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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 8701

Chapter 8701 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Simmonds, J.R.binson, G., 1998:
Formation of benzaldehyde by Pseudomonas putida ATCC 12633

Rastogi, S.C., 1994:
Formation of benzene by hardeners containing benzoyl peroxide and phthalates

Suzuki, Y.; Uchida, K., 1994:
Formation of beta-galactosyl compounds of arabinosylcytosine in growing culture of Sporobolomyces singularis

Genchi, G.; Wang, W.; Barua, A.; Bidlack, W.R.; Olson, J.A., 1996:
Formation of beta-glucuronides and of beta-galacturonides of various retinoids catalyzed by induced and noninduced microsomal UDP-glucuronosyltransferases of rat liver

Zegrocka, O.; Abramski, W.; Urbanczyk Lipkowska, Z.; Chmielewski, M., 1998:
Formation of beta-lactams fused to the pyranoid ring via the Mitsunobu reaction

Li, F.; Wang, X.; Bunger, P.C.; Gerdes, A.M., 1997:
Formation of binucleated cardiac myocytes in rat heart: I. Role of actin-myosin contractile ring

Li, F.; Wang, X.; Gerdes, A.M., 1997:
Formation of binucleated cardiac myocytes in rat heart: II. Cytoskeletal organisation

Riboni, L.; Prinetti, A.; Bassi, R.; Tettamanti, G., 1994:
Formation of bioactive sphingoid molecules from exogenous sphingomyelin in primary cultures of neurons and astrocytes

Maijala, R.; Eerola, S.; Lievonen, S.; Hill, P.; Hirvi, T., 1995:
Formation of biogenic amines during ripening of dry sausages as affected by starter culture and thawing time of raw materials

Kruse, H.J.; Grünberg, B.; Siess, W.; Weber, P.C., 1994:
Formation of biologically active autacoids is regulated by calcium influx in endothelial cells

Bobryshev, Yuri, V.; Ikezawa, Tsuyoshi; Watanabe, Teruo, 1997:
Formation of birbeck granule-like structures in vascular dendritic cells in human atherosclerotic aorta. Lag-antibody to epidermal Langerhans cells recognizes cells in the aortic wall

Tomek, Teresa, 1992:
Formation of bird communities in the forest sample plots under-going the action of industrial pollution in the Ojcow National Park

Sakata, R.; Ueno, T.; Sata, M.; Sujaku, K.; Tamaki, S.; Torimura, T.; Tanikawa, K., 1997:
Formation of black pigment gallstone in a hamster model of experimental cirrhosis

Abu Khurmah, M.; Oelschlaeger, H.; Volke, J., 1998:
Formation of brenzcatechine derivatives by reduction of 6-oxo-morphin derivatives at mercury electrodes

Borys, M., C.; Papoutsakis, E., T., 1992:
Formation of bridges and large cellular clumps in CHO-cell microcarrier cultures: Effects of agitation, dimethyl sulfoxide and calf serum

Petri, M.; Wilker, M.; Stabel, H.H.; Gilbert, E., 1997:
Formation of brominated disinfection by-products after chlorination of water from Lake Constance depending on treatment steps and bromide concentration

Grigorenko, A.A., 1994:
Formation of bronchospasm in experimental animals

Hartley, D.; Corvera, S., 1996:
Formation of c-Cbl.phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase complexes on lymphocyte membranes by a p56lck-independent mechanism

Walters, D.R.; Cowley, T., 1996:
Formation of cadaverine derivatives in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ryskov, Y.G.; Demkin, B.A.; Mergel', S.V.; Oleinik, S.A., 1996:
Formation of calcareous profile in dark-chestnut soils according to data of carbon and oxygen isotopic composition

Nakayasu, K.; Hayashi, N.; Okisaka, S.; Sato, N., 1992:
Formation of capillary-like tubes by vascular endothelial cells cocultivated with keratocytes

Zuo, Y.; Jones, R.D., 1995:
Formation of carbon monoxide by photolysis of dissolved marine organic material and its significance in the carbon cycling of the oceans

Usami, N.; Tateoka, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Yamamoto, I.; Yoshimura, H., 1995:
Formation of carbon monoxide during mouse hepatic microsomal oxidative metabolism of cannabidiol; identification and determination

Handelman, G.J.; Nightingale, Z.D.; Dolnikowski, G.G.; Blumberg, J.B., 1998:
Formation of carbonyls during attack on insulin by submolar amounts of hypochlorite

Butterworth, M.; Lau, S.S.; Monks, T.J., 1997:
Formation of catechol estrogen glutathione conjugates and gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase-dependent nephrotoxicity of 17beta-estradiol in the golden Syrian hamster

Tanaka, Masayuki, 1997:
Formation of categories based on functions in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)

Strizhakov, A.N.; Musaev, Z.M., 1996:
Formation of central and regional hemodynamics during physiological pregnancy and systemic circulatory disorders in gestosis

Beveridge, T.; Veto, L.; Harrison, J.E., 1998:
Formation of chain-like structures in apple juice haze

Patel, R.; Lin, C.; Laney, M.; Kurn, N.; Rose, S.; Ullman, E.F., 1996:
Formation of chimeric DNA primer extension products by template switching onto an annealed downstream oligonucleotide

