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Identification of compounds with anti-West Nile Virus activity
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Nira (Co 86032) - a new variety of sugarcane for Maharashtra
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
An assessment of water quality of river ganga at garhmukteshwar ghaziabad uttar pradesh india
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
Studies on feeding of tapioca thippi (tapioca or cassava starch waste) to swine
Effects of drum rolling on yield of summer groundnut
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Influence of a decision analysis model on selection of drug therapy
Comparative performance of West Coast Tall and Lakshadweep Ordinary cultivars of coconut
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Cellars as hibernation sites for bats
Donkioporia expansa - A lesser known wood destroyer in buildings
The Bangla adaptation of Mini-Mental State Examination (BAMSE): An instrument to assess cognitive function in illiterate and literate individuals
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Gymnosperms of Sikkim, India
The great Coalinga cricket invasion
Psoriasis: correlation between severity index (PASI) and quality of life index (DLQI) in patients assessed before and after systemic treatment
Real-time PCR assays for the specific detection of monkeypox virus West African and Congo Basin strain DNA
Classification of fermented foods: worldwide review of household fermentation techniques
The biology of human starvation: some new insights

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 8784

Chapter 8784 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hospital discharges for pneumonia in Finland between 1972 and 1993 in the population aged 65 years or over
, Age and Ageing 26(4): 269-273 (1997)

Hospital discharges resulting from esophagitis among medicare beneficiaries
, Digestive Diseases and Sciences 39(1): 183-188 (1994)

Hospital drug therapy cost containment through a preferred medicines list and drug utilisation review system
, New Zealand Medical Journal 107(974): 101-104 (1994)

Hospital effluents as a source for platinum in the environment
, Science of the Total Environment 3: 179-184 (1997)

Hospital epidemiologic surveillance for invasive aspergillosis: patient demographics and the utility of antigen detection
, Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 18(2): 104-108 (1997)

Hospital epistaxis admission rate and ambient temperature
, Clinical Otolaryngology and Allied Sciences 20(3): 239-240 (1995)

Hospital experience of acute malaria in children: Study carried out at the Albert Royer Children's Hospital at the Dakar University Hospital Center
, Afrique Medicale 31(301): 64-67 (1992)

Hospital food hygiene: the application of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points to conventional hospital catering
, Journal of Hospital Infection 24(4): 273-282 (1993)

Hospital guidelines for diagnosis-related groups/osteopathic manipulative treatment
, Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 95(9): 528-532 (1995)

Hospital infant formula discharge packages. Do they affect the duration of breast-feeding?
, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 151(7): 724-729 (1997)

Hospital infection in maternity clinics
, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii 1995(4): 35-39 (1995)

Hospital infection prevention and control: a model for improving the quality of hospital care in low- and middle-income countries
, Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 19(2): 125-135 (1998)

Hospital information system and patterns of cancer screening
, Journal of Medical Systems 18(6): 335-342 (1994)

Hospital investigation of men and women treated for angina
, Bmj 310(6994): 1576 (1995)

Hospital morbidity by lesions and poisonings
, Revista de Saude Publica 31(Suppl ): 26-37 (1997)

Hospital mortality after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest among patients found in ventricular fibrillation
, Resuscitation 29(1): 11-21 (1995)

Hospital mortality after urgent and emergency laparotomy in patients aged 65 yr and over. Risk and prediction of risk using multiple logistic regression analysis
, British Journal of Anaesthesia 80(6): 776-781 (1998)

Hospital mortality in acute myocardial infarction in the era of reperfusion therapy (the Myocardial Infarction Triage and Intervention Project)
, American Journal of Cardiology 72(12): 877-882 (1993)

Hospital mortality in women and men with acute cardiac ischemia: A prospective multicenter study
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 29(7): 1490-1496 (1997)

Hospital nurses' occupational exposure to blood: Prospective, retrospective, and institutional reports
, American Journal of Public Health 87(1): 103-107 (1997)

Hospital outbreak of Norwalk-like virus
, Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 18(8): 576-579 (1997)

