Ethanol fermentation of Nafion-catalyzed hydrolysates of rice straw by Pichia stipitis CBS 5776

Chung, I.S.; Chun, J.K.

Agricultural Chemistry and Biotechnology 37(5): 315-319


Accession: 008628013

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Use of a solid superacid (Nafion) in hydrolysis of rice straw was investigated focusing on the fermentability of the hydrolyzates by Pichia stipitis CBS 5776. Comparisons were made with the hydrolyzates produced by a conventional method of sulfuric acid treatment. The Nafion-catalyzed hydrolyzates of rice straw exhibited low level of inhibition for both cell growth and fermentation in comparison to the hydrolyzates produced by sulfuric acid. Pichia stipitis cells were able to produce ethanol by fermentation of Nafion-catalyzed hydrolyzates when the inoculum level exceeded 3.2 g dry cells/l.