transcription factor access to arrays of histone H3/H4 tetramercntdotDNA complexes in vitro: Implications for replication and transcription

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Enhanced transduction efficiency of retroviral vectors coprecipitated with calcium phosphate

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Enhanced tropoelastin-degrading activity during cell passages in cultured smooth muscle cells

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Enhanced tumor outgrowth after peptide vaccination. Functional deletion of tumor-specific CTL induced by peptide vaccination can lead to the inability to reject tumors

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Enhanced tumorigenicity and invasion-metastasis by hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor-met signalling in human cells concomitant with induction of the urokinase proteolysis network

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Enhanced type 2 and diminished type 1 cytokines in neonatal tolerance

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Enhanced tyrosine phosphorylation of the 2B subunit of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor in long-term potentiation

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Enhanced vascular neuropeptide Y-immunoreactive innervation in two hypertensive rat strains

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Enhanced vascular permeability in solid tumor is mediated by nitric oxide and inhibited by both new nitric oxide scavenger and nitric oxide synthase inhibitor

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Enhanced vascular reactivity during inhibition of nitric oxide synthesis in pregnant rats

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Enhanced vascularization in a microporous polyurethane graft impregnated with basic fibroblast growth factor and heparin

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Enhanced vasocontraction of rat tail arteries by toxoflavin

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Enhanced vigilance in monogamous pairs of the lizard, Tilique rugosa

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Enhanced visual responses in cat dLGN--potentiation by priming with excitatory amino acids

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Enhanced visual search for a conjunctive target in autism: A research note

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Enhanced volume-sensitive K flux in patients on chronic hemodialysis

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Enhanced yield and a high production of medium-chain-length poly(3-hydroxyalkanoates) in a two-step fed-batch cultivation of Pseudomonas putida by combined use of glucose and octanoate

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Enhanced yields of gamma interferon in prolactin treated human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

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Enhanced yields of iron-oxidizing bacteria by in situ electrochemical reduction of soluble iron in the growth medium

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Enhanced, simplified glucose sensors: Long-term clinical application of wearable artificial endocrine pancreas

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Enhancement and inhibition by linear alcohol of the formation of inclusion complexes between delta-limonene and cyclodextrins at low water content

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Enhancement and inhibition of cellular responsiveness mediated by the anti-leucocyte monoclonal antibody NDS 71

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Enhancement and inhibition of luminol chemiluminescence by phenolic acids

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Enhancement and inhibition of mitogenic action of insulin-like growth factor I by high glucose in cultured bovine retinal pericytes

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Enhancement and inhibition of snake venom phosphodiesterase activity by lysophospholipids

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Enhancement and inhibition of soil petroleum biodegradation through the use of fertilizer nitrogen: An approach to determining optimum levels

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Enhancement and phenotypic modulation of N-nitrosomorpholine-induced hepatocarcinogenesis by dehydroepiandrosterone

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Enhancement and reduction by methylated oxypurines of the frequencies of chromatid aberrations induced by camptothecin in root-tip cells of Vicia faba

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Enhancement and repression of cyanide-insensitive respiration in Aspergillus niger

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Enhancement by 5-hydroxytryptamine and analogues of desensitization of neuronal and muscle nicotinic receptors expressed in Xenopus oocytes

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Enhancement by caffeine of mammary gland lobulo-alveolar development in mice: a function of increased corticosterone

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Enhancement by KW-5092, a novel gastroprokinetic agent, of the gastrointestinal motor activity in dogs

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Enhancement by KW-5092, a novel gastroprokinetic agent, of the release of acetylcholine from enteric neurons in the guinea pig ileum

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Enhancement by L-histidine of nickel(II)-induced DNA-protein cross-linking and oxidative DNA base damage in the rat kidney

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Enhancement by TNF-alpha of reactivation and replication of latent herpes simplex virus from trigeminal ganglia of mice

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Enhancement by aminoguanidine of gastric carcinogenesis induced by N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine in Wistar rats

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Enhancement by ascorbic acid 2-glucoside or repeated additions of ascorbate of mitogen-induced IgM and IgG productions by human peripheral blood lymphocytes

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Enhancement by bacterial hemoglobin of amylase production in recombinant E. coli occurs under conditions of low O-2

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Enhancement by benzodiazepines of the inhibitory effect of adenosine on skeletal neuromuscular transmission

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Enhancement by bufalin of retinoic acid-induced differentiation of acute promyelocytic leukemia cells in primary culture

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Enhancement by calcitonin gene-related peptide of non-contractile Ca-2+-induced nicotinic receptor desensitization at the mouse neuromuscular junction

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Enhancement by captopril of bradykinin-induced calcium transients in cultured endothelial cells of the bovine aorta

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Enhancement by carboxymethylglucan of early cellular damage in 1 Gy-irradiated mice

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Enhancement by chronic ethanol intake of N-methyl-N-nitrosourea-induced rat mammary tumorigenesis

