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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 8882

Chapter 8882 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Inhibition of the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/p70(S6)-kinase pathway induces B16 melanoma cell differentiation
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(50): 31824-31830 (1996)

Inhibition of the phosphorylation of a myristoylated alanine-rich C kinase substrate by methyl methanesulfonate in cultured NIH 3T3 cells
, Mutation Research 351(2): 163-171 (1996)

Inhibition of the pig sperm acrosome reaction by a decapacitation factor from pig seminal plasma
, Medical Science Research 24(2): 75-77 (1996)

Inhibition of the pituitary-adrenal axis with dexamethasone and cortisol in depressed patients and healthy subjects: A dose-response study
, Psychoneuroendocrinology 18(3): 191-204 (1993)

Inhibition of the plasma contact activation system of immobilized heparin: Relation to surface density of functional antithrombin binding sites
, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 37(1): 37-42 (1997)

Inhibition of the plasma-membrane proton-ATPase from Dunaliella acidophila by omeprazole
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1142(1): 88-92 (1993)

Inhibition of the platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor with tirofiban in unstable angina and non-Q-wave myocardial infarction
, New England Journal of Medicine 338(21): 1488-1497 (1998)

Inhibition of the polymerase chain reaction by mucolytic agents
, Clinical Chemistry 40(1): 171-172 (1994)

Inhibition of the pre-ovulatory LH surge in the rat by central noradrenergic mediation: Involvement of an anaesthetic (urethane) and opioid receptor agonists
, Biogenic Amines 12(5): 423-435 (1996)

Inhibition of the production of HIV-1 from chronically infected H9 cells by metal compounds and their complexes with L-cysteine or N-acetyl-L-cysteine
, Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy 6(3): 187-189 (1995)

Inhibition of the production of mediators of inflammation by corticosteroids is a glucocorticoid receptor-mediated process
, Mediators of Inflammation 5(2): 100-103 (1996)

Inhibition of the production of nitric oxide and vasodilator prostaglandins attenuates the cardiovascular response to bacterial endotoxin in adrenalectomized rats
, Proceedings. Biological Sciences 253(1338): 233-238 (1993)

Inhibition of the production of platelet activating factor and of leukotriene B4 in activated neutrophils by nimesulide due to an elevation of intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate
, Arzneimittel-Forschung 45(10): 1110-1114 (1995)

Inhibition of the production of reactive oxygen species in mouse peritoneal neutrophils by millimeter wave radiation in the near and far field zones of the radiator
, Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics 43(2): 217-220,. (1997)

Inhibition of the progression of human and rat Wilms' tumor by Tiazofurin
, Anticancer Research 16(6a): 3333-3339 (1996)

Inhibition of the progression of multiple sclerosis by linomide is associated with upregulation of CD4+/CD45RA+ cells and downregulation of CD4+/CD45RO+ cells
, Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology 85(2): 202-209 (1997)

Inhibition of the proliferation of androgen-dependent sc-3 cells by methylcobalamin
, Oncology Reports 2(1): 129-132 (1995)

Inhibition of the proliferation of cultured immortalized Schwann cells by forskolin with a decreased basal level of diacylglycerol
, Neurochemical Research. : 735-741 (1994)

Inhibition of the proliferation of human neural neoplastic cell lines by cysteamine
, Cancer Letters 103(1): 85-90 (1996)

Inhibition of the proliferation of the bacteriophages of lactic acid bacteria in milk in presence of gluconodelta-lactone
, Sciences des Aliments 15(3): 291-304 (1995)

Inhibition of the proliferative cycle and apoptotic events in WiDr cells after down-regulation of the calcium-binding protein calretinin using antisense oligodeoxynucleotides
, Experimental Cell Research 225(2): 399-410 (1996)

Inhibition of the protease of human immunodeficiency virus blocks replication and infectivity of the virus in chronically infected macrophages
, Journal of Infectious Diseases 168(5): 1148-1156 (1993)

Inhibition of the protective effect of estrogen by progesterone in experimental atherosclerosis
, Atherosclerosis 121(1): 129-138 (1996)

Inhibition of the protein kinase C pathway promotes anti-CD95-induced apoptosis in Jurkat T cells
, International Immunology 10(7): 877-889 (1998)

Inhibition of the protein kinase C-alpha gene overexpression in rat preneoplastic liver by selenium
, Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi 15(4): 279-281 (1993)