Hospital policies on life-sustaining treatments and advance directives in Canada
, Cmaj: Canadian Medical Association Journal 150(8): 1265-1270 (1994)

Hospital practices influence the pattern of infective endocarditis
, Medical Journal of Australia 160(11): 709 (1994)

Hospital readmission after trauma: an analysis of outpatient complications
, Journal of Trauma 42(6): 1012-6; Discussion 1016-7 (1997)

Hospital readmission due to neonatal hyperbilirubinemia
, Pediatrics 96(4 Pt 1): 727-729 (1995)

Hospital readmission in patients treated with tiered-therapy implantable defibrillators
, Circulation 94(6): 1350-1356 (1996)

Hospital readmission with feeding-related problems after early postpartum discharge of normal newborns
, JAMA 278(4): 299-303 (1997)

Hospital records: An underutilized source of information regarding occupational diseases and exposures
, American Journal of Industrial Medicine 31(1): 100-106 (1997)

Hospital Reengineering Project at the "Policlinico A. Gemelli"
, Rays 23(2): 263-269 (1998)

Hospital resource utilization by American Indians/Alaska natives for alcoholism and alcohol abuse
, American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 19(3): 387-396 (1993)

Hospital resource utilization in the treatment of cerebral aneurysms
, Journal of Neurosurgery 85(3): 403-409 (1996)

Hospital response protocols for child sexual abuse and sexually transmitted diseases in children
, Canadian Journal of Public Health 83(4): 268-270 (1992)

Hospital screening of coeliac disease in Estonian children by anti-gliadin antibodies of IgA class
, Acta Paediatrica 82(3): 233-234 (1993)

Hospital service interventions and improving survival of AIDS patients St Mary's Hospital, London, 1982-1991
, International Journal of Std and Aids 9(5): 280-290 (1998)

Hospital services for patients with acute stroke in the United Kingdom: the Stroke Association Survey of consultant opinion
, Age and Ageing 24(6): 525-532 (1995)

Hospital services for rural children in Washington State
, Pediatrics 99(2): 196-203 (1997)

Hospital smoking bans and employee smoking behavior: Results of a national survey
, JAMA 275(16): 1252-1257 (1996)

Hospital structure and time course of the emergency cesarean section: Reference data and recommendations
, Zeitschrift fuer Geburtshilfe und Perinatologie 197(4): 153-161 (1993)

Hospital survival rates of patients with acute respiratory failure in modern respiratory intensive care units. An international, multicenter, prospective survey
, Chest 107(4): 1083-1088 (1995)

Hospital therapeutic drug monitoring with community liaison: A pharmacokinetic study in the real world
, Australian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 27(6): 435-440 (1997)

Hospital transmission of multidrug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Rosario, Argentina
, Medicina 56(1): 48-50 (1996)

Hospital treatment of anorexia nervosa
, Giornale di Neuropsichiatria dell'Eta Evolutiva 14(4): 249-255 (1994)

Hospital treatment of asthma: lack of benefit from theophylline given in addition to nebulized albuterol and intravenously administered corticosteroid
, Journal of Pediatrics 122(3): 464-469 (1993)

Hospital treatment of headache
, Medicina (Ribeirao Preto) 30(4): 472-475 (1997)

Hospital use among diabetic patients and the general population
, Diabetes Care 17(11): 1320-1329 (1994)

Hospital use and health status of women during the 5 years following the birth of a premature, low-birthweight infant
, American Journal of Public Health 87(7): 1151-1155 (1997)

Hospital vascular surgery volume and procedure mortality rates in California, 1982-1994
, Journal of Vascular Surgery 28(1): 45-56; discussion 56-8 (1998)

Hospital vs home-based exercise rehabilitation for patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease
, Angiology 48(4): 291-300 (1997)

Hospital vs. outreach treatment of patients with mental retardation and psychiatric disorders: A controlled study
, Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 95(6): 515-522 (1997)

Hospital waste management at the ministry of health hospitals in Cairo Governorate, Egypt
, International Journal of Environmental Health Research 6(2): 109-123 (1996)

Hospital waste management in Tehran
, Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A Environmental Science and Engineering 29(3): 477-492 (1994)

