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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 8837

Chapter 8837 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Manin, M.; Veyssiere, G.; Cheyvialle, D.; Chevalier, M.; Lecher, P.; Jean, C., 1992:
In vitro androgenic induction of a major protein in epithelial cell subcultures from mouse vas deferens

Obata, T.; Okada, Y.; Motoishi, M.; Nakagawa, N.; Terawaki, T.; Aishita, H., 1992:
In vitro antagonism of ONO-1078, a newly developed anti-asthma agent, against peptide leukotrienes in isolated guinea pig tissues

Shivapratap, H.R.; Philip, T.; Sharma, D.D., 1996:
In vitro antagonism of Trichoderma species against Mulberry leaf spot pathogen, Cercospora moricola

Viollon, C.; Mandin, D.; Chaumont, J.P., 1996:
In vitro antagonist activities of some essential oils and natural volatile compounds against Trichomonas vaginalis growth

Viollon, C.; Leger, D.; Chaumont, J.P., 1993:
In vitro antagonist activities of some natural volatile compounds towards microorganisms of the vaginal flora

Craig, J.C.; Whittaker, L.; Duncan, I.B.; Roberts, N.A., 1994:
In vitro anti-HIV and cytotoxicological evaluation of the triple combination: AZT and ddC with HIV proteinase inhibitor saquinavir (Ro 31-8959)

Palacín, C.; Tarragó, C.; Sacristán, A.; Ortiz, J.A., 1997:
In vitro anti-Helicobacter pylori activity of ebrotidine

Klopman, G.; Li, J.Y.; Wang, S.; Pearson, A.J.; Chang, K.; Jacobs, M.R.; Bajaksouzian, S.; Ellner, J.J., 1994 :
In vitro anti-Mycobacterium avium activities of quinolones: predicted active structures and mechanistic considerations

Machida, H.; Sakata, S.; Ashida, N.; Takenuki, K.; Matsuda, A., 1993:
In vitro anti-herpesvirus activities of 5-substituted 2'-deoxy-2'-methylidenepyrimidine nucleosides

Kageyama, S.; Mimoto, T.; Murakawa, Y.; Nomizu, M.; Ford, H.; Shirasaka, T.; Gulnik, S.; Erickson, J.; Takada, K.; Hayashi, H., 1993:
In vitro anti-human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) activities of transition state mimetic HIV protease inhibitors containing allophenylnorstatine

Otto, M.J.; Reid, C.D.; Garber, S.; Lam, P.Y.; Scarnati, H.; Bacheler, L.T.; Rayner, M.M.; Winslow, D.L., 1993:
In vitro anti-human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) activity of XM323, a novel HIV protease inhibitor

Cinatl, J.; Cinatl, J.; Rabenau, H.; Gümbel, H.; Doerr, H.W., 1993:
In vitro anti-human immunodeficiency virus activity of 2',3'-dideoxynucleosides and their effect on clonal growth of hemopoietic cells from human bone marrow

Wakusawa, S.; Sawanishi, H.; Hayashi, H., 1998:
In vitro anti-multidrug resistance activities of acyclic and cyclic disulfonamides in murine leukemia cells

Wu, Y.M.u; Yu, M.J.n; Liu, T.F.i, 1994:
In vitro antibacterial activities of 6 antimicrobial agents against Ureaplasma urealyticum and Mycoplasma hominis

Min, K.K.e; Kim,; Lee, H.W.o; Kim, J.W.o, 1995:
In vitro antibacterial activities of CRB 529, 535, 538, 545 and 550, a new carbapenem derivatives

Inoue, K.; Inoue, E.; Mitsuhashi, S., 1995:
In vitro antibacterial activities of FK037: a new parenteral cephalosporin

Huband, M.D.; Cohen, M.A.; Meservey, M.A.; Roland, G.E.; Yoder, S.L.; Dazer, M.E.; Domagala, J.M., 1993:
In vitro antibacterial activities of PD 138312 and PD 140248, new fluoronaphthyridines with outstanding gram-positive potency

Ishii, Y.; Ohno, A.; Yamaguchi, K., 1994:
In vitro antibacterial activities of broad spectrum quinolones against clinical bacterial isolates

Kouda, M.; Udagawa, I.; Fukuhara, J.; Tamura, K.; Matsuzaki, H., 1995:
In vitro antibacterial activities of carbapenems and other antibiotics against Pseudomonas aeruginosa determined using low-amino-acid agar