Inhibition of the proteolytic activity of the multicatalytic proteinase complex (proteasome) by substrate-related peptidyl aldehydes
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 269(47): 29860-6 (1994)

Inhibition of the pyrimidine biosynthetic pathway with S-8660, an analogue of brequinar sodium, prolongs cardiac allograft survival in rats
, Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 12(1 Pt 1): 140-146 (1993)

Inhibition of the quadriceps muscles in elite male volleyball players
, Journal of Sports Sciences 16(3): 281-289 (1998)

Inhibition of the rat adrenal ornithine decarboxylase activity by immobilization stress and/or dexamethasone
, Life Sciences 60(26): 2383-2387 (1997)

Inhibition of the rat cytochrome P450 3A2 by an antisense phosphorothioate oligodeoxynucleotide in vivo
, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 275(3): 1608-1613 (1995)

Inhibition of the reconstituted mitochondrial oxoglutarate carrier by arginine-specific reagents
, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 331(1): 48-54 (1996)

Inhibition of the red blood cell calcium pump by eosin and other fluorescein analogues
, American Journal of Physiology 264(6 Pt 1): C1577 (1993)

Inhibition of the release factor-dependent termination reaction on ribosomes by DnaJ and the N-terminal peptide of rhodanese
, Journal of Bacteriology 177(19): 5517-5522 (1995)

Inhibition of the release of soluble tumor necrosis factor receptors in experimental endotoxemia by an anti-tumor necrosis factor-alpha antibody
, Journal of Clinical Immunology 15(1): 45-50 (1995)

Inhibition of the renal excretion of tazobactam by piperacillin
, Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 34(4): 555-564 (1994)

Inhibition of the renal uptake of p-aminohippurate and tetraethylammonium by the antioxidant ethoxyquin in the rat
, Food and Chemical Toxicology 31(5): 363-367 (1993)

Inhibition of the reproduction of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) with cytokine-like antivirus factor
, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii 0(5): 27-29 (1996)

Inhibition of the respiration of multi-drug resistant clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by thioridazine: potential use for initial therapy of freshly diagnosed tuberculosis
, Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 38(6): 1049-1053 (1996)

Inhibition of the respiratory burst in mouse macrophages by ultra-low doses of an opioid peptide is consistent with a possible adaptation mechanism
, Febs Letters 355(2): 114-116 (1994)

Inhibition of the respiratory pattern-generating neurons by an identified whole-body withdrawal interneuron of Lymnaea stagnalis
, Journal of Experimental Biology 199(Pt 9): 1887-1898 (1996)

Inhibition of the response to nasal provocation with bradykinin by HOE-140: efficacy and duration of action
, Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 73(7): 820-826 (1995)

Inhibition of the sarcolemmal Ca2+ pump in embryonic chick heart cells by mini-glucagon
, Cell Calcium 18(1): 76-85 (1995)

Inhibition of the sea urchin sperm acrosome reaction by a lignin-derived macromolecule
, Aquatic Toxicology (amsterdam). 37(2-3): 139-156 (1997)

Inhibition of the self-assembly of collagen I into fibrils with synthetic peptides. Demonstration that assembly is driven by specific binding sites on the monomers
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 273(25): 15598-15604 (1998)

Inhibition of the self-cleavage reaction of the human hepatitis delta virus ribozyme by antibiotics
, Journal of Molecular Biology 259(5): 916-925 (1996)

Inhibition of the serotonergic component of human platelet aggregation following intravenous administration of LY215840, A 5-HT-2A receptor antagonist
, Journal of Drug Development and Clinical Practice 7(3): 189-198 (1995)

Inhibition of the signalling enzyme phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase by antitumor ether lipid analogues
, Cancer Research 53(18): 4297-4302 (1993)

Inhibition of the skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor calcium release channel by nitric oxide
, Biophysical Journal 70(2 Part 2): A145 (1996)

Inhibition of the slow pressor effect of angiotensin II contributes to the antihypertensive effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors in renovascular hypertension
, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 278(1): 297-303 (1996)

Inhibition of the sodium channel by SK and F 96365, an inhibitor of the receptor-operated calcium channel, in mouse diaphragm
, Journal of Biomedical Science 1(3): 172-178 (1994)

Inhibition of the sodium/hydrogen antiport by ammonium ion
, Journal of Urology 157(1): 362-365 (1997)

