Investigation of the physico-chemical and technological properties of a hydrophilic phenol propolis preparation

Tykhonov, O.I.; Yarnykh, T.H.; Vyshnevs'ka, L.I.

Farmatsevtychnyi Zhurnal (Kiev) 1992(5-6): 53-56


Accession: 008913464

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The authors obtained a phenol hydrophilic propolis agent soluble in water and hardly soluble in 95% ethyl alcohol, practically insoluble in ether, chlorophorm, acetone, and other organic solvents. Some of its technological properties were evaluated: moisture absorption, volume density, friability, extrusion power. The composition of phenol compounds in the agent was analyzed by means of one- and two-dimensional chromatography. The complete UV-spectrum of the agent in comparison with raw material propolis was evaluated. The highest optical density was observed at the wave-legnth from 220 to 390 nm. The absorption maximum was at the range of 290 nm.