Yamaguchi, K.; Ohno, A.; Takahashi, S.; Hayashi, M.; Yamanaka, K.; Hirakata, Y.; Mitsuyama, J., 1998:
In vitro antibacterial activities of cefteram and other beta-lactam agents against recent clinical isolates

Jiang Yuyan, B.Y.qun; Wang Ziwei; X.L.qun; Jiang Jianguo, 1996:
In vitro antibacterial activities of chitosan,; Hou Ping; L.J.atai, 1996:
In vitro antibacterial activities of clarithromycin

Wang Minggui, Z.Y.ngyuan; W.W.ihong; W.P.icheng; Wang Fu, 1997:
In vitro antibacterial activities of new macrolides

Kim, J.Y.on; Choi,; Han, S.H.e; Shim, J.S.on; Jung, Y.E.i; Son,; Lee, J.W.ok; Yu, Y.H.o; Park,, 1997:
In vitro antibacterial activities of novel fluoroquinolone DWP20367

Hsueh, P.R.; Chang, S.C.; Chen, Y.C.; Hsu, L.Y.; Luh, K.T.; Hsieh, W.C., 1992:
In vitro antibacterial activities of ticarcillin alone and ticarcillin plus clavulanic acid against beta-lactamase producing and non-producing microorganisms

Minamimura, M.; Taniyama, Y.; Inoue, E.; Mitsuhashi, S., 1993 :
In vitro antibacterial activity and beta-lactamase stability of CP-70,429 a new penem antibiotic

Inoue, E.; Mitsuhashi, S., 1994:
In vitro antibacterial activity and beta-lactamase stability of SY5555, a new oral penem antibiotic

Inoue, K.; Hamana, Y.; Mitsuhashi, S., 1995:
In vitro antibacterial activity and beta-lactamase stability of a new carbapenem, BO-2727

Wakabayashi, E.; Mitsuhashi, S., 1994:
In vitro antibacterial activity of AM-1155, a novel 6-fluoro-8-methoxy quinolone

Nakane, T.; Iyobe, S.; Sato, K.; Mitsuhashi, S., 1995:
In vitro antibacterial activity of DU-6859a, a new fluoroquinolone

Kim, J.Y.on; Choi,; Park, N.J.on; Yim, S.S.o; Byun, Y.S.ok; Yu, Y.H.o; Park,, 1997:
In vitro antibacterial activity of DWP20418, a new carbapenem antibiotic

Imamori, K.; Asaoka, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Maebashi, K.; Matsuda, H.; Tahara, Y., 1995:
In vitro antibacterial activity of FA103, a new quinolone derivative of C-7 position with 7-perhydrodiazepinone

Mikamo, H.; Izumi, K.; Ito, K.; Katoh, N.; Watanabe, K.; Ueno, K.; Tamaya, T., 1994:
In vitro antibacterial activity of FK037, a new parenteral broad-spectrum cephalosporin, against recent clinical isolates in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology

Mine, Y.; Watanabe, Y.; Sakamoto, H.; Hatano, K.; Kuno, K.; Higashi, Y.; Kamimura, T.; Matsumoto, Y.; Tawara, S.; Matsumoto, F., 1993:
In vitro antibacterial activity of FK037, a novel parenteral broad-spectrum cephalosporin

Biavasco, F.; Vignaroli, C.; Lupidi, R.; Manso, E.; Facinelli, B.; Varaldo, P.E., 1997:
In vitro antibacterial activity of LY333328, a new semisynthetic glycopeptide

Nomura, S.; Hanaki, H.; Unemi, N., 1996:
In vitro antibacterial activity of TOC-50, a new parenteral cephalosporin against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus epidermidis

Shin, W.-Seob; Park, J.-Young; Koh, C.-Myung, 1992:
In vitro antibacterial activity of WCM 302, a substance obtained from culture filtrate of Streptomyces sp. 302, against Staphylococcus aureus

Yoshida, T.; Tateda, E.; Hiramatsu, K.; Yokota, T., 1996:
In vitro antibacterial activity of a new parenteral penem, sulopenem

Hou Jie,; Sheng Jingzhou; L.J.atai, 1996:
In vitro antibacterial activity of domestic clindamycin phosphate

You Xuefu, L.R.nhui; Zhang Weixin; Yan Guihua; Chen Huizhen, 1997:
In vitro antibacterial activity of domestic imipenem/cilastatin, a carbapenem antibiotic