Hospital wastewater discharge: Law and requirements
, Igiene Moderna 100(6): 1443-1450 (1993)

Hospital- and home-based rehabilitation after discharge from hospital for stroke patients: analysis of two trials
, Age and Ageing 24(1): 49-53 (1995)

Hospital-acquired Clostridium difficile diarrhoea
, Lancet 349(9059): 1176-1177 (1997)

Hospital-acquired blood stream infections in New Zealand
, New Zealand Medical Journal 111(1059): 28-30 (1998)

Hospital-acquired candida and aspergillus pneumonia--diagnostic approaches and clinical findings
, Journal of Hospital Infection 32(1): 17-28 (1996)

Hospital-acquired candidaemia: experience from a developing country
, Journal of Hospital Infection 35(2): 141-147 (1997)

Hospital-acquired diarrhoea in elderly patients: Epidemiology and staff awareness
, Age and Ageing 27(3): 339-343 (1998)

Hospital-acquired infection in elderly patients
, Journal of Hospital Infection 38(4): 245-260 (1998)

Hospital-acquired infections among surgical patients in a Brazilian hospital
, Journal of Hospital Infection 35(4): 277-285 (1997)

Hospital-acquired infections in pediatric burn patients
, Southern Medical Journal 87(4): 481-484 (1994)

Hospital-acquired infectious endocarditis not associated with cardiac surgery: an emerging problem
, Clinical Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America 20(1): 16-23 (1995)

Hospital-acquired morbidity on a neurology service
, Journal of the National Medical Association 85(1): 31-35 (1993)

Hospital-acquired pneumonia: Methicillin resistance and intensive care unit admission
, American Journal of Medicine 104(5a): 17s-23s (1998)

Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers and risk of death
, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 44(12): 1435-1440 (1996)

Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers: risk factors and use of preventive devices
, Archives of Internal Medicine 158(17): 1940-1945 (1998)

Hospital-acquired tuberculosis
, Medical Journal of Australia 163(8): 428-431 (1995)

Hospital-acquired urinary tract infections in the pediatric patient: a prospective study
, Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 13(1): 8-12 (1994)

Hospital-associated candiduria
, Mikrobiyoloji Bulteni 30(2): 171-176 (1996)

Hospital-based evaluation of programs to prevent perinatal hepatitis B virus transmission
, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 150(6): 593-597 (1996)

Hospital-based psychiatric service utilization and morbidity in multiple sclerosis
, Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences. le Journal Canadien des Sciences Neurologiques 25(3): 230-235 (1998)

Hospital-based study of sexually transmitted diseases at Murewa rural district hospital, Zimbabwe 1991-1992
, Sexually Transmitted Diseases 22(1): 1-6 (1995)

Hospital-made diet versus commercial supplement in postburn nutritional support
, Burns 23(6): 512-514,. (1997)

Hospital-onset tuberculosis in compromised host
, Internal Medicine 31(6): 740-745 (1992)

Hospital-related differences in breast cancer management. Analysis of an unselected population-based series of 1353 radically operated patients
, Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 43(3): 225-235 (1997)

Hospital-wide PACS with a digital image intensifier TV system
, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 43(1-2): 75-79 (1994)

Hospital-wide educational program decreases red blood cell transfusions
, Journal of Surgical Research 75(2): 183-186 (1998)

Hospital-wide restriction of clindamycin: effect on the incidence of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea and cost
, Annals of Internal Medicine 128(12 Pt 1): 989-995 (1998)

Hospitalisation due to fractures of the neck of the femur in Poland during 1979-1993
, Reumatologia 35(2): 178-187 (1997)

Hospitalisation for adverse events related to drug therapy: incidence, avoidability and costs
, Medical Journal of Australia 164(11): 659-662 (1996)

Hospitalisation for deliberate self-poisoning in Scotland from 1981 to 1993: trends in rates and types of drugs used
, British Journal of Psychiatry: the Journal of Mental Science 169(1): 81-85 (1996)

Hospitalization for pneumonia in children in Auckland, New Zealand
, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 34(4): 355-359 (1998)

