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Live enterovirus vaccines for the emergency nonspecific prophylaxis of wide-spread respiratory diseases during autumn and winter epidemics of influenza and acute respiratory diseases

Chumakov, M.P.; Voroshilova, M.K.; Antsupova, A.S.; Boiko, V.M.; Blinova, M.I.; Priimyagi, L.S.; Rodin, V.I.; Seibil', V.B.; Sinyak, K.M.

Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii 1992(11-12): 37-40


ISSN/ISBN: 0372-9311
Accession: 008962746

The results of the 3-year controlled trials of a new method of nonspecific urgent prophylaxis of influenza and acute respiratory diseases (ADR) by immunization of healthy adults with standard liver enterovirus oral vaccines, introduced in 2-3 administrations of intervals of 7-10 days, at the initial stages of autumn and winter epidemics are presented. Observations, carried out in three republics, covered more than 150,000 persons immunized with enterovirus interferonogenic vaccines. A considerable decrease in morbidity rate among the vaccines was achieved (on the average, by 3.2 times) in comparison to that among nonimmunized subjects. The method of nonspecific prophylaxis with live enterovirus interferogenic vaccines is recommended