L.Z.ongxing, W.X.uhua; Wang Xin; Yang Jingfang; Zhao Jianhong; Yang Dongwei, 1997:
In vitro antibacterial activity of domestic minocycline against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Jiang, Y.F.; Wang, Q.N.n; Zou,; Qian, Yuan Shu; Li, Chong Zhi; Zhen, Xing Pin; Qiu, Juan; Liu, Hong Yu; Ye, Wei Dong, 1993:
In vitro antibacterial activity of domestic ofloxacin

Yang, J.; Du, J.; Wang, Q.; Jiang, Y.; Zheng, X.; Li, C.; Liu, H.; Chen, H., 1995:
In vitro antibacterial activity of lomefloxacin in comparison with 4 other quinolones and 8 antibiotics

Grigis, A.; Farina, C.; Vailati, F.; Goglio, A., 1994:
In vitro antibacterial activity of meropenem against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Sjöström, J.E.; Fryklund, J.; Kühler, T.; Larsson, H., 1996:
In vitro antibacterial activity of omeprazole and its selectivity for Helicobacter spp. are dependent on incubation conditions

Fremaux, A.; Sissia, G.; Geslin, P., 1993:
In vitro antibacterial activity of pristinamycin against penicillin resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae

Wei, J.; Hou, P.; Li, Z.; Li, J.T.i, 1994:
In vitro antibacterial activity of roxithromycin

Soussy, C.J.; Cluzel, M.; Derlot, E.; Exmelin, L.; Kitzis, M.D.; Dabernat, H.; L.N.c, P.; Muller Serieys, C.; Reverdy, M.E.; Scheftel, J.M.; Thabaut, A., 1996:
In vitro antibacterial activity of the new fluoroquinolone sparfloxacin on nosocomial bacteria, and concordance curve

Ravizzola, G.; Pizzi, R.; Pirali, F.; Turano, A., 1994:
In vitro antibacterial activity of the new quinolone Bay y3118 against clinical isolates

Sanna, A.; Zanetti, S.; Cappuccinelli, P.; Fadda, G., 1996:
In vitro antibacterial activity of toothpastes a Streptococcus mutans strains

Montanari, M.P.; Prenna, M.; Mingoia, M.; Ripa, S.; Varaldo, P.E., 1998:
In vitro antibacterial activity of trovafloxacin and five other fluoroquinolones

Fukuda, N.; Yamase, T., 1997:
In vitro antibacterial activity of vanadate and vanadyl compounds against Streptococcus pneumoniae

Sato, S.; Miura, T.; Kudo, Y.; Kudo, E.; Saitoh, Y.; Kimpara, I.; Tsujino, M.; Kudo, H., 1998:
In vitro antibacterial activity of vancomycin in combination with panipenem against carbapenem-resistant MRSA

Guan, L.; Hu, W.X.i; Li, L.J.n; Guo, W.X.e; Waug, P.F., 1992:
In vitro antibacterial activity study of eight antibiotics on Staphylococcus aureus and clinical efficacy

Watanabe, Y.; Minami, S.; Hayashi, T.; Araki, H.; Kitayama, R.; Ochiai, H., 1995:
In vitro antibacterial properties of T-5575 and T-5578 novel parenteral 2-carboxypenams

Sanna, A.; Mura, A.M.; Sechi, L.A.; Luglie, P.F.; Molicotti, P.; Zanetti, S.; Spanu, T., 1998:
In vitro antibacterial properties of oral disinfectants

Khalid, S.M.; Khan, S.A.; Arif, M.; Shafiq, S.; Saifi, Z.S., 1992:
In vitro antibacterial studies of some newly synthesized phenacyl-thiosemicarbazones

Soriano, F.; Aguilar, L.; Ponte, C., 1997:
In vitro antibiotic sensitivity testing breakpoints and therapeutic activity in induced infections in animal models

Kurt, H.; Arslan, H.; Tuncbilek, S.; Birengal, S.; Tekeli, E., 1998:
In vitro antibiotic susceptibilities of gram negative bacteria isolated from clinical specimens of hospitalized patients

Placanica, P.M.; Puccio, R.; Meliado, A.; Berlinghieri, M.C.; Foca, A., 1994:
In vitro antibiotic susceptibility of slime-producing coagulase-negative Staphylococcus strains