Hashimoto, H.; Nelson, M.G.; Switzer, C., 1993:
Formation of chimeric duplexes between zwitterionic and natural DNA

Hirvonen, A.; Tuhkanen, T.; Kalliokoski, P., 1996:
Formation of chlorinated acetic acids during UV H-2O-2-oxidation of ground water contaminated with chlorinated ethylenes

Hunsinger, H.; Kreisz, S.; Vogg, H., 1997:
Formation of chlorinated aromatic compounds in the raw gas of waste incineration plants

Lahaniatis, E.S.; Bergheim, W.; Kotzias, D.; Pilidis, G., 1994:
Formation of chlorinated hydrocarbons by water chlorination

Pont, F.; Jacobs, N.J.; Montforts, F.P.ter, 1997:
Formation of chlorins by oxidation of deuteroporphyrin with horseradish peroxidase

Aittola, J.P.kka; Paasivirta, J.; Vattulainen, A.; Sinkkonen, S.; Koistinen, J.; Tarhanen, J., 1996:
Formation of chloroaromatics at a metal reclamation plant and efficiency of stack filter in their removal from emission

Arensdorf, J.J.; Focht, D.D., 1994 :
Formation of chlorocatechol meta cleavage products by a pseudomonad during metabolism of monochlorobiphenyls

Wang, Yongyi, 1995:
Formation of chloroform during water disinfection with chlorine dioxide

Hidaka, T.; Kirigaya, T.; Kikawa, H.; Kawamura, T.; Kawauchi, S., 1994:
Formation of chloroform in gel filtration fractions of vegetable extracts on treatment with sodium hypochlorite

Heintze, A.; Riedel, A.; Aydogdu, S.; Schultz, G., 1994:
Formation of chloroplast isoprenoids from pyruvate and acetate by chloroplasts from young spinach plants. Evidence for a mevalonate pathway in immature chloroplasts

Tangirala, R.K.; Jerome, W.G.; Jones, N.L.; Small, D.M.; Johnson, W.J.; Glick, J.M.; Mahlberg, F.H.; Rothblat, G.H., 1994:
Formation of cholesterol monohydrate crystals in macrophage-derived foam cells

Shozen, K.I.hi; Ohshima, T.; Ushio, H.; Koizumi, C., 1995:
Formation of cholesterol oxides in marine fish products induced by grilling

Azatyan, R.A., 1991:
Formation of chromosome aberrations at the end of G-1- and in the beginning of S-phase of cell cycle as affected by high doses of 5-fluoro-2-deoxyuridine

Bailey, D.N., 1995:
Formation of cocaisopropylene (isopropylcocaine) by human liver in vitro

Wehrmann, A.; Freiwald, A.; Zankl, H., 1995:
Formation of cold-temperture water multispecies rhodoliths in intertidal gravel pools from Northern Brittany, France

Danilova, T.A.; Gorskaya, Y.F.; Shuklina, E.Y.; Fridenshtein, A.Y.; Nesterenko, V.G., 1994:
Formation of colonies of clonogenic stromal precursors in bone marrow and spleen cell cultures in the presence of Streptococcus antigens in culture medium

Prusov, A.N.; Fais, D.; Polyakov, V.Y., 1993:
Formation of compact globular particles in interphase nuclei from rat liver under the effect of polyanions

Kruus, P.; Beutel, L.; Aranda, R.; Penchuk, J.; Otson, R., 1998:
Formation of complex organochlorine species in water due to cavitation

Salyanov, V.I.; Paumbo, M.P.; Evdokimov, Y.M., 1993:
Formation of complexes of different types after anthraquinone-DNA interaction

Minero, C.; Pelizzetti, E.; Pichat, P.; Sega, M.; Vincenti, M., 1995:
Formation of Condensation Products in Advanced Oxidation Technologies: The Photocatalytic Degradation of Dichlorophenols on TiO2

Panchin, Yuri, V.; Popova, Lioudmila, B.; Pavlova, Galina, A.; Zelenin, Pavel, V.; Arshavsky, Yuri, I., 1995:
Formation of connections between cultured identified neurones from the pleural ganglion of the pteropod mollusc Clione limacina

Suzuki, K.T.; Ogra, Y., 1995:
Formation of copper-metallothionein/tetrathiomolybdate complex is the first step in removal of Cu from LEC rats

Obayashi, H.; Nakano, K.; Shigeta, H.; Yamaguchi, M.; Yoshimori, K.; Fukui, M.; Fujii, M.; Kitagawa, Y.; Nakamura, N.; Nakamura, K.; Nakazawa, Y.; Ienaga, K.; Ohta, M.; Nishimura, M.; Fukui, I.; Kondo, M., 1996:
Formation of crossline as a fluorescent advanced glycation end product in vitro and in vivo

Yamamoto, A.; Masaki, R.; Tashiro, Y., 1996:
Formation of crystalloid endoplasmic reticulum in COS cells upon overexpression of microsomal aldehyde dehydrogenase by cDNA transfection

Komuves, L., G.; Nichols, B., L.; Hutchens, T.W.lliam; Heath, J., P., 1993:
Formation of crystalloid inclusions in the small intestine of neonatal pigs: An immunocytochemical study using colloidal gold