Hospitalisations for rotavirus gastroenteritis among children under five years of age in New South Wales
, Medical Journal of Australia 164(5): 273-276 (1996)

Hospitalisations, infarct development, and mortality in patients with chest pain and a normal admission electrocardiogram in relation to gender
, Coronary Artery Disease 7(3): 231-237 (1996)

Hospitalization among United States dialysis patients: hemodialysis versus peritoneal dialysis
, Journal of the American Society of Nephrology: Jasn 5(11): 1940-1948 (1995)

Hospitalization and case-fatality rates for stroke in Canada from 1982 through 1991. The Canadian Collaborative Study Group of Stroke Hospitalizations
, Stroke 27(7): 1215-1220 (1996)

Hospitalization and case-fatality rates for subarachnoid hemorrhage in Canada from 1982 through 1991. The Canadian Collaborative Study Group of Stroke Hospitalizations
, Stroke 28(4): 793-798 (1997)

Hospitalization and expenditures for the treatment of general medical conditions among the U.S. diabetic population in 1991
, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 81(10): 3671-3679 (1996)

Hospitalization as a measure of morbidity among very low birth weight infants with chronic lung disease
, Journal of Pediatrics 128(4): 447-452 (1996)

Hospitalization events and mortality in elderly patients with acute myocardial infarction not admitted to the coronary unit
, Revista Espanola de Geriatria y Gerontologia 31(6): 335-341 (1996)

Hospitalization for acute pyelonephritis in Manitoba, Canada, during the period from 1989 to 1992; impact of diabetes, pregnancy, and aboriginal origin
, Clinical Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America 22(6): 1051-1056 (1996)

Hospitalization for congestive heart failure. Explaining racial differences
, JAMA 274(13): 1037-1042 (1995)

Hospitalization for lower respiratory disease during 20 yrs among under 5 yr old children in Stockholm County: a population based survey
, European Respiratory Journal 11(2): 366-370 (1998)

Hospitalization for lower respiratory tract illness in infants: Variation in rates among counties in New York State and areas within Monroe County
, Journal of Pediatrics 126(2): 220-229 (1995)

Hospitalization for lung disease in early childhood and asthma symptoms in young adulthood
, Respiratory Medicine 92(8): 1003-1009,. (1998)

Hospitalization for serious blood and skin disorders following co-trimoxazole
, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 43(6): 649-651 (1997)

Hospitalization for serious blood and skin disorders following use of co-trimoxazole
, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 43(4): 446-448 (1997 )

Hospitalization of Aboriginal adults for digestive disorders in Western Australia, 1989-91
, Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology 10(3): 313-318 (1995)

Hospitalization of Jewish and Bedouin infants in southern Israel for bronchiolitis caused by respiratory syncytial virus
, Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 12(5): 381-386 (1993)

Hospitalization of aboriginal and non-aboriginal patients for respiratory tract diseases in Western Australia, 1988-1993
, International Journal of Epidemiology 26(4): 797-805 (1997)

Hospitalization of abused and neglected children
, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 151(3): 273-275 (1997)

Hospitalization of adults for asthma and inhaled corticosteroid use in an island population
, Respiratory Medicine 91(7): 411-416 (1997)

Hospitalization of infants for infections in Western Australia, 1980-91
, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health 30(6): 502-505 (1994)

Hospitalization of patients infected with active TB in New York State, 1987-1992: the effect of the HIV epidemic
, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes and Human Retrovirology: Official Publication of the International Retrovirology Association 12(5): 508-513 (1996)

Hospitalization of very low birth weight children at school age
, Journal of Pediatrics 122(3): 360-365 (1993)

Hospitalization of young women after cardiovascular and thrombo-embolic events in Austria in 1993 and 1994
, Sozial- und Praeventivmedizin 42(6): 342-350 (1997)

Hospitalization patterns of diabetic patients: A six year experience at King Khalid University Hospital
, Annals of Saudi Medicine 14(6): 486-490 (1994)

Hospitalization rate and mean days of hospitalization of notified viral hepatitis cases in Italy
, Italian Journal of Gastroenterology 27(5): 80-82 (1995)

