Ethyl methanesulphonate-induced male recombination and chromosomal aberrations in Drosophila melanogaster

Miglani, G.S.; Singh, M.

Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding 55(2): 182-190


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5200
Accession: 008628974

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Ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS)-induced stable chromosomal aberrations did not show a direct association with male recombination in Drosophila although one out of four chromosomal aberrations observed in the TC-1 larvae overlapped the dp-b region. Highest frequency of male recombination was observed in the dp-b region,. No aberrations was observed in TC-1 larvae decendents and F-1 larvae of the cross involving female from a homozygous male recombinant line and a male from the complementary stock, or its reciprocal. Thus, involvement of chromosomal aberrations in male recombination in D. melanogaster still remains an open question and warrants further investigation.