Itaya, T.; IIda, T.; Eguchi, H., 1993:
Formation of cyclic carbonates in the reactions of 1,2-glycols with oxalyl chloride

Kubota, Y.; Kodaka, M.; Tomohiro, T.; Okuno, H., 1993:
Formation of cyclic urethanes from amino alcohols and carbon dioxide using phosphorus(III) reagents and halogenoalkanes

Guillo, L.A.dreu; Beylot, B.; Vigny, P.; Spassky, A., 1996:
Formation of cyclobutane thymine dimers from UVA photosensitization of pyridopsoralen monoadducted DNA

Vianna, R., F.L.; Bentley, M.V.toria, L.B.; Ribeiro, G.; Carvalho, F., S.; Neto, A., F.; De-Oliveira, D., C.R.; Collett, J., H., 1998:
Formation of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes with corticosteroids: Their characterization and stability

Zhao, D.X.; Beran, M.; Kozová, J.; Rehácek, Z., 1991:
Formation of cyclosporins by Tolypocladium inflatum

Arnestad, J.P.; Bengtsson, A.; Bengtson, J.P.; Tylman, M.; Redl, H.; Schlag, G., 1994:
Formation of cytokines by retransfusion of shed whole blood

Penfold, M.E.; Mocarski, E.S., 1998:
Formation of cytomegalovirus DNA replication compartments defined by localization of viral proteins and DNA synthesis

Koehl, U.; Schwabe, D.; Montag, E.; Bauer, S.; Mieth, B.; Cinatl, J.; Cinatl, J.,. Jr.;; Rohrbach, E.; Mainke, M.; Weissflog, A.; Sommerschuh, C.; Kornhuber, B., 1995:
Formation of cytosine arabinoside-5'-triphosphate in different cultured lymphoblastic leukaemic cells with reference to their drug sensitivity

Ordzhinashvili, O.G.; Zhuravin, I.A., 1994:
Formation of defensively-locomotor conditioned reflexes to stimuli of various acoustic modalities in the hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus

Jordan, K.N.; O'donoghue, M.; Condon, S.; Cogan, T.M., 1996:
Formation of diacetyl by cell-free extracts of Leuconostoc lactis

Dieter, P.; Fitzke, E., 1993:
Formation of diacylglycerol, inositol phosphates, arachidonic acid and its metabolites in macrophages

Skurlatov, Y.I.; Ernestova, L.S.; Vichutinskaya, E.V.; Samsonov, D.P.; Pervunina, R.I.; Semenova, I.V.; Shvydky, V.O., 1998:
Formation of dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans in the photochemical transformation of polychlorinated phenols

Vig, B.K.; Schroeter, D., 1993:
Formation of dicentrics with variable lengths in transformed cells

Moghaddam, A.P.; Abbas, R.; Fisher, J.W.; Stavrou, S.; Lipscomb, J.C., 1996:
Formation of dichloroacetic acid by rat and mouse gut microflora, an in vitro study

Lang, H.; Schüler, N.; Arnhold, S.; Nolden, R.; Mertens, T., 1995:
Formation of differentiated tissues in vivo by periodontal cell populations cultured in vitro

Humphreys, D., P.; Chapman, A., P.; Reeks, D., G.; Lang, V.; Stephens, P., E., 1997:
Formation of dimeric Fabs in Escherichia coli: Effect of hinge size and isotype, presence of interchain disulphide bond, Fab' expression levels, tail piece sequences and growth conditions

Lin, K.W.; Behl, S.; Furst, A.; Chien, P.; Toia, R.F., 1998:
Formation of dimethylarsinic acid from methylation of sodium arsenite in Lumbricus terrestris

Buekens, A.; Stieglitz, L.; Huang, H.; Cornelis, E., 1998:
Formation of dioxin in industrial combustors and pyrometallurigical plants

Inoue, H.; Baba, Y.; Furukawa, T.; Maeda, Y.; Tsuhako, M., 1993:
Formation of dipeptide in the reaction of amino acids with cyclo-triphosphate

Arimoto Kobayashi, S.; Hayatsu, H., 1998:
Formation of direct-acting mutagens from mixtures of N-nitrosomorpholine and carboxylates by UVA irradiation

Rubhun, M.; Heller Grossman, L.; Manka, J., 1997:
Formation of disinfection byproducts during chlorination of secondary effluent and renovated water

Voloshina, E.P., 1992:
Formation of dispensary contingents of adults with cured pulmonary tuberculosis and their follow-up

Watanabe, A.; Ohsugi, K.; Ide, H., 1993:
Formation of distal structures from stumps of chick wing buds at stages 24-25 following the grafting of quail tissue from X-irradiated distal limb buds

Li, Heng, 1992:
Formation of distribution area of Remusatia (Araceae) and it's disjunction

Hedges, P.A.; Hardy, S.J.S., 1996:
Formation of disulfide bonded dimer of mutated heat-labile enterotoxin in vivo

Brzezinski, B.; Zundel, G., 1993:
Formation of disulphide bonds in the reaction of SH group-containing amino acids with trimethylamine N-oxide: A regulatory mechanism in proteins