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Enhancement by cimetidine of neuromuscular paralysis induced with atracurium in rats

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Enhancement by conditioned medium of stretched calvarial bone cells of the osteoclast-like cell formation induced by parathyroid hormone in mouse bone marrow cultures

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Enhancement by copper, zinc superoxide dismutase of DNA damage and mutagenicity with hydrogen peroxide

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Enhancement by cyclo-oxygenase inhibitors of platelet-activating factor production in thapsigargin-stimulated macrophages

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Enhancement by dibutyryl cyclic AMP of voltage-dependent Ca2+ and K+ currents in the guinea-pig vas deferens

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Enhancement by endothelin-1 of microvascular permeability via the activation of ET-A receptors

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Enhancement by ethyl alcohol of experimental hepatocarcinogenesis induced by N-nitrosomorpholine

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Enhancement by factor V Leiden mutation of risk of deep-vein thrombosis associated with oral contraceptives containing a third-generation progestagen

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Enhancement by flumazenil of dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens of rats repeatedly exposed to diazepam or imidazenil

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Enhancement by ganglioside GT1b of annexin I phosphorylation in bovine mammary gland in the presence of phosphatidylserine and Ca2+

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Enhancement by histamine of NMDA-mediated synaptic transmission in the hippocampus

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Enhancement by hydroxyurea of the anti-human immunodeficiency virus type 1 potency of 2'-beta-fluoro-2',3'-dideoxyadenosine in peripheral blood mononuclear cells

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Enhancement by hyperthermia of the in vivo antitumour effect of doxorubicin hydrochloride (DOX) and buthionine sulfoximine (BSO)-hydroxyapatite (HAP) complex

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Enhancement by indole-3-carbinol of liver and thyroid gland neoplastic development in a rat medium-term multiorgan carcinogenesis model

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Enhancement by ipsapirone of dopamine release in the rat striatum

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Enhancement by iron of hepatic neoplasia in rats caused by hexachlorobenzene

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Enhancement by ischemia of the risk of cardiac disorders, especially fibrillation, in regional anesthesia with bupivacaine

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Enhancement by isoproterenol of hepatocarcinogenesis induced by N-nitrosomorpholine in Sprague-Dawley rats

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Enhancement by lipoprotein-free plasma of the inhibitory effect of endotoxin on endocytotic catabolism of low density lipoproteins in Hep G2 cells

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Enhancement by melatonin of GTP exchange and ADP ribosylation reactions

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Enhancement by monochloramine of the development of gastric cancers in rats: a possible mechanism of Helicobacter pylori-associated gastric carcinogenesis

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Enhancement by morphine of radiographic contrast media-induced histamine release in rat peritoneal mast cells

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Enhancement by muramyl peptides of the protective response of interferon-alpha/beta against encephalomyocarditis virus infection

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Enhancement by muscarinic agonists of a high voltage-activated Ca2+ current via phosphorylation in a snail neuron

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Enhancement by neuropeptide gamma of DNA synthesis stimulated with EGF or TGF-alpha in primary cultures of adult rat hepatocytes

Nakaizumi, A.; Uehara, H.; Baba, M.; IIshi, H.; Tatsuta, M., 1996:
Enhancement by neurotensin of hepatocarcinogenesis by N-nitrosomorpholine in Sprague-Dawley rats

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Enhancement by non-mutagenic pesticides of GST-P positive hepatic foci development initiated with diethylnitrosamine in the rat

IIshi, H.; Tatsuta, M.; Baba, M.; Iseki, K.; Uehara, H.; Nakaizumi, A., 1995:
Enhancement by peptide histidine isoleucine of experimental carcinogenesis in the colon of rats induced by azoxymethane

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Enhancement by peroxisome proliferators of the susceptibility to DNA damage in the liver of male F344 rats

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Enhancement by phosphodiesterase subunits of the rate of GTP hydrolysis by transducin in bovine retinal rods. Essential role of the phosphodiesterase catalytic core

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Enhancement by prolactin of the GnRH-induced release of LH from dispersed anterior pituitary cells of the bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)

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Enhancement by propofol of the gamma-aminobutyric acidA response in dissociated hippocampal pyramidal neurons of the rat

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Enhancement by prostaglandin E2 of bradykinin activation of embryonic rat sensory neurones

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Enhancement by retinoid of hemin-induced differentiation of human leukemia K562 cell line

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Enhancement by streptozotocin-induced diabetes of pancreatic prolyl endopeptidase activity in neonatal rats

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Enhancement by tocoretinate of epidermal growth factor-induced DNA synthesis in human intestinal epithelial cells

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Enhancement by zinc of ATP-evoked dopamine release from rat pheochromocytoma PC12 cells

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Enhancement effect of water activity on enzymatic synthesis of cephalexin

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Enhancement in growth and primary photochemistry of thylakoids of Anabaena doliolum treated with papermill waste water

