Exotic peridotite blocks collected at the Nobi beach, eastern part of the Miura Peninsula, south-central Japan

Asami, S.; Kanie, Y.; Arima, M.

Science Report of the Yokosuka City Museum 1992(40): 21-23


Accession: 008650740

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Exotic blocks of partly serpentinized peridotites were discovered, together with gabbros, basalts, andesite, amphibolites and calcareous chert at the Nobi beach area adjacent to the Kitatake Fault zone. These rocks are petrographically similar to those reported from the Mineoka Belt of the Boso Peninsula. The source of the rocks might be the Kitatake Fault zone which is located adjacent to the Nobi beach area. The ultramafic rocks are interpreted to have been uplifted or added by the fault movement from a deeper part of crust.