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Hydrological, hydrobiological and animal hygiene characteristics of the Swierszcz River water system as a natural watering place of Polish koniks in the Roztocze National Park

Kowalik, W.; Jarzynowa, B.; Raczkiewicz, J.; Sasimowski, E.; Slomiany, J.

Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych Seria B Zootechniczna 106(1-2): 213-227


Accession: 008793290

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The Swierszcz river water system was examined and evaluated and the following conclusions were made: 1. Water resources of the Swierszcz river fulfil the annual watering demand of "koniks" during spring, summer and autumn; fish ponds and the canal are also used for this purpose, in winter the down-stream part of the river is used. 2. Watering places owing to their low banks, shallowness and sandy bottom can be regarded as good and those in the canal and fish ponds as satisfactory. 3. Physical and chemical properties of water do not generally exceed the norm and most of the indices lie considerably below the admissible value. 4. A number of properties mentioned in point 3 favours the existence of rich fauna - also species indices for water purity occur there. 5. Bacteriological properties of watering-places awake some reservations - however, the up-to-date state of health of "koniks" suggests that coli bacteria of faecal type were not accompanied by pathogenic bacteria.

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