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Grazing management of temperate pastures: Literature reviews and grazing guidelines for major species

Fitzgerald, R.D.; Lodge, G.M.

NSW Agriculture Technical Bulletin 1997(47): I-IV, 1-44


Accession: 008744367

Grazing management studies within the Temperate Pasture Sustainability Key Program located at 22 sites throughout south-eastern Australia are described. Experimental treatments on these sites commenced in spring 1993. Plant production and persistence data collected until spring 1995, were presented at a workshop in Launceston in October 1995. From these data, published information and anecdotal evidence, seasonal grazing management guidelines were proposed for pastures dominated by perennial ryegrass, winter active phalaris, tall fescue, cocksfoot and Danthonia (wallaby grass) - Microlaena (weeping grass) and Aristida (wiregrass) native pastures. These guidelines cover not only the perennial grass component of the pastures, but also management guides for legumes, annual grasses and weeds. Similar grazing management guidelines were also prepared for controlling broadleaf weeds in pastures. These grazing plans are the first such guidelines to be devised for perennial grass-based pastures in the temperate regions of Australia. To support these guidelines literature reviews on the effects of grazing on perennial ryegrass, phalaris, tall fescue, cocksfoot, native grass-based pastures, white clover, subterranean clover annual grass weeds, perennial grass weeds and broadleaf weeds are also presented.

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