Inhibition of the soleus H-reflex during dorsiflexion is dependent on individual differences in maximal soleus H-reflex as a test reflex
, Perceptual and Motor Skills 82(2): 403-410 (1996)

Inhibition of the soleus H-reflex in standing man
, Brain Research 629(1): 155-158 (1993)

Inhibition of the specific 3H-DL-Glu binding in the hippocampus of rat brain by lead
, Biomedical and Environmental Sciences 11(1): 81-86 (1998)

Inhibition of the spontaneous rate of contraction of neonatal cardiac myocytes by protein kinase C isozymes. A putative role for the epsilon isozyme
, Circulation Research 76(4): 654-663 (1995)

Inhibition of the spore polar filament extrusion of the microsporidium, Encephalitozoon hellem, isolated from an AIDS patient
, Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 40(6): 711-717 (1993)

Inhibition of the startle reaction by physostigmine in patients with early brain damage
, Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 86(3): 312-316 (1992)

Inhibition of the subsidiary pacemaker activity by Zatebradine, an I-r inhibitor, in the anesthetized dog heart
, Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology 26(6): 957-964 (1995)

Inhibition of the sulfoxidation of omeprazole by ketoconazole in poor and extensive metabolizers of S-mephenytoin
, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 62(4): 384-391 (1997)

Inhibition of the synthesis of a cytochrome-c-oxidase subunit isoform by antisense RNA
, European Journal of Biochemistry 219(3): 1053-1061 (1994)

Inhibition of the synthesis of proteins needed for Epstein-Barr virus replication by antisense RNA against the Zta gene
, Journal of Biomedical Science 4(4): 139-145 (1997)

Inhibition of the tail flick reflex following microinjection of morphine into the amygdala
, Neuroreport 4(5): 471-474 (1993)

Inhibition of the tetracycline efflux antiport protein by 13-thio-substituted 5-hydroxy-6-deoxytetracyclines
, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 36(3): 370-377 (1993)

Inhibition of the thiol-specific antioxidant activity of rat liver MSP23 protein by hemin
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 216(3): 970-975 (1995)

Inhibition of the tissue reaction to a biodegradable biomaterial by monoclonal antibodies to IFN-gamma
, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research 41(2): 202-210 (1998)

Inhibition of the topoisomerase II-DNA cleavable complex by the ortho-quinone derivative of the antitumor drug etoposide (VP-16)
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 237(1): 24-27 (1997)

Inhibition of the transendothelial migration of human T lymphocytes by prostaglandin E2
, Journal of Immunology 152(12): 5703-5713 (1994)

Inhibition of the transendothelial migration of human lymphocytes but not monocytes by phosphodiesterase inhibitors
, Clinical and Experimental Immunology 104(1): 66-71 (1996)

Inhibition of the translocation of GLUT1 and GLUT4 in 3T3-L1 cells by the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitor, wortmannin
, Biochemical Journal 300: 631-635 (1994)

Inhibition of the transport function of membrane proteins by some substituted phenothiazines in E. coli and multidrug resistant tumor cells
, Anticancer Research 17(1a): 481-486 (1997)

Inhibition of the trehalose-P synthase of mycobacteria by various antibiotics
, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 335(2): 258-266 (1996)

Inhibition of the trigemino-vascular system with 5-HT1D agonist drugs: selectively targeting additional sites of action
, European Neurology 36(Suppl. 2): 13-18 (1996)

Inhibition of the tumor promoting action of 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate by tubeimoside III isolated from Bolbostemma paniculatum
, Carcinogenesis 16(12): 3045-3048 (1995)

Inhibition of the tyrosine kinase activity of the fibroblast growth factor receptor by the methyltransferase inhibitor 5'-methylthioadenosine
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 268(6): 4244-4249 (1993)

Inhibition of the vacuolar H(+)-ATPase with bafilomycin reduces delivery of internalized molecules from mature multivesicular endosomes to lysosomes in HEp-2 cells
, European Journal of Cell Biology 69(4): 343-350 (1996)

Inhibition of the vasopressin-enhancing effect on memory retrieval and relearning by a vasopressin V1 receptor antagonist in mice
, European Journal of Pharmacology 294(2-3): 763-770 (1995)

Inhibition of the vitamin B-12 binding capacity of proteins by the hydrolysis product of cyclophosphamide
, Pharmacology and Toxicology 72(1): 22-24 (1993)

