Section 9
Chapter 8,758

Health beliefs and supplement use: Adults in Taipei area

Hu, Shene-Pin

Nutrition Research 15(9): 1277-1285


ISSN/ISBN: 0271-5317
DOI: 10.1016/0271-5317(95)02003-e
Accession: 008757926

Attitudinal and demographic correlates to supplement use were investigated for 826 adults residing in Taipei. Demographic variables found to be significantly (p lt 0.01 ) related to supplement use included education, number in household and income. Supplement users tended to have higher education, fewer family members and higher income (P lt 0.001). The most frequent sources of information regarding health and supplements were magazines/newspapers and books. However, most adults relied on professional advice, especially physicians'. Three hundred and fifty of the respondents (42.4%) were regular/occasional supplement users. Only one hundred and thirty-five (19%) of the respondents wrote down supplement type for a recent condition. More users than non-users a-reed with the statement that "supplements can both prevent and decrease the severity of illness, cold, and skin problems" (p lt 0.001). Fifteen questions on nutritional knowledge were tested, and 45.5% of the participants had scores of 9-10. Possible explanations and implications of the findings are discussed.

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