Sagami, H.; Kurisaki, A.; Ogura, K., 1993:
Formation of dolichol from dehydrodolichol is catalyzed by NADPH-dependent reductase localized in microsomes of rat liver

Whyte, J., N.C.; Ginther, N., G.; Townsend, L., D., 1995:
Formation of domoic acid and fatty acids in Pseudonitzschia pungens f. multiseries with scale of culture

Suei, Y.; Tanimoto, K.; Ogawa, I.; Wada, T., 1994:
Formation of double contour in the human mandibular condyle: A case report

Ide, H.; Subbarao, V.; Reddy, J.K.; Rao, M.S., 1993:
Formation of ductular structures in vitro by rat pancreatic epithelial oval cells

Rudolph, P., H.; Spaziani, E.; Wang, W., L., 1992:
Formation of ecdysteroids by Y-organs of the crab, Menippe mercenaria: I. Biosynthesis of 7-dehydrocholesterol in vivo

Rudolph, P., H.; Spaziani, E., 1992:
Formation of ecdysteroids by Y-organs of the crab, Menippe mercenaria: II. Incorporation of cholesterol into 7-dehydrocholesterol and secretion products in vitro

Koya, Y.; Munehara, H.; Takano, K., 1995:
Formation of egg adhesive material in masked greenling, Hexagrammos octogrammus

Cuoc, C.; Brunet, M.; Arnaud, J.; Mazza, J., 1994:
Formation of egg envelopes in the freshwater calanoid copepod, Hemidiaptomus ingens

Manna, B.; Chattopadhyay, I., 1995:
Formation of egg shell and mechanism of its tanning in Isoparorchis hypselobagri (Trematoda: Digenea)

Oliveberg, M.; Fersht, A.R., 1996:
Formation of electrostatic interactions on the protein-folding pathway

Kulakovskii, E.A.; Flyachinskaya, L.P., 1993:
Formation of elements of the regulatory systems during larval development of Mytilus edulis

Wong, S.; Momoeda, M.; Field, A.; Kajigaya, S.; Young, N.S., 1994:
Formation of empty B19 parvovirus capsids by the truncated minor capsid protein

Nakajima, H.; Okamoto, T., 1998:
Formation of emulsions by using liquid crystal and their application to cosmetology

Lavie, Y.; Blusztajn, J.K.zysztof; Liscovitch, M., 1994:
Formation of endogenous free sphingoid bases in cells induced by changing medium conditions

Tsuruda, L.S.; Lame, M.W.; Jones, A.D.niel, 1995:
Formation of epoxide and quinone protein adducts in B6C3F-1 mice treated with naphthalene, sulfate conjugate of 1,4-dihydroxynaphthalene and 1,4-naphthoquinone

Song, W.C.; Baertschi, S.W.; Boeglin, W.E.; Harris, T.M.; Brash, A.R., 1993:
Formation of epoxyalcohols by a purified allene oxide synthase. Implications for the mechanism of allene oxide synthesis

Carlson, G.P., 1994:
Formation of esterified fatty acids in rats administered 1-butanol and 1-pentanol

Chen, H.J.un Candy; Chung, F.L.ng, 1994:
Formation of etheno adducts in reactions of enals via autoxidation

Sotomayor, R.E.; Washington, M.C., 1996:
Formation of etheno and oxoethyl adducts in liver DNA from rats exposed subchronically to urethane in drinking water and ethanol

Kronberg, L.; Karlsson, S.; Sjoholm, R., 1993 :
Formation of ethenocarbaldehyde derivatives of adenosine and cytidine in reactions with mucochloric acid

Herraiz, T.; Ough, C.S., 1993:
Formation of ethyl esters of amino acids by yeasts during the alcoholic fermentation of grape juice

Murase, M.; Mizutani, T.; Sugimoto, M., 1996:
Formation of expanded structure in Yakifu: Basic studies on the production of Yakifu: Part II

LeCluyse, E.L.; Audus, K.L.; Hochman, J.H., 1994:
Formation of extensive canalicular networks by rat hepatocytes cultured in collagen-sandwich configuration

van Loon, N.; Miller, D.; Murnane, J.P., 1994:
Formation of extrachromosomal circular DNA in HeLa cells by nonhomologous recombination

Mikryukov, K.A., 1995:
Formation of extrusive organelles-kinetocysts in the heliozoon Chlamydaster sterni

Inoue, H.; Korenaga, T.; Sagami, H.; Koyama, T.; Sugiyama, H.; Ogura, K., 1993:
Formation of farnesal and 3-hydroxy-2,3-dihydrofarnesal from farnesol by protoplasts of Botryococcus braunii

Carlson, G.P., 1993:
Formation of fatty acid propyl esters in liver, lung and pancreas of rats administered 1-propanol

Wu, W.; Jain, M.K.; Zeikus, J.G., 1996:
Formation of Fatty Acid-degrading, anaerobic granules by defined species

Giovanelli, G.; Polo, R., 1994:
Formation of fermentation products and reduction in phytic acid in wheat and rye flour breadmaking

Engelmann, G.L.; Birchenall-Roberts, M.C.; Ruscetti, F.W.; Samarel, A.M., 1993:
Formation of fetal rat cardiac cell clones by retroviral transformation: retention of select myocyte characteristics