Inhibition of the voltage-dependent calcium current by extracellular ATP in hamster ventricular cardiomyocytes
, American Journal of Physiology 273(1 Pt 2): H250 (1997)

Inhibition of the yeast alcohol dehydrogenase by copper(II) complexes of colchicine and N-deacetylcolchiceine
, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2(9): 1097-1100 (1992)

Inhibition of theophylline metabolism by aciclovir
, Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 19(12): 1591-1595 (1996)

Inhibition of thiazide photohemolysis in vitro by antioxidants and a nitrogen atmosphere
, Photodermatology Photoimmunology and Photomedicine 12(5): 211-215 (1996)

Inhibition of thrombin and SFLLR-peptide stimulation of platelet aggregation, phospholipase A-2 and Na+/H+ exchange by a thrombin receptors
, Biochemical Pharmacology 49(4): 519-528 (1995)

Inhibition of thrombin and other trypsin-like serine proteinases by cyclotheonamide A
, Thrombosis Research 70(2): 173-190 (1993)

Inhibition of thrombin attenuates stenosis after arterial injury in minipigs
, Journal of the American College of Cardiology 28(7): 1849-1855 (1996)

Inhibition of thrombin by antithrombin III and heparin cofactor II in vivo
, Thrombosis and Haemostasis 73(3): 405-412 (1995)

Inhibition of thrombin by hirudin genetically fused to wild-type or mutant antithrombin
, Thrombosis Research 84(6): 419-429 (1996)

Inhibition of thrombin by peptides containing Lysyl-alpha-keto carbonyl derivatives
, Thrombosis and Haemostasis 74(4): 1107-1112 (1995)

Inhibition of thrombin generation by aspirin is blunted in hypercholesterolemia
, Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology 16(8): 948-954 (1996)

Inhibition of thrombin generation by heparin and LMW heparins: a comparison of chromogenic and clotting methods
, Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis 7(1): 24-30 (1996)

Inhibition of thrombin generation by heparin and low molecular weight (LMW) heparins in the absence and presence of platelet factor 4 (PF4)
, British Journal of Haematology 82(2): 406-413 (1992)

Inhibition of thrombin generation in plasma by inhibitors of factor Xa
, Thrombosis and Haemostasis 78(4): 1215-1220 (1997)

Inhibition of thrombin receptor signaling by a G-protein coupled receptor kinase. Functional specificity among G-protein coupled receptor kinases
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 269(2): 1125-1130 (1994)

Inhibition of thrombin-catalyzed factor V activation by bothrojaracin
, Thrombosis and Haemostasis 79(6): 1157-1161 (1998)

Inhibition of thrombin-induced contractile responses by protein kinase inhibitors in porcine pulmonary arteries
, Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology 50(4-6): 497-500 (1998)

Inhibition of thrombin-mediated cellular effects by triabin, a highly potent anion-binding exosite thrombin inhibitor
, Thrombosis and Haemostasis 77(6): 1196-1200 (1997)

Inhibition of thrombin-stimulated cell proliferation by ceramide is not through inhibition of extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 240(2): 405-408 (1997)

Inhibition of thrombosis and intimal thickening by in situ photopolymerization of thin hydrogel barriers
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 91(13): 5967-5971 (1994)

Inhibition of thrombosis by a selective fibrinogen receptor antagonist without effect on bleeding time
, Thrombosis and Haemostasis 72(1): 119-124 (1994)

Inhibition of thromboxane A2 activity during warm ischemia of the liver
, Journal of Surgical Research 61(1): 103-107 (1996)

Inhibition of thromboxane A-2 biosynthesis in vitro by the main components of Crataegus oxyacantha (Hawthorn) flower heads
, Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids 50(4): 173-175 (1994)

Inhibition of thromboxane biosynthesis and platelet function by indobufen in type II diabetes mellitus
, Arteriosclerosis and Thrombosis 13(9): 1346-1349 (1993)

Inhibition of thromboxane biosynthesis and platelet function by simvastatin in type IIa hypercholesterolemia
, Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology 15(2): 247-251 (1995)

Inhibition of thromboxane synthesis attenuates insulin hypertension in rats
, American Journal of Hypertension 10(10 Part 1): 1125-1131 (1997)

Inhibition of thrombus formation by endothelin-1 in canine models of arterial thrombosis
, Thrombosis and Haemostasis 74(6): 1583-1590 (1995)

