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Influence of genetic variants of kappa-casein and beta-lactoglobulin in milk on proteolysis in cheddar cheese

Imafidon, G.I.; Farkye, N.Y.; Tong, P.S.; Harwalkar, V.R.

Milchwissenschaft 50(6): 321-325


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-3788
Accession: 008866530

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Effects of genetic variants of K-casein (A or AB) and beta-lactoglobulin (A, AB or B) in milk on proteolysis in Cheddar cheese were evaluated. Average water-soluble nitrogen levels (expressed at % total nitrogen) in the cheeses did not depend, significantly (p gt 0.05), on genetic types of kappa-casein or beta-lactoglobulin. However, qualitative differences were noted in the electrophoretic patterns of the cheese made from kappa-CN AA or AB milks/ Similarly, electrophoretic patterns or HPLC profiles of peptides in the water-soluble extracts from K-casein AA cheeses were different from those from kappa-CN AB cheeses. The results suggest that proteolytic enzymes in cheese may have different specificities towards milk protein variants during cheese ripening.

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