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Isolation and characterization of a novel dynein that contains C and A heavy chains from sea urchin sperm flagellar axonemes

Yokota, E.; Mabuchi, I.

Journal of Cell Science 107: 345-351


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9533
PMID: 8207066
Accession: 008924205

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A novel dynein (C/A dynein), which is composed of C and A heavy chains, two intermediate chains and several light chains, was isolated from sea urchin sperm flagella. The C/A dynein was released by the treatment with 0.7 M NaCl plus 5 mM ATP from the axonemes depleted of outer arm 21 S dynein. Sedimentation coefficient of this dynein was estimated by sucrose density gradient centrifugation to be 22-23 S. The C/A dynein particle appeared to be composed of three distinct domains; two globular head domains and one rod domain as seen by negative staining electron microscopy. The mobility of 'A' heavy chain of C/A dynein on SDS-gel electrophoresis was similar to that of A heavy chains (A-alpha and A-beta) of 21 S dynein. However, UV-cleavage patterns of C and A heavy chains of C/A dynein were different from those of A heavy chains of 21 S dynein. Furthermore, an antiserum raised against A heavy chain of C/A dynein did not crossreact with A heavy chains of 21 S dynein. Under the conditions in which the C/A dynein was released, some of inner arms were removed concomitantly from axonemes as observed by electron microscopy. These results suggested that C/A dynein is a component of the inner arms.

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