Inhibition of thymidine kinase in cultured mammary tumor cells by the chemopreventive organoselenium compound, 1,4-phenylenebis(methylene)selenocyanate
, Carcinogenesis 15(4): 607-610 (1994)

Inhibition of thymidine transport in dnaA mutants of Escherichia coli
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 272(34): 21195-21200 (1997)

Inhibition of thymidylate synthase and thymidine kinase by okadaic acid in regenerating rat liver after partial hepatectomy
, Biochemical Pharmacology 52(6): 879-884 (1996)

Inhibition of thymidylate synthetase activity induced in varicella-zoster virus infected cells by (E)-5-(2-bromovinyl)-2'-deoxyuridine
, Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy 5(3): 191-194 (1994)

Inhibition of thymocyte negative selection by T cell receptor antagonist peptides
, European Journal of Immunology 26(3): 532-538 (1996)

Inhibition of thyrocyte iodide uptake by H+K+ ATPase inhibitor, timoprazole
, Endocrine Journal 42(4): 489-496 (1995)

Inhibition of thyroid NADPH-oxidase by 2-iodohexadecanal in a cell-free system
, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 99(1): 133-141 (1994)

Inhibition of thyroid hormone sulfation by hydroxylated metabolites of polychlorinated biphenyls
, Chemico-Biological Interactions. 109(1-3): 293-297,. 20 ( 1998)

Inhibition of thyroid hormone uptake by calcium antagonists of the dihydropyridine class
, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 40(10): 1530-1538 (1997)

Inhibition of thyroid peroxidase by dietary flavonoids
, Chemical Research in Toxicology 9(1): 16-23 (1996)

Inhibition of thyrotropin-stimulated DNA synthesis by microinjection of inhibitors of cellular Ras and cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 13(8): 4477-4484 (1993)

Inhibition of thyroxine transport into cultured rat hepatocytes by serum of nonuremic critically ill patients: effects of bilirubin and nonesterified fatty acids
, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 76(5): 1165-1172 (1993)

Inhibition of tissue angiotensin converting enzyme activity prevents malignant hypertension in TGR(mREN2)27
, Journal of Hypertension 16(5): 635-643 (1998)

Inhibition of tissue angiotensin-converting enzyme with quinapril reduces hypoxic pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary vascular remodeling
, Circulation 94(8): 1941-1947 (1996)

Inhibition of tissue factor and cytokine release
, Haemostasis 26(Suppl. 1): 92-95 (1996)

Inhibition of tissue factor surface expression in human peripheral blood monocyte exposed to cytokines
, British Journal of Haematology 95(2): 249-257 (1996)

Inhibition of tissue factor-mediated coagulation markedly attenuates stenosis after balloon-induced arterial injury in minipigs
, Circulation 96(2): 646-652 (1997)

Inhibition of tissue plasminogen activators and urokinase by human saliva
, Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology 77(4): 356-361 (1994)

Inhibition of tissue transglutaminase and epsilon (gamma-glutamyl) lysine cross-linking in human hypertrophic scar
, Wound Repair and Regeneration 4(1): 16-20 (1996)

Inhibition of tongue reflex in rats by tooth pulp stimulation during cerebral ventricle perfusion with (6-11) substance P analogs
, Brain Research 753(1): 128-132 (1997)

Inhibition of tooth eruption in the rat by a bisphosphonate
, Journal of Dental Research 77(1): 8-15 (1998)

Inhibition of topoisomerase I activity by tyrphostin derivatives, protein tyrosine kinase blockers: mechanism of action
, Cancer Research 54(19): 5138-5142 (1994)

Inhibition of topoisomerase I by anthracycline antibiotics: Evidence for general inhibition of topoisomerase I by DNA-binding agents
, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 37(19): 3191-3194 (1994)

Inhibition of topoisomerase I function by coralyne and 5,6-dihydrocoralyne
, Chemical Research in Toxicology 9(1): 75-83 (1996)

Inhibition of topoisomerase I function by nitidine and fagaronine
, Chemical Research in Toxicology 6(6): 813-818 (1993)

Inhibition of topoisomerase II activity and its effect on nucleolar structure and function
, Experimental Cell Research 211(1): 36-41 (1994)

Inhibition of topoisomerase II by ICRF-193 prevents efficient replication of herpes simplex virus type 1
, Journal of Virology 70(7): 4523-4529 (1996)