Dickneite, G.; Czech, J.; Keuper, H., 1994:
Formation of fibrin monomers in experimental disseminated intravascular coagulation and its inhibition by recombinant hirudin

Wolf, F.; Bauer, H.U.; Geisel, T., 1994:
Formation of field discontinuities and islands in visual cortical maps

Byun, M.O.; Cha, D.Y.ul, 1992:
Formation of filamentous crystal in transformants of Pleurotus species

Sato, T.; Nakamura, N.; Ikeda, K.; Okada, M.; Ishibashi, H.; Ikeda, M., 1992:
Formation of five-membered lactams by 5-endo-trigonal radical cyclisations of 2-chloro-N-(cycloalk-1-enyl)acetamides: New synthesis of erythrinane skeleton

Watanabe, N.; Watanabe, S.; Nakajima, R.; Moon, J.H.; Shimokihara, K.; Inagaki, J.; Etoh, H.; Asai, T.; Sakata, K.; Ina, K., 1993:
Formation of Flower Fragrance Compounds from Their Precursors by Enzymic Action during Flower Opening

Borle, F.; Fehr, F.; Nesvadba, P.; Gossauer, A., 1997:
Formation of fluorescent and nonfluorescent difluoroboron complexes in the reaction of BF-3 etherate with 21H,24H-bilin-1,19-dione derivatives

Nagababu, E.; Rifkind, J.M., 1998:
Formation of fluorescent heme degradation products during the oxidation of hemoglobin by hydrogen peroxide

He, R.Q.; Liu, Y., 1995:
Formation of fluorophore of yeast D-glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in the solution of potassium iodide

Sakamoto, M.; Ino, Y.; Ochiai, A.; Kanai, Y.; Akimoto, S.; Hirohashi, S., 1996:
Formation of focal adhesion and spreading of polarized human colon cancer cells in association with tyrosine phosphorylation of paxillin in response to phorbol ester

Schneider, G.; Burridge, K., 1994:
Formation of focal adhesions by osteoblasts adhering to different substrata

Jacobsen, P.B.; Bovbjerg, D.H.; Schwartz, M.D.; Andrykowski, M.A.; Futterman, A.D.; Gilewski, T.; Norton, L.; Redd, W.H., 1993:
Formation of food aversions in cancer patients receiving repeated infusions of chemotherapy

Bergh, M.; Magnusson, K.; Nilsson, J.L.rs G.; Karlberg, A.T.erese, 1998:
Formation of formaldehyde and peroxides by air oxidation of high purity polyoxyethylene surfactants

Yu, P.H.; Lai, C.T.ai; Zuo, D.M.i, 1997:
Formation of formaldehyde from adrenaline in vivo; a potential risk factor for stress-related angiopathy

Frontini, R.; Mielck, J.B., 1995:
Formation of formaldehyde in polyethyleneglycol and in poloxamer under stress conditions

Hobbs, A.J.; Fukuto, J.M.; Ignarro, L.J., 1994:
Formation of free nitric oxide from l-arginine by nitric oxide synthase: direct enhancement of generation by superoxide dismutase

Kodama, M.; Inoue, F.; Kaneko, M.; Oda, T.; Sato, Y., 1993:
Formation of free radicals and active oxygen species from diethylstilbestrol and its derivatives

Bradshaw, T.P.; Mcmillan, D.C.; Crouch, R.K.; Jollow, D.J., 1997:
Formation of free radicals and protein mixed disulfides in rat red cells exposed to dapsone hydroxylamine

Priuska, E.M.; Schacht, J., 1995:
Formation of free radicals by gentamicin and iron and evidence for an iron/gentamicin complex

Kodama, M.; Inoue, F.; Saito, H.; Oda, T.; Sato, Y., 1997:
Formation of free radicals from steroid hormones: possible significance in environmental carcinogenesis

Dykan', O.P., 1996:
Formation of fruitfulness potential of central buds of grape

Osterman, A.; Grishin, N.V.; Kinch, L.N.; Phillips, M.A., 1994:
Formation of functional cross-species heterodimers of ornithine decarboxylase

Altman, J.D.; Reay, P.A.; Davis, M.M., 1993:
Formation of functional peptide complexes of class II major histocompatibility complex proteins from subunits produced in Escherichia coli

Bähr, M.; Eschweiler, G.W., 1993:
Formation of functional synapses by regenerating adult rat retinal ganglion cell axons in midbrain target regions in vitro

Merzdorf, C.S.; Chen, Y.H.; Goodenough, D.A., 1998:
Formation of functional tight junctions in Xenopus embryos

Nakama, A.; Kim, E.H.; Shinohara, K.; Omura, H., 1993:
Formation of furfural derivatives in amino-carbonyl reaction

Ragunathan, K.G.; Bhattacharya, S., 1995:
Formation of gel and fibrous microstructures by 1-alkyne amphiphiles bearing L-serine headgroup in organic solvents

Surin, N.A.; Borisov, Y.M.; Shevtsova, L.N.; Zobova, N.V., 1997:
Formation of genetically heterogenic variety-populations of spring barley by means of changing the composition of biotypes and choosing artificial variety mixes

