Section 9
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Heat-shock cognate 70 messenger RNA expression in postmortem human hippocampus: Regional differences and age-related changes

Tohgi, H.; Utsugisawa, K.; Yoshimura, M.; Yamagata, M.; Nagane, Y.

Neuroscience Letters 196(1-2): 89-92


ISSN/ISBN: 0304-3940
PMID: 7501265
DOI: 10.1016/0304-3940(95)11854-p
Accession: 008759798

In situ hybridization of postmortem human brain tissue showed that constitutive heat-shock cognate 70 (hsc 70) mRNA was expressed in more than 50% of the pyramidal neurons in the hippocampal subfields. The ratio (%) of the hsc 70 mRNA-expressing neurons to the total neurons was significantly greater in CA3 and the hilus than in CA1 and CA2. The lower ratio in CA1 may be related to its vulnerability to various stresses. The ratio of hsc 70 mRNA-expressing neurons in CA1 was significantly greater in the older subjects than in the younger ones. This may reflect the up-regulated hsc 70 mRNA induction in response to a reduction in free hsc 70 because the binding of hsc 70 to aberrant proteins may be increased in aged persons.

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