Brouqui, P.; Raoult, D., 1992:
In vitro antibiotic susceptibility of the newly recognized agent of ehrlichiosis in humans, Ehrlichia chaffeensis

Hayes, M.M.; Foo, H.H.; Kotani, H.; Wear, D.J.; Lo, S.C., 1993:
In vitro antibiotic susceptibility testing of different strains of Mycoplasma fermentans isolated from a variety of sources

D.P.ntima, M.C.; Mason, E.O.; Kaplan, S.L., 1998:
In vitro antibiotic synergy against Flavobacterium meningosepticum: implications for therapeutic options

Moutin, Y.; Dubreuil, L., 1997:
In vitro antibiotic testing and its relationship to clinical activity

Suzuki, M.; Mohri, M.; Yamamoto, S., 1998:
In vitro anticoagulant properties of a minimum functional fragment of human thrombomodulin and in vivo demonstration of its benefit as an anticoagulant in extracorporeal circulation using using a monkey model

Niwano, Y.; Ohmi, T.; Kanai, K.; Hamaguchi, H.; Uchida, K.; Yamaguchi, H., 1995:
In vitro antifungal activities of lanoconazole against stock cultures and clinical isolates of Candida albicans

Jimenez, M.I.; Aguar, M.P.; Olmo, V.; Galiano, A.; Soria, A.; Martinez Fernandez, A.R., 1994:
In vitro antifungal activity of IQB-863-F, amphotericin B and other imidazole derivatives in front of Ascosphaera apis

Lima, E.D.O.; Gompertz, A.F.; Paulo, M.D.Q.; Giesbrecht, A.M., 1992:
In vitro antifungal activity of essential oils against clinical isolates of dermatophytes

Itoyama, T.; Aoki, Y.; Hiratani, T.; Uchida, K.; Yamaguchi, H., 1993:
In vitro antifungal activity of omoconazole nitrate, a new imidazole antimycotic

Uchida, K.; Itoyama, T.; Yamaguchi, H., 1996:
In vitro antifungal activity of omoconazole nitrate, a novel imidazole antimycotic drug, against clinical isolates from patients with cutaneous mycosis

Harada, I.; Mitsui, K.; Uchida, K.; Yamaguchi, H., 1997:
In vitro antifungal activity of rilopirox, a new hydroxypyridone antimycotic agent

Del Carmen Rubio Calvo, M.; Tomas, J.G.l; Benito Ruesca, R., 1996:
In vitro antifungal susceptibility testing

Ener, Beyza, 1996:
In vitro antifungal susceptibility tests: Standardization and clinical significance

Parren, P.W.; Fisicaro, P.; Labrijn, A.F.; Binley, J.M.; Yang, W.P.; Ditzel, H.J.; Barbas, C.F.; Burton, D.R., 1996:
In vitro antigen challenge of human antibody libraries for vaccine evaluation: the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope

Ohmori, H.; Hikida, M.; Haruna, K.; Kishimoto, T., 1992:
In vitro antigen-specific IgE response is refractory to suppression by interferon-gamma

Madrigal, M.; Janicek, M.F.; Sevin, B.U.; Perras, J.; Estape, R.; Peñalver, M.; Averette, H.E., 1997:
In vitro antigene therapy targeting HPV-16 E6 and E7 in cervical carcinoma

Yadav, A.K.; Tandon, V.; Rao, H.S.P., 1992:
In vitro antihelmintic activity of fresh tuber of Flemingia against Ascaris suum

Serkedjieva, J., 1996:
In vitro antiinfluenza virus effect of a plant preparation SHS - 174

Stankovicová, M.; Rauko, P.; Bachratá, M.; Blesová, M.; Sveda, P., 1995:
In vitro antileukemic activity and chemical transformation of the 5'-chloro-5'-deoxy derivative of cyclocytidine

Wakabayashi, C.; Hasegawa, H.; Murata, J.; Saiki, I., 1997:
In vitro antimetastatic action on ginseng protopanaxadiol saponins is based on their intestinal bacterial metabolites after oral administration

Jones, R.N.; Johnson, D.M.; Erwin, M.E., 1996:
In vitro antimicrobial activities and spectra of U-100592 and U-100766, two novel fluorinated oxazolidinones

Hossain, M.S.; Ferdous, A.J.; Hasan, C.M., 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial activities of alkaloids from the stem bark of Desmos longiflorus (Roxb.)

