Histomorphological characteristics of the buffalo's (Bubalus bubalis L.) raw skin

Hraste, A.; Redepaj, D.; Zeciri, F.; Babic, K.; Mihelic, D.

Veterinarski Arhiv 62(2): 131-137


ISSN/ISBN: 0372-5480
Accession: 008778824

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The histological composition of the back skin of the buffalo of both sexes and various age was analyzed. After fixation in neutral formalin, skin samples were embedded in paraffin and cut with a microtome. The cuts were stained with hemalum and eosin and treated by the Pinkus method for the presentation of fibrous elements of the chorion. It has been found that the age of the animal plays a role in the thickness and composition of the individual layers of the skin and that the sebaceous glands are more developed in the skin of the male animals.