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Host relationships of Ficus burtt davyi when growing as a strangler fig

Compton, S.G.; Musgrave, M.K.

South African Journal of Botany 59(4): 425-430


ISSN/ISBN: 0254-6299
DOI: 10.1016/s0254-6299(16)30715-3
Accession: 008783489

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The fig tree Ficus burtt-davyi Hutch. is a common strangler of other trees in the Alexandria Forest, South Africa. Unlike most strangler figs, there is rarely extensive fusion of the roots around the trunks of the host trees. This, together with the relatively small size of F. burtt-davyi, means that damage to the hosts is limited. Between-species differences are present in the likelihood that trees will support F. burtt-davyi. No stranglers were found on Erythrina caffra, nor was auto-strangulation of other F. burtt-davyi recorded. Laboratory trials suggest that the absence of stranglers from these species does not result from chemical inhibition of F. burtt-davyi seed germination.

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