Chimura, T.; Hirayama, T.; Nakahara, M., 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial activities of lactoferrin, its concomitant use with cefpodoxime proxetil and clinical effect of cefpodoxime proxetil

Feng Ping,; Zheng Weihua; Y.R.jia; Zhu Shuyuan, 1995:
In vitro antimicrobial activity and analysis of the quinolones

Bourlioux, P.; Moreaux, J.M.; Su, W.J.; Boureau, H., 1992:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of 18 phenothiazine derivatives: structure-activity relationship

Gooding, B.B.; Jones, R.N., 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of CP-99,219, a novel azabicyclo-naphthyridone

Iauk, L.; Ragusa, S.; Rapisarda, A.; Franco, S.; Nicolosi, V.M., 1996:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of Pistacia lentiscus L. extracts: preliminary report

Goldstein, B.P.; Berti, M.; Ripamonti, F.; Resconi, A.; Scotti, R.; Denaro, M., 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of a new antibiotic, MDL 62,879 (GE2270 A)

Cohn, R.C.; Rudzienski, L.; Putnam, R.W., 1992:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of amiloride analogs against Pseudomonas

Tomioka, H.; Saito, H.; Fujii, K.; Sato, K.; Hidaka, T., 1993 :
In vitro antimicrobial activity of benzoxazinorifamycin, KRM-1648, against Mycobacterium avium complex, determined by the radiometric method

Wang, X.; Yuan, S.; Liu, F.; Bian, R., 1998:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of cefazolin combined with sulbactam against 90 clinical isolates producing beta-lactamase

Liu, J.; Li,; Li, J.T.i, 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of home-made ofloxacin

Dutta, S.; De, S.P.; Bhattacharya, S.K., 1996:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of potash alum

Miyasaki, K.T.; Bodeau, A.L.; Murthy, A.R.; Lehrer, R.I., 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of the human neutrophil cytosolic S-100 protein complex, calprotectin, against Capnocytophaga sputigena

Kenny, M.T.; Brackman, M.A.; Dulworth, J.K., 1997:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of the thiazolyl peptide antibiotic MDL 62,879 (GE2270 A)

Jones, R., N.; Bale, M., J.; Hoban, D.; Erwin, M., E., 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial activity of tioconazole and its concentrations in vaginal fluids following topical (Vagistat-1 6.5 percent) application

Giron, K.P.; Gross, M.E.; Musher, D.M.; Williams, T.W.; Tharappel, R.A., 1995:
In vitro antimicrobial effect against Streptococcus pneumoniae of adding rifampin to penicillin, ceftriaxone, or 1-ofloxacin

Digrak, M.; Yilmaz, O.; Ozcelik, S., 1995:
In vitro antimicrobial effect of propolis collected in Elazig region

Stevens, D.L.; Madaras-Kelly, K.J.; Richards, D.M., 1998:
In vitro antimicrobial effects of various combinations of penicillin and clindamycin against four strains of Streptococcus pyogenes

Zarakolu, P.; Karabicak, N.; Oncul, O.; Guvener, E., 1996:
In vitro antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella typhimurium isolates

Ito, Y.; Kanematsu, M.; Yura, J.; Ueno, K.; Watanabe, K., 1994:
In vitro antimicrobial susceptibilities and beta-lactamase production of clinical isolates

Su, J.Y.; Chang, S.C.; Luh, K.T.; Hsieh, W.C., 1995:
In Vitro antimicrobial susceptibilities of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolated from two teaching hospitals in Taiwan, 1989-1995

Smith, M.D.; Vinh, D.X.; Nguyen, T.T.; Wain, J.; Thung, D.; White, N.J., 1995:
In vitro antimicrobial susceptibilities of strains of Yersinia pestis

Pajukanta, R., 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of Porphyromonas gingivalis to azithromycin, a novel macrolide

Hsueh, P.R.; Chang, J.C.; Chang, S.C.; Ho, S.W.; Hsieh, W.C., 1995:
In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of Vibrio vulnificus isolated in Taiwan

Pajukanta, R.; Asikainen, S.; Saarela, M.; Alaluusua, S.; Jousimies-Somer, H., 1993:
In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of different serotypes of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans

Yamamoto, S.; Toida, I.; Watanabe, N.; Ura, T., 1995:
In vitro antimycobacterial activities of pyrazinamide analogs

