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Hunter-harvest of captive-raised male white-tailed deer, Odocoileus virginianus, released in Upper Michigan

Ozoga, J.J.; Doepker, R.; Earle, R.D.

Canadian Field-Naturalist 106(3): 357-360


Accession: 008791552

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Hunter recovery of tagged animals indicate that captive-raised male White-tailed Deer released in Upper Michigan (USA) when lt 1 year old and .3 years old died more frequently, and probably sooner, than expected due to non-hunting related factors. Hunters harvested those released when 1-3 years old sooner than expected, but at a rate comparable to that of wild bucks tagged when .1 year old. Post-release survival rates of captive-raised deer released in northern environments may be improved by releasing them after snowmelt in spring, but even then a high first year post-release death rate should be anticipated.

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