Hospitalization rates of children with gastroenteritis in Ontario
, Canadian Journal of Public Health 87(1): 62-65 (1996)

Hospitalization, inpatient physical therapy and institutionalization after hospital discharge of prostate cancer patients in South Florida
, Journal of Urology 159(3): 888-892 (1998)

Hospitalizations with adverse events caused by digitalis therapy among elderly Medicare beneficiaries
, Archives of Internal Medicine 154(13): 1482-1487 (1994)

Hospitalizations associated with rotavirus diarrhea in the United States, 1993 through 1995: Surveillance based on the new ICD-9-CM rotavirus-specific diagnostic code
, Journal of Infectious Diseases 177(1): 13-17 (1998)

Hospitalization due to pneumonia: the influence of socioeconomic and pregnancy factors in a cohort of children in Southern Brazil
, Revista de Saude Publica 31(1): 53-61 (1997)

Hospitalizations due to poisonings in Finland
, Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 46(1): 47-55 (1993)

Hospitalizations for firearm-related injuries. A population-based study of 9562 patients
, JAMA 275(22): 1734-1739 (1996)

Hospitalizations for infectious diseases in Jewish and Bedouin children in southern Israel
, European Journal of Epidemiology 14(2): 179-186 (1998)

Hospitalizations for injury in New Zealand: prior injury as a risk factor for assaultive injury
, American Journal of Public Health 86(7): 929-934 (1996)

Hospitalizations for near drowning in California: incidence and costs
, American Journal of Public Health 85(8 Pt 1): 1115-1118 (1995)

Hospitalizations for respiratory syncytial virus infection in Alaska Native children
, Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal 14(1): 26-30 (1995)

Hospitalizations for severe complications of pregnancy, 1987-1992
, Obstetrics and Gynecology 90(2): 225-229 (1997)

Hospitalizations in dialysis end-stage renal failure patients
, Nephron 73(3): 413-416 (1996)

Hospitalized children of substance-abusing parents and physically and sexually abused children: a comparison
, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 31(6): 1019-1023 (1992)

Hospitalized congestive heart failure patients with preserved versus abnormal left ventricular systolic function: Clinical characteristics and drug therapy
, American Journal of Medicine 99(6): 629-635 (1995)

Hospitalized dysentery cases during an outbreak of Shigella dysenteriae type I: Ndanga District Hospital, Zimbabwe
, Central African Journal of Medicine 42(6): 177-179 (1996)

Hospitalized occupational finger amputations, New Jersey, 1985 and 1986
, American Journal of Industrial Medicine 23(3): 439-447 (1993)

Hospitalized patient satisfaction: Hammocks employed in a rural hospital of southeastern Mexico
, Revista Medica del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social 35(4): 265-272 (1997)

Hospitalized patients with community-acquired pneumonia in Hong Kong: a randomized study comparing imipenem/cilastatin and ceftazidime
, Respiration; International Review of Thoracic Diseases 64(3): 224-228 (1997)

Hospitalized pneumonia. Outcomes, treatment patterns, and costs in urban and rural areas
, Journal of General Internal Medicine 11(7): 415-421 (1996)

Hospitalizing the suicidal adolescent: an empirical investigation of decision-making criteria
, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 34(7): 902-911 (1995)

Hospitalizing the suicidal adolescent: decision-making criteria of psychiatric residents
, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 36(6): 769-776 (1997)

Hospitals and their critiques in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
, Zentralblatt fuer Hygiene und Umweltmedizin 195(4): 267-281 (1994)

Hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa: Why we need more of what does not work as it should
, Tropical Medicine and International Health: Tm and Ih 2(8): 799-808 (1997)

Hospitals without boundaries: HIS and primary healthcare in developing countries
, International Journal of Bio-Medical Computing 39(1): 169-173 (1995)

Hospitals' responses to universal infant hepatitis B vaccination recommendations
, Pediatrics 96(5 Pt 1): 875-879 (1995)

Host CD4+ T lymphocytes are required for the synergistic action of interferon-alpha/beta and adoptively transferred immune cells in the inhibition of visceral ESb metastases
, Cancer Research 55(24): 6133-6139 (1995)