Tsutsumi, T.; Matsuzaki, M.; Haga, K., 1995:
Formation of germ cell cluster in tubuliferan thrips (Thysanoptera)

Akashi, K.-Ichirou; Miyata, H.; Itoh, H.; Kinosita, K.,. Jr.;, 1998:
Formation of giant liposomes promoted by divalent cations: Critical role of electrostatic repulsion

Bekeeva, L.E.; Manteifel', V.M.; Rodichev, E.B.; Karu, T.I., 1993:
Formation of giant mitochondria in human blood lymphocytes after helium-neon laser irradiation

Pyl'nev, V.V., 1993:
Formation of gliadin spectra while growing wheat hybrid populations in differing ecological conditions

Berberian, R.M.; Eurich, G.E.; Rios, G.A.; Harris, C., 1996:
Formation of glutathione adducts and 2-aminofluorene from 2-Nitrosofluorene in postimplantation rat conceptuses in vitro

Klinger, J.; Lang, M.; Sacher, F.; Brauch, H.J.; Maier, D.; Worch, E., 1998:
Formation of glyphosate and AMPA during ozonation of waters containing ethylenediaminetetra(methylenephosphonic acid)

Larisch, B.; Pischetsrieder, M.; Severin, T., 1997:
Formation of guanosine adducts from L-ascorbic acid under oxidative conditions

Blum, B.; Simpson, L., 1992:
Formation of guide RNA/messenger RNA chimeric molecules in vitro, the initial step of RNA editing, is dependent on an anchor sequence

Pandey, A.V.; Tekwani, B.L., 1996:
Formation of haemozoin/beta-haematin under physiological conditions is not spontaneous

Xie, Y.; Reckhow, D.A., 1994:
Formation of halogenated artifacts in brominated, chloraminated, and chlorinated solvents

Magel, E.; Jay-Allemand, C.; Ziegler, H., 1994:
Formation of heartwood substances in the stemwood of Robinia pseudoacacia L.: II. Distribution of nonstructural carbohydrates and wood extractives across the trunk

Sonnenberg, A.; de Melker, A.A.; Martinez de Velasco, A.M.; Janssen, H.; Calafat, J.; Niessen, C.M., 1993:
Formation of hemidesmosomes in cells of a transformed murine mammary tumor cell line and mechanisms involved in adherence of these cells to laminin and kalinin

Lindstrom, A.B.; Yeowell-O'Connell, K.; Waidyanatha, S.; McDonald, T.A.; Golding, B.T.; Rappaport, S.M., 1998:
Formation of hemoglobin and albumin adducts of benzene oxide in mouse, rat, and human blood

Duda, V.I.; Vypov, M.G.; Sorokin, V.V.; Mityushina, L.L.; Lebedinskii, A.V., 1995:
Formation of hemoprotein-containing extracellular structures by bacteria

Kokenyesi, R.; Silbert, J.E., 1995:
Formation of heparan sulfate or chondroitin/dermatan sulfate on recombinant domain I of mouse perlecan expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Lukonis, C.J.; Weller, S.K., 1997:
Formation of herpes simplex virus type 1 replication compartments by transfection: requirements and localization to nuclear domain 10

Chiu, C.P.; Yang, D.Y.; Chen, B.H., 1998:
Formation of heterocyclic amines in cooked chicken legs

Arakawa, T.; Haniu, M.; Narhi, L.O.; Miller, J.A.; Talvenheimo, J.; Philo, J.S.; Chute, H.T.; Matheson, C.; Carnahan, J.; Louis, J.C., 1994:
Formation of heterodimers from three neurotrophins, nerve growth factor, neurotrophin-3, and brain-derived neurotrophic factor

Verdoorn, T.A., 1994:
Formation of heteromeric gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptors containing two different alpha subunits

Lee, K.C.; Lukyanov, A.N.; Gelb, M.H.; Yager, P., 1998:
Formation of high axial ratio microstructures from peptides modified with glutamic acid dialkyl amides

Bicknell, G.R.; Snowden, R.T.; Cohen, G.M., 1994:
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Formation of inclusion bodies may be the key factor for the stability of expressed products in E. coli

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Formation of iron(III)-tyrosinate is the fastest reaction observed in ferritin

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Formation of lamellar bone on the surface of woven bone is not prevented by BAPN

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Formation of laminated cyanobacterial mats in the absence of benthic fauna

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Formation of large deletions by illegitimate recombination in the HPRT gene of primary human fibroblasts

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Formation of layer-specific fiber projections to the hippocampus in vitro

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Formation of membrane domains during the activation of protein kinase C

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Formation of mnemonic neuronal responses to visual paired associates in inferotemporal cortex is impaired by perirhinal and entorhinal lesions

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Formation of multiple treponemes

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Formation of muscle spindles in the absence of motor innervation

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Formation of Mutagens from the Photooxidations of 2-4-Ring PAH

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Formation of nascent secretory vesicles from the trans-Golgi network of endocrine cells is inhibited by tyrosine kinase and phosphatase inhibitors

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Formation of neurons in the sexually dimorphic anteroventral periventricular nucleus of the preoptic area of the rat: Effects of prenatal treatment with testosterone propionate

