Estimate of mineralized organic nitrogen in soil using nitrogen balances and determining available nitrogen by the electro-ultrafiltration technique. Application to Mediterranean climate soils

Sanchez, L.; Diez, J.A.; Vallejo, A.; Cartagena, M.C.; Polo, A.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 46(5): 2036-2043


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8561
DOI: 10.1021/jf970836u
Accession: 008624162

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To be able to optimize the nitrogenous fertilizer rate applied to agricultural crops, the soil's available N must be known, particularly that provided by the organic matter's N mineralization. The methodology proposed to achieve this aim is based on determining the soil's mineral N balance. Many parameters were controlled in this endeavor: mineral N content at three depths (0-30, 30-70, and 70-140 cm), crop absorbed N, leached N and the soil's moisture content. A mineral N balance was established for two types of crop with different cycles: winter cereal (wheat) and spring-summer cereal (maize). Two irrigation systems were also compared. This method enabled the mineralized N to be accurately estimated. It likewise enabled a formula for estimating available N based on the EUF technique.