Host F1 mice pretreated with granulocyte colony-stimulating factor accept parental bone marrow grafts in hybrid resistance system
, Blood 89(4): 1446-1451 (1997)

Host MHC class I molecules modulate in vivo expression of a NK cell receptor
, Journal of Immunology 153(6): 2407-2416 (1994)

Host primary olfactory axons make synaptic contacts in a transplanted olfactory bulb
, Journal of Comparative Neurology 352(2): 203-212 (1995)

Host RecJ is required for growth of P22 erf bacteriophage
, Journal of Bacteriology 175(1): 288-290 (1993)

Host Status of Crotalaria juncea, Sesamum indicum, Dolichos lablab, and Elymus glaucus to Meloidogyne javanica
, Journal of Nematology 26(4): 492-497 (1994)

Host T-cell primary allosensitization to MHC class-I- and class-II-expressing human cardiac myocytes requires the presence of a second signal
, Human Immunology 37(2): 108-118 (1993)

Host acceptance behaviour of a predatory pentatomid, Eocanthecona furcellata (Wolff) (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) towards larvae of Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
, Insect Science and its Application 14(2): 141-147 (1993)

Host acceptance behaviour of the jack pine tip beetle, Conophthorus ankisanae and the red pine cone beetle, Conophthorus resinosae
, Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 65(2): 149-155 (1992)

Host affiliation in two subarctic hemiparasitic plants: Bartsia alpina and Pedicularis lapponica
, Ecoscience 4(1): 80-85 (1997)

Host and environmental effects on plasma apolipoprotein B
, International Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Research 23(4): 215-220 (1993)

Host and viral factors affecting the decreased immunogenicity of Sabin type 3 vaccine after administration of trivalent oral polio vaccine to rural Mayan children
, Journal of Infectious Diseases 175(3): 545-553 (1997)

Host and viral features in chronic HCV infection: Relevance to interferon responsiveness
, Research in Virology 146(4): 273-278 (1995)

Host antibody recognition of surface and somatic antigens of the parasitic development stages of Ancylostoma ceylanicum
, Acta Parasitologica 41(1): 43-49 (1996)

Host cell adhesion to Schistosoma mansoni larvae in the peritoneal cavity of naive mice. Histological and scanning electron microscopic studies
, Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo 35(1): 17-22 (1993)

Host cell antigenic profile acquired by HIV-1 is a marker of its cellular origin
, Archives of Virology 140(10): 1849-1854 (1995)

Host cell components affect the sensitivity of HIV type 1 to complement-mediated virolysis
, Aids Research and Human Retroviruses 10(7): 829-837 (1994)

Host cell dependence of human immunodeficiency virus type-1 drug resistance profiles and tissue culture selection patterns
, Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy 6(4): 222-229 (1995)

Host cell dependence of viral morphology
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 95(10): 5746-5751 (1998)

Host cell effect upon glycosylation and antigenicity of human respiratory syncytial virus G glycoprotein
, Virology 221(2): 301-309 (1996)

Host cell factors controlling vimentin organization in the Xenopus oocyte
, Journal of Cell Biology 119(4): 855-866 (1992)

Host cell heparan sulfate proteoglycans mediate attachment and entry of Listeria monocytogenes, and the listerial surface protein ActA is involved in heparan sulfate receptor recognition
, Infection and Immunity 65(1): 78-88 (1997)

Host cell invasion by trypanosomes requires lysosomes and microtubule/kinesin-mediated transport
, Journal of Cell Biology 134(2): 349-362 (1996)

Host cell killing and bacterial conjugation require overlapping sets of genes within a 22-kb region of the Legionella pneumophila genome
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 95(4): 1669-1674 (1998)

Host cell membrane proteins on human immunodeficiency virus type 1 after in vitro infection of H9 cells and blood mononuclear cells. An immuno-electron microscopic study
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Host cell properties and external pH affect proinsulin production by Saccharomyces yeast
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Host cell protein tyrosine kinases are activated during the entry of Listeria monocytogenes. Possible role of pp60c-src family protein kinases
, FEMS Microbiology Letters 162(1): 169-176 (1998)