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Formation of new HDL particles from lipid-free apolipoprotein A-I

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Formation of new drainage routes of choroidal circulation induced by elevated orbital venous pressure

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Formation of new myotubes occurs exclusively at the multiple innervation zones of an embryonic large muscle

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Formation of new plasma membrane during the first cleavage in the egg of Xenopus laevis: An immunocytological study

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Formation of nitric oxide, superoxide, and peroxynitrite in myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats

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Formation of nitrosyl non-heme iron-sulphur complexes of a mitochondria electron-transport chain in a liver and kidneys under prolonged permanent action of radiation contamination in the Chernobyl region

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Formation of nodular structures resembling mature articular cartilage in long-term primary cultures of human fetal epiphyseal chondrocytes on a hydrogel substrate

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Formation of non-bilayer structures induced by M13 coat protein depends on the conformation of the protein

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Formation of normal gingival epithelial phenotypes around osseo-integrated oral implants in humans

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Formation of nucleation center in single double-stranded DNA chain

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Formation of oligomers containing the beta3 and beta4 subunits of the rat nicotinic receptor

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Formation of pathological system in rats with neuropathical trigeminal neuralgia

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Formation of periodic apneustic breathing by activation of the GABA-ergic system of the brain

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Formation of peroxide compounds during lignin oxidation by oxygen in an organic solvent

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Formation of pharmacy legislation in Galitsii

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Formation of pyrroles, 2-pyrrolidones, and pyridones by heating of 4-aminobutyric acid and reducing sugars

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Formation of redox conditions in the Dniester-Bug Liman

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Formation of regrowth and undergrowth in spruce forests under influence of elk

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Formation of reversible disulfide bonds with the protein matrix of the endoplasmic reticulum correlates with the retention of unassembled Ig light chains

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Formation of rhinovirus-soluble ICAM-1 complexes and conformational changes in the virion

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Formation of risk groups of children with combined pathology of the digestive organs and the urinary system

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Formation of root plaques and their influence on tissue phosphorus content in Lobelia dortmanna

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Formation of secretory vesicles in permeabilized cells: a salt extract from yeast membranes promotes budding of nascent secretory vesicles from the trans-Golgi network of endocrine cells

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Formation of several bacterial c-type cytochromes requires a novel membrane-anchored protein that faces the periplasm

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Formation of several stable complexes between the minor components of the cyclic tetrapeptide cyclo-(-Pro1-Ala2-D-Phe3-Leu4-) and some specific Boc-amino acids

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Formation of singlet oxygen in the thermal decomposition of 3-hydroxymethyl-3,4,4-trimethyl-1,2-dioxetane, a chemical source of triplet-excited ketones

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Formation of sodium dodecyl sulfate-stable fibronectin multimers. Failure to detect products of thiol-disulfide exchange in cyanogen bromide or limited acid digests of stabilized matrix fibronectin

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Formation of somatic embryos and plant regeneration from sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Poir.) explants

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Formation of some manganese minerals form ferromanganese factory waste disposed in the Krka River Estuary

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Formation of specific efferent connections in organotypic slice cultures from rat visual cortex cocultured with lateral geniculate nucleus and superior colliculus

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Formation of specific monosynaptic connections between muscle spindle afferents and motoneurons in the mouse

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Formation of specimen database at natural history museums: An example from the National Science Museum, Japan

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Formation of spheroid structures in a human colon carcinoma cell line involves a complex series of intercellular rearrangements

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Formation of spicules by sclerocytes from the freshwater sponge Ephydatia muelleri in short-term cultures in vitro

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Formation of spin trap adducts during the decomposition of peroxynitrite

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Formation of spontaneously developing pocks regulated by two unhomologous plasmids in Streptomyces laurentii

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Formation of stable and functional HIV-1 nucleoprotein complexes in vitro

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Formation of stable cationic lipid/DNA complexes for gene transfer

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Formation of stable chloramine complex in the interaction of carnosine with hypochlorite

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Formation of stable complexes between two Alzheimer's disease gene products: presenilin-2 and beta-amyloid precursor protein

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Formation of stable inhibitory complexes of myosin subfragment 1 using fluoroscandium anions

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Formation of stable microspikes containing actin and the 55 kDa actin bundling protein, fascin, is a consequence of cell adhesion to thrombospondin-1: implications for the anti-adhesive activities of thrombospondin-1

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Formation of stable polypeptide monolayers at interfaces: controlling molecular conformation and orientation

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Formation of stable products in the interaction of glutaraldehyde with low weight reagents

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Formation of stands on clearings in forests with different moose population density

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Formation of starch films with varying crystallinity

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Formation of stigmasta-3,5-diene in vegetable oils

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Formation of struvite crystals by bacteria from human urine and renal calculi

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Formation of submicron colloidal particles from marine bacteria by viral infection

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Formation of substituted truxillic and truxinic acids in plant cell walls: A rationale

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Formation of sulfinate esters in the synthesis of triflates

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Formation of sulfur-containing flavor compounds from reactions of furaneol and cysteine, glutathione, hydrogen sulfide, and alanine/hydrogen sulfide