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Enhancement in the protective qualities of gastric mucus with combination therapy of ebrotidine and amoxicillin for H. pylori eradication

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Enhancement in the safety of immune globulins prepared from high-risk plasma

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Enhancement of Ca current in the accessory radula closer muscle of Aplysia californica by neuromodulators that potentiate its contractions

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Enhancement of D-2 receptor agonist-induced inhibition by D-1 receptor agonist in the ventral tegmental area

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Enhancement of DNA-transfection frequency by X-rays

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Enhancement of Lipase Production during Fed-Batch Cultivation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa MB 5001

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Enhancement of Mdr2-mediated phosphatidylcholine translocation by the bile salt taurocholate. Implications for hepatic bile formation

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Enhancement of MuIFN-gamma antitumor effects by hyperthermia: sequence dependence and time dependence of hyperthermia

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Enhancement of NGF Gene Expression in Rat Brain by the Memory-Enhancing Peptide AVP(4-8)

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Enhancement of NK cell-mediated antibody-dependent lysis of recombinant gp120-coated CD4 cells by complement

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Enhancement of NMDA receptor maturation by BDNF in cultured mouse cerebellar granule cells

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Enhancement of NMDA receptor mediated synaptic potentials of rat hippocampal neurones in vitro by thyrotropin releasing hormone

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Enhancement of NMDA receptor-mediated synaptic potential by isoproterenol is blocked by Rp-adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphothioate

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Enhancement of NMDA-Mediated Responses by Cyanide

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Enhancement of X-ray induced cytotoxicity by neocarzinostatin in asynchronous and synchronous rat 3Y1 fibroblasts

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Enhancement of adhesive property of epithelial cell line Mm2T by culture in the presence of methylated vitamin B12

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Enhancement of animal reproductive capacity through the method of inhibition of lipids' peroxide oxidation

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Enhancement of antimicrobial activity of chitosan by irradiation

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Enhancement of apparent resistance to ethanol in Lactobacillus hilgardii

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Enhancement of aquareovirus infectivity by treatment with proteases: mechanism of action

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Enhancement of aromatic quality of Muscat wine by the use of immobilized beta-glucosidase

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Enhancement of arterial relaxation by long-term atenolol treatment in spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Enhancement of aspirin-induced gastric damage by cholestasis in rats

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Enhancement of autoimmune disease using recombinant vaccinia virus encoding myelin proteolipid protein

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Enhancement of avian mandibular chondrogenesis in vitro in the absence of epithelium

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Enhancement of axon growth by detergent-extracted nerve grafts

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Enhancement of bFGF export associated with malignant progression of human salivary gland cell clones

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Enhancement of bacterial porphyrin biosynthesis by exogenous aminolevulinic acid and isomer specificity of the products

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Enhancement of bacterial transcription initiation in vitro by the 74 kDa subunit of human general transcription factor IIF (RAP74)

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Enhancement of bacteriocin production by Carnobacterium divergens AS7 in the presence of a bacteriocin-sensitive strain Carnobacterium piscicola

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Enhancement of barrier function of human aortic endothelial cells by activators of protein kinase C

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Enhancement of basophil histamine release by interleukin-3: reduced effect in atopic subjects

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Enhancement of behavioral and electroencephalographic indices of waking following stimulation of noradrenergic beta-receptors within the medial septal region of the basal forebrain

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Enhancement of beta-adrenergic receptor activation of maxi-K+ channels by GM1 ganglioside

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Enhancement of beta-adrenergic-induced cAMP accumulation in activated T-cells

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Enhancement of beta-amyloid precursor protein transcription and expression by the soluble interleukin-6 receptor/interleukin-6 complex

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Enhancement of beta-carotene on cytostatic activity and production of TNF, IL-1 of macrophage

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Enhancement of beta-galactosidase gene expression in rat pheochromocytoma cells by exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields

Fiedurek, J., 1998:
Enhancement of beta-galactosidase production and secretion by high osmotic stress in Penicillium notatum

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Enhancement of beta-galactosidase productivity of Aspergillus niger NCIM-616

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Enhancement of bioavailability of dopamine via nasal route in beagle dogs

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Enhancement of Biocontrol of Blue Mold with the Nutrient Analog 2-Deoxy-d-Glucose on Apples and Pears

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Enhancement of biomass production and soluble methane monooxygenase activity in continuous cultures of Methylosinus trichosporium OB3b

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Enhancement of bismuth antibacterial activity with lipophilic thiol chelators

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Enhancement of bismuth toxicity by l-cysteine

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Enhancement of blood stasis and vascular permeability in Meth-A tumors by administration of hyperthermia in combination with tumor necrosis factor

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Enhancement of bone formation by drawn poly(L-lactide)

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Enhancement of bone formation in rabbits by recombinant human growth hormone

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Enhancement of bone growth into metal screws implanted in the medullary canal of the femur in rats

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Enhancement of bone ingrowth by transforming growth factor-beta

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