Inhibition of topoisomerase II by ICRF-193, the meso isomer of 2,3-bis(2,6-dioxopiperazin-4-yl)butane: Critical dependence on 2,3-butanediyl linker absolute configuration
, Biochemical Pharmacology 52(4): 543-549 (1996)

Inhibition of topoisomerase II by a novel antitumor cyclic depsipeptide, BE-22179
, Japanese Journal of Cancer Research 85(5): 550-555 (1994)

Inhibition of topoisomerase II by aurintricarboxylic acid: Implications for mechanism of apoptosis
, Anticancer Research 14(3A): 853-856 (1994)

Inhibition of topoisomerase II by liriodenine
, Biochemical Pharmacology 54(4): 467-473 (1997)

Inhibition of topoisomerase II catalytic activity by pyridoacridine alkaloids from a Cystodytes sp. ascidian: A mechanism for the apparent intercalator-induced inhibition of topoisomerase II
, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 37(22): 3819-3827 (1994)

Inhibition of toxic shock syndrome toxin-1-induced cytokine production and T cell activation by interleukin-10, interleukin-4, and dexamethasone
, Journal of Infectious Diseases 172(4): 988-992 (1995)

Inhibition of tracheal vascular extravasation by liposome-encapsulated albuterol in rats
, Pharmaceutical Research (new York). 15(3): 455-460 (1998)

Inhibition of trans-retinoic acid-resistant human breast cancer cell growth by retinoid X receptor-selective retinoids
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 17(11): 6598-6608 (1997)

Inhibition of transcription affects synthesis of steroidogenic acute regulatory protein and steroidogenesis in MA-10 mouse Leydig tumor cells
, Endocrinology 138(11): 4893-4901 (1997)

Inhibition of transcription blocks cell cycle progression of NIH3T3 fibroblasts specifically in G1
, Journal of Cell Science 105: 113-122 (1993)

Inhibition of transcription elongation by the VHL tumor suppressor protein
, Science 269(5229): 1402-1406 (1995)

Inhibition of transcription factor GATA-4 expression blocks in vitro cardiac muscle differentiation
, Molecular and Cellular Biology 15(8): 4095-4102 (1995)

Inhibition of transcription factor IIIA-DNA interactions by xenobiotic metal ions
, Nucleic Acids Research 24(5): 924-930 (1996)

Inhibition of transcription factor binding by ultraviolet-induced pyrimidine dimers
, Biochemistry 35(49): 15693-15703 (1996)

Inhibition of transcription factor binding to the HER2 promoter by triplex-forming oligodeoxyribonucleotides
, Gene (amsterdam). 149(1): 123-126 (1994)

Inhibition of transcription initiation by lac repressor
, Journal of Molecular Biology 245(4): 331-350 (1995)

Inhibition of transcription of the human c-myc protooncogene by intermolecular triplex
, Biochemistry 37(8): 2299-2304 (1998)

Inhibition of transcription selectively reduces the level of ubiquitinated histone H2B in chromatin
, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 203(1): 344-350 (1994)

Inhibition of transcription starting from bacteriophage lambda pR promoter during the stringent response in Escherichia coli: implications for lambda DNA replication
, Acta Biochimica Polonica 42(2): 233-239 (1995)

Inhibition of transcriptional regulator Yin-Yang-1 by association with c-Myc
, Science 262(5141): 1889-1892 (1993)

Inhibition of transfer of collagen-induced arthritis into SCID mice by ex vivo infection of spleen cells with retroviruses expressing soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor
, Gene Therapy 2(10): 731-735 (1995)

Inhibition of transforming growth factor-beta-induced cataractous changes in lens explants by ocular media and alpha-2-macroglobulin
, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 37(8): 1509-1519 (1996)

Inhibition of translation and bacterial growth by peptide nucleic acid targeted to ribosomal RNA
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 95(5): 2073-2076, Ch 3 (1998)

Inhibition of translation by mRNA encoding NIPP-1, a nuclear inhibitor of protein phosphatase-1
, European Journal of Biochemistry 247(1): 411-415 (1997)

Inhibition of translation in Bacillus subtilis during repression of its synthesis by the secreted enzyme
, Biologicheskie Nauki (Moscow) 0(1): 26-29 (1992)

Inhibition of translation initiation of Escherichia coli and mRNA by formation of a long-range secondary structure involving the ribosome binding site and the internal complementary sequence
, Journal of Bacteriology 177(22): 6560-6567 (1995)

