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Genetic parameters and correlations between productive and body conformation traits in dairy cows

Vacek, M.; Bouska, J.; Stipkova, M.

Scientia Agriculturae Bohemoslovaca 24(4): 327-334, 376


Accession: 008728482

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Body conformation was evaluated in 879 first-calvers, daughters of 35 tested bulls of the Czech Pied and Black-Pied breeds. Heritability coefficients (h-2) of the observed traits and genetic (r-g) and phenotype (r-p) correlations between body conformation traits and productive traits were estimated on the basis of the score description of body conformation and of determined values. The highest values h-2 were determined for body frame, rear udder attachment and muscling. High positive r-g correlations were observed between milk output, and/or milk fat output, and body frame, dairy character and udder traits.

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