Cynamon, M.H.; Speirs, R.J.; Welch, J.T., 1998:
In vitro antimycobacterial activity of 5-chloropyrazinamide

Furneri, P.M.; Bisignano, G.; Cerniglia, G.; Nicoletti, G.; Cesana, M.; Tempera, G., 1994:
In vitro antimycoplasmal activities of rufloxacin and its metabolite MF 922

Shigeta, S.; Mori, S.; Watanabe, J.; Baba, M.; Khenkin, A.M.; Hill, C.L.; Schinazi, R.F., 1995:
In vitro antimyxovirus and anti-human immunodeficiency virus activities of polyoxometalates

Lupo, E.; Locher, R.; Weisser, B.; Vetter, W., 1994:
In vitro antioxidant activity of calcium antagonists against LDL oxidation compared with alpha-tocopherol

Cayota, A.; Vuillier, F.; Gonzalez, G.; Dighiero, G., 1996:
In vitro antioxidant treatment recovers proliferative responses of anergic CD4+ lymphocytes from human immunodeficiency virus-infected individuals

Oshima, K.; Hashizume, H.; Miyamae, T.; Morikawa, T.; Hagiwara, M., 1996:
In vitro antiplatelet activity of the carbinol analogue of ketoprofen, 3-(1-methyl-2-hydroxyethyl)-benzophenone

Braakhuis, B.J.; Hill, B.T.; Dietel, M.; Kelland, L.R.; Aapro, M.S.; Zoli, W.; Lelieveld, P., 1994:
In vitro antiproliferative activity of docetaxel (Taxotere), paclitaxel (Taxol) and cisplatin against human tumour and normal bone marrow cells

Gielen, M.; Willem, R.; Bouhdid, A.; D.V.s, D.; Kuiper, C.M.; Veerman, G.; Peters, G.J., 1995:
In vitro antiproliferative effects, toxicity profiles in vivo in mice and antitumor activity in tumour-bearing mice of five organotin compounds

Gielen, M.; Willem, R.; Bouhdid, A.; D.V.s, D.; Kuiper, C.M.; Veerman, G.; Peters, G.J., 1996:
In vitro antiproliferative effects, toxicity profiles in vivo in mice and antitumor activity in tumour-bearing mice of four diorganotin compounds

Sasaki, S.; Maruta, K.; Naito, H.; Maemura, R.; Kawahara, E.; Maeda, M., 1998:
In vitro antitumor activities of new synthetic bistetrahydrofuran derivatives as analogs of Annonaceous acetogenins

Jung, J.-Chang; Yim, S.-Vin; Park, S.-Joon; Chung, J.-Ho; Ko, K.-Chang; Chang, S.-Goo; Rho, Y.-Soo, 1996:
In vitro antitumor activity and nephrotoxicity of the novel platinum (II) coordination complex containing cis-dach/diphosphine

Yamaue, H.; Tanimura, H.; Noguchi, K.; Shono, Y.; Iwahashi, M.; Hotta, T.; Tani, M.; Tsunoda, T.; Nishimoto, N.; Terasawa, H.; Nakamori, M., 1996:
In vitro antitumor activity of 4'-O-tetrahydropyranyladriamycin on human gastric cancer cells

Gabor, F.; Haberl, I.; Wirth, M.; Richter, K.; Theyer, G.; Baumgartner, G.; Wenzl, E.; Hamilton, G., 1996:
In vitro antitumor activity of MIC2 protein-doxorubicin conjugates

Akamatsu, K.; Saito, H.; Tsunenari, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Morikawa, K.; Koizumi, M.; Mitsui, H.; Koizumi, K., 1993:
In vitro antitumor activity of a new platinum complex, DWA2114R against human tumor cell lines

Yasuda, N.; Matsunaga, H.; Kimura, Y.; Tanaka, M.; Sasaki, T., 1995:
In vitro antitumor activity of polymyxin acylase from Pseudomonas sp. M-6-3

Sandrelli, A.; D.F.britiis, P.; D.N.cci, G.D.; Simone, F.; D.M.tteo, G.; Mandelli, F., 1992:
In vitro antitumor effect of LAK cells and alpha interferon in combination on tumor cell lines

Figg, W.D.; Walls, R.G.; Cooper, M.R.; Thibault, A.; Sartor, O.; McCall, N.A.; Myers, C.E.; Samid, D., 1994:
In vitro antitumor effect of hydroxyurea on hormone-refractory prostate cancer cells and its potentiation by phenylbutyrate

