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Influence of kappa-casein phenotype on the rennet coagulation time of bovine milk

Horne, D.S.; Muir, D.D.

Milchwissenschaft 49(7): 386-388


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-3788
Accession: 008867537

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Using individual milks from 6 pairs of cows differing in kappa-casein phenotype, we have investigated the effect of kappa-casein phenotype on visual rennet coagulation properties. For this exercise we have adopted the HOLTER-FOLTMANN linear relationship between rennet clotting time (RCT) and reciprocal chymosin concentration to provide a response surface characteristic of each individual milk as a function of pH. Significant differences in slope and intercept, attributable to genetic variations, were observed only near natural milk pH (6.70). kappa-BB milks had on average shorter RCT values than kappa-AA. Both phases of the rennet coagulation reaction, proteolysis and aggregation, encompassed by the RCT measurement, were influenced in the same direction by kappa-casein phenotype.

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