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Identification of alternatively spliced Na (+) -Ca2+ exchanger isoforms expressed in the heart

Kim, I.; Koh, G.Y.; Lee, C.O.

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part B Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 119(1): 157-161


ISSN/ISBN: 1096-4959
PMID: 9530817
Accession: 008806451

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Alternatively spliced isoforms of Na+-Ca2+ exchanger were found from various tissues and species. RT-PCR amplification was performed on the basis of our cloned mouse cardiac Na+-Ca2+ exchanger and four alternatively spliced isoforms of Na+-Ca2+ exchanger were identified. Three (NCX1.3, NCX1.4, and NCX1.12) of them were first identified in the heart, and one isoform (NCX1.12) was a novel spliced variant. These four spliced variants were present in the embryonic and adult atria and ventricles. Different cell types of the heart expressed different spliced isoforms of Na+-Ca2+ exchanger. Southern blot analysis indicated that the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger gene existed as a single copy in the mouse genome. Thus, the Na+-Ca2+ exchanger isoforms expressed in mouse heart are consistent with being produced by alternative splicing and they may have different functions in various cell types in the mouse heart.

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