Rashan, L., J.; Al-Allaf, T., A.K.; Halaseh, W., F.; Khuzaie, R., F., 1998:
In vitro antitumour activity of platinum(II) complexes with various nitrogen containing ligands

Walder, R.; Kalvatchev, Z.; Garzaro, D.; Barrios, M., 1995:
In vitro antiviral activity of extracts from Fomitella supina, Phellinus rhabarbarinus, Trichaptum perrottetii and Trametes cubensis

Shaw, T.; Amor, P.; Civitico, G.; Boyd, M.; Locarnini, S., 1994:
In vitro antiviral activity of penciclovir, a novel purine nucleoside, against duck hepatitis B virus

Inouye, Y.; Tokutake, Y.; Yoshida, T.; Seto, Y.; Hujita, H.; Dan, K.; Yamamoto, A.; Nishiya, S.; Yamase, T.; Nakamura, S., 1993:
In vitro antiviral activity of polyoxomolybdates: Mechanism of inhibitory effect of PM-104 (NH-4)-12H-2(Eu-4(MoO-4)(H-2O)-16(Mo-7O-24)-4) cntdot 13H-2O on human immunodeficiency virus type 1

Andersen, D.O.; Murray, B.K.; Robins, R.K.; North, J.A., 1992:
In vitro antiviral activity of ribavirin against picornaviruses

Gorbatenko, I.Y.; Zoz, N.N.; Kuklenko, E.A.; Poleshchuk, S.V.; Sushkova, Z.V.; Serova, R.Y., 1994:
In vitro application of biologically active substances at microdoses in nutritive media

Lo, A.; Chang, J.P., 1998:
In vitro application of testosterone potentiates gonadotropin-releasing hormone-stimulated gonadotropin-II secretion from cultured goldfish pituitary cells

Weisensee, D.; Löw-Friedrich, I.; Riehle, M.; Bereiter-Hahn, J.; Schoeppe, W., 1993:
In vitro approach to 'uremic cardiomyopathy'

Pomerantsev, E.V.; Kobayashi, Y.; Fitzgerald, P.J.; Grube, E.; Sanders, W.J.; Alderman, E.L.; Oesterle, S.N.; Yock, P.G.; Stertzer, S.H., 1998:
In vitro aspects of an angiographic and ultrasound quantification with in vivo correlation

Kilic, F.; Dalton, M.B.; Burrell, S.K.; Mayer, J.P.; Patterson, S.D.; Sinensky, M., 1997:
In vitro assay and characterization of the farnesylation-dependent prelamin A endoprotease

Roemer, E.J.; Stanton, K.J.; Simon, S.R., 1994:
In vitro assay systems for inflammatory cell-mediated damage to interstitial extracellular matrix

Chow, S.A., 1997:
In vitro assays for activities of retroviral integrase

Kornhauser, A.; Wei, R.R.; Wamer, W.G., 1998:
In vitro assays for phototoxicity

Kaminsky, R.; Brun, R., 1993:
In vitro assays to determine drug sensitivities of African trypanosomes: a review

Lowe, M.; Kreis, T.E., 1995:
In vitro assembly and disassembly of coatomer

Sato, K.; Nishina, Y.; Shiga, K., 1997:
In vitro assembly of FAD, AMP, and the two subunits of electron-transferring flavoprotein: an important role of AMP related with the conformational change of the apoprotein

Tassan, J.P.; Jaquenoud, M.; Fry, A.M.; Frutiger, S.; Hughes, G.J.; Nigg, E.A., 1995:
In vitro assembly of a functional human CDK7-cyclin H complex requires MAT1, a novel 36 kDa RING finger protein

Bauer, D.W.; Murphy, C.; Wu, Z.; Wu, C.H.; Gall, J.G., 1994:
In vitro assembly of coiled bodies in Xenopus egg extract

Lee, C.S.k; Guo, P., 1995:
In vitro assembly of infectious virions of double-stranded DNA phage vphi-29 from cloned gene products and synthetic nucleic acids

Roy, S.; Sun, A.; Redman, C., 1996:
In vitro assembly of the component chains of fibrinogen requires endoplasmic reticulum factors

Watkins, N.J.; Newman, D.R.; Kuhn, J.F.; Maxwell, E.S., 1998:
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