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Formation of sulphidopeptide-leukotrienes by cell-cell interaction causes coronary vasoconstriction in isolated, cell-perfused heart of rabbit

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Formation of sulphmyoglobin during expression of horse heart myoglobin in Escherichia coli

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Formation of superoxide anion in the hepatic sinusoid after lipopolysaccharide challenge

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Formation of surface reaction products on bioactive glass and their effects on the expression of the osteoblastic phenotype and the deposition of mineralized extracellular matrix

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Formation of synapses between basal forebrain afferents and cerebral cortex neurons: An electron microscopic study in organotypic slice cultures

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Formation of taste aversion and preference under conditions of protein synthesis inhibition in rats

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Formation of tetrahydro-beta-carbolines in human saliva

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Formation of tetrahydroharman (1-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-beta-carboline) by Helicobacter pylori in the presence of ethanol and tryptamine

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Formation of the 3' end of yeast mitochondrial mRNAs occurs by site-specific cleavage two bases downstream of a conserved dodecamer sequence

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Formation of the 5' end pseudoknot in small subunit ribosomal RNA: involvement of U3-like sequences

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Formation of the LuxR protein in the Vibrio fischeri lux system is controlled by HtpR through the GroESL proteins

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Formation of the adult rudiment of sea urchins is influenced by thyroid hormones

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Formation of the blastoderm basal layer in the loach and zebrafish embryos during the yolk syncytial layer development

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Formation of the brain and interaction of cells during morphogenesis

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Formation of the branching pattern of blood vessels in the wall of the avian yolk sac studied by a computer simulation

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Formation of the central pseudoknot in 16S rRNA is essential for initiation of translation

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Formation of the chordamesoderm in the amphioxus embryo: Analysis with Brachyury and fork head/HNF-3 genes

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Formation of the cranial motor neurons in the absence of the floor plate

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Formation of the gap junction intercellular channel requires a 30 degree rotation for interdigitating two apposing connexons

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Formation of the immune response in dependence on the nociceptive reactivity of animal organism

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Formation of the immune system function in early postnatal ontogenesis

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Formation of the inverted hexagonal structure in bovine brain phospholipid membranes induced by dioleoylglycerol

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Formation of the isocyclic ring of chlorophyll by isolated Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplasts

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Formation of the light-harvesting complex I (B870) of anoxygenic phototrophic purple bacteria

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Formation of the male pronuclear lamina in Drosophila melanogaster

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Formation of the male pronucleus, organization of the first interphase monaster, and establishment of a perinuclear plasm domain in the egg of the glossiphoniid leech Theromyzon rude

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Formation of the peroxisome lumen is abolished by loss of Pichia pastoris Pas7p, a zinc-binding integral membrane protein of the peroxisome

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Formation of the pharyngeal arch arteries in the chick embryo. Observations of corrosion casts by scanning electron microscopy

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Formation of the reactions of cortico-brain stem structures of non-severe cerebrocranial trauma in children

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Formation of the reproductive organs and pollination in Cerastium kazbek (Caryophyllaceae)

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Formation of the shoots and their functional organization in the crown of Picea obovata (Pinaceae)

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Formation of the tandem repeat (IS30)-2 and its role in IS30-mediated transpositional DNA rearrangements

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Formation of the tetrapod limb skeleton on the data of experimental and comparative embryology

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Formation of the wakefulness-sleep cycle in the ontogeny of Wistar rats and rats with genetic predisposition to catalepsy

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Formation of the yeast splicing complex A1 and association of the splicing factor PRP19 with the pre-mRNA are independent of the 3' region of the intron

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Formation of two double-strand breaks in the same DNA molecule by a single high-energy photon or ionizing particle

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Formation of yield and the quality of barley and oat grain as a function of doses and time of nitrogen fertilization

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Formation, translocation and resolution of Holliday junctions during homologous genetic recombination

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Formative evaluation as an instrument for improving the quality of outcome in rheumatic patient care - within the context of medical and paramedical services

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Formative years of the urodynamics society: Reminiscences

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Former neuritic pathways containing endogenous neural agrin have high synaptogenic activity

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Formulation of a behavior system for sexual conditioning

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Formulation of pharmaceutical dosage forms containing magnesium salts

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Formulation of phytosanitary products and the quality of their applying

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Formulation of plant taxonomy problem in terms of Boole's algebra

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Formulation of polyiodinated triglyceride analogues in a chylomicron remnant-like liver-selective delivery vehicle

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Formulation of pre-extension in a practical stress-relaxation measurement of the plant cell wall

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Formulation of prolonged release lipid micropellets by emulsion congealing: Optimization of ketoprofen entrapment and release

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Formulation of solution metered dose inhalers and comparison with aerosols emitted from conventional suspension systems

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Formulation of sustained-release tablets of flurbiprofen

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Formulation of the biocontrol fungus Cladorrhinum foecundissimum to reduce damping-off disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani and Pythium ultimum

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Formulation of the meat productivity indexes for Black and White breed calves

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Formulation of the purified fusion protein of respiratory syncytial virus with the saponin QS-21 induces protective immune responses in Balb/c mice that are similar to those generated by experimental infection

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Formulation optimization of controlled release diclofenac sodium microspheres using factorial design

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Formulation parameters of albendazole solution