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Inferior vena caval thrombosis associated with acute pancreatitis: an unusual vascular complication--its presentation and management

Antony, S.J.; Loomis, T.; Brumble, L.; Hannis, M.D.

Angiology 45(12): 1009-1014


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-3197
PMID: 7985827
DOI: 10.1177/000331979404501203
Accession: 008861690

Vascular thrombosis and systemic hypercoagulable states are known complications of acute pancreatitis. They are thought to be secondary to the release of proteolytic enzymes of the pancreas. Inferior vena caval thrombosis is an extremely rare complication of chronic pancreatitis and has, to the authors' knowledge, never been reported in acute pancreatitis. The clinical presentation and radiographic findings are reviewed to illustrate the disease spectrum. Early treatment with intravenous heparin appears to be an effective therapy. Familiarity with this complication will aid physicians in its early diagnosis. However, a high degree of suspicion for this complication is necessary to make a diagnosis.

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