Inhibition of translational initiation by activators of the glucose-regulated stress protein and heat shock protein stress response systems. Role of the interferon-inducible double-stranded RNA-activated eukaryotic initiation factor 2alpha kinase
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 271(40): 24995-25002 (1996)

Inhibition of translational initiation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by secondary structure: The roles of the stability and position of stem-loops in the mRNA leader
, Molecular Microbiology 9(3): 521-532 (1993)

Inhibition of translational initiation in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a function of the stability and position of hairpin structures in the mRNA leader
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 268(9): 6453-6462 (1993)

Inhibition of transmitter release correlates with the proteolytic activity of tetanus toxin and botulinus toxin A in individual cultured synapses of Hirudo medicinalis
, Journal of Neuroscience 17(6): 1898-1910 (1997)

Inhibition of transplant arteriosclerosis in rat aortic grafts by low molecular weight heparin derivatives
, Transplantation 59(11): 1517-1524 (1995)

Inhibition of transplant coronary arteriosclerosis in rabbits by chronic estradiol treatment is associated with abolition of MHC class II antigen expression
, Circulation 94(12): 3355-3361 (1996)

Inhibition of transplant rejection by pretreatment of xenogeneic pancreatic islet cells with anti-ICAM-1 antibodies
, Transplantation 58(6): 681-689 (1994)

Inhibition of transplant rejection following treatment with anti-B7-2 and anti-B7-1 antibodies
, Transplantation 60(10): 1171-1178 (1995)

Inhibition of transport processes of intestinal segments following augmentation enterocystoplasty in rats
, Journal of Urology 156(5): 1872-1875 (1996)

Inhibition of transport systems in yeast by photodynamic treatment with toluidine blue
, Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta 1151(2): 143-148 (1993)

Inhibition of transpositional recombination by OrfA and OrfB proteins encoded by insertion sequence IS3
, Genes To Cells 2(9): 547-557,. (1997)

Inhibition of trazodone metabolism by thioridazine in humans
, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring 17(4): 333-335 (1995)

Inhibition of trichocyst exocytosis and calcium influx in Paramecium by amiloride and divalent cations
, Biology Of The Cell (paris). 86(1): 39-43 (1996)

Inhibition of trilinolein in adsorption of beta-carotene on attapulgite and sepiolite
, Japanese Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health 42(4): 326-332 (1996)

Inhibition of triolein in adsorption of beta-carotene on clay mineral
, Japanese Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health 42(3): 257-262 (1996)

Inhibition of tritiated gamma-aminobutyric acid release from guinea pig hippocampal synaptosomes by serotonergic agents
, Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology 6(8-9): 333-341 (1992)

Inhibition of troponin C production without affecting other muscle protein synthesis by the antisense oligodeoxynucleotide
, Antisense and Nucleic Acid Drug Development 7(1): 31-38 (1997)

Inhibition of trypsin and thrombin by amino(4-amidinophenyl)methanephosphonate diphenyl ester derivatives: X-ray structures and molecular models
, Biochemistry 35(10): 3147-3155 (1996)

Inhibition of trypsin with active-site-directed enzyme-activated N-nitrosoamide substrates
, Biochemistry 34(46): 15123-15133 (1995)

Inhibition of trypsin, plasmin, thrombin and kallikrein by various esters of guanidino- and amidino-acids
, Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 17(3): 446-448 (1994)

Inhibition of tryptase TL2 from human T4+ lymphocytes and inhibition of HIV-1 replication in H9 cells by recombinant aprotinin and bikunin homologues
, Journal of Protein Chemistry 16(6): 651-660 (1997)

Inhibition of tryptophan hydroxylase by 6,7-dihydroxy-N-cyanomethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline: A cyanomethyl derivative of dopamine formed from cigarette smoke
, Neuroscience Letters 160(2): 217-220 (1993)

Inhibition of tryptophan hydroxylase by dopamine and the precursor amino acids
, Biochemical Pharmacology 48(1): 207-212 (1994)

Inhibition of tryptophan synthase by (1-fluorovinyl)glycine
, Biochemistry 32(3): 806-811 (1993)

Inhibition of tuberoinfundibular dopaminergic neural activity during suckling: involvement of mu and kappa opiate receptor subtypes
, Journal of Neuroendocrinology 8(10): 771-776 (1996)

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Inhibitors of vacuolar-type H(+)-ATPase suppresses proliferation of cultured cells
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