Host cell proteins binding to domain IV of the 5' noncoding region of poliovirus RNA
, Journal of Virology 69(7): 4381-4389 (1995)

Host cell reactivation of cisplatin-treated adenovirus is reduced in nucleotide excision repair deficient mammalian cells and several human tumour cells
, International Journal of Oncology 9(6): 1121-1127 (1996)

Host cell reactivation of irradiated adenovirus in UV-sensitive Chinese hamster ovary cell mutants
, Mutagenesis 11(1): 89-94 (1996)

Host cell requirements for efficient infection of quiescent primary B lymphocytes by Epstein-Barr virus
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Host cell responses to Listeria monocytogenes infection include differential transcription of host stress genes involved in signal transduction
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 91(14): 6428-6432 (1994)

Host cell-specific folding and assembly of the neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor alpha7 subunit
, Journal of Neurochemistry 68(5): 2140-2151 (1997)

Host cell-specific folding of the neuronal nicotinic receptor alpha8 subunit
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Host cellular annexin II is associated with cytomegalovirus particles isolated from cultured human fibroblasts
, Journal of Virology 69(8): 4784-4791 (1995)

Host choice and success of gulls and terns kleptoparasitizing brown pelicans
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Host choice by larval parasites: a study of Biomphalaria glabrata snails and Schistosoma mansoni miracidia related to host size
, Parasitology Research 84(9): 727-732 (1998)

Host cis-mediated extinction of a retrovirus permissive for expression in embryonal stem cells during differentiation
, Journal of Virology 72(1): 339-348 (1998)

Host conditioning with 5-fluorouracil and kit-ligand to provide for long-term bone marrow engraftment
, Blood 89(7): 2376-2383 (1997)

Host control of symbiont transmission: The separation of symbionts into germ and soma
, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 77(3 Suppl Part 2): 148 (1996)

Host defence mechanisms in marine invertebrate larvae
, Fish and Shellfish Immunology 5(8): 569-580 (1995)

Host defences in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and the genesis of peritonitis
, Pediatric Nephrology 9(5): 647-662 (1995)

Host defense abnormalities as causes of increased susceptibility to infections in children with HIV infection
, Zentralblatt für Bakteriologie: International Journal of Medical Microbiology 280(4): 433-438 (1994)

Host defense activity in various hosts. Human neutrophil NADPH oxidase activity
, Chest 102(6): 1780-1786 (1992)

Host defense against oxidatively damaged cells
, Japanese Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health 40(4): 303-316 (1994)

Host defense against systemic infection with Streptococcus pneumoniae is impaired in E-, P-, and E-/P-selectin-deficient mice
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 100(8): 2099-2106 (1997)

Host defense mechanism in the pathogenesis of UTI and UTI in immunocompromised patients
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Host defense mechanisms against murine cytomegalovirus infection induced by poly I:C in severe combined immune deficient (SCID) mice
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Host defense within the urinary tract. I. Bacterial adhesion initiates an uroepithelial defense mechanism
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Host defense within the urinary tract. II. Signal transducing events activate the uroepithelial defense
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Host defenses in the aged: Evaluation of the balance between oxidizing species generation and reducing power in phagocyting human granulocytes
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Host dependent inactivation by IS2 of induced Escherichia coli penicillin amidase gene cloned on multicopy plasmids
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Host dependent variation of hepatitis C virus: Phylogenetic analyses
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Host determinants of cellular and biochemical constituents of bronchoalveolar lavage fluids. Implications for design of epidemiologic studies
, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 149(4 Pt 1): 899-904 (1994)

Host discrimination in parasitic wasps: When is it advantageous?
, Functional Ecology 7(1): 27-39 (1993)

Host distribution and response to antitumor alkylating agents of EMT-6 tumor cells from subcutaneous tumor implants
, Cancer ChemoTherapy and Pharmacology 40(1): 87-93 (1997)

Host factors LR1 and Sp1 regulate the Fp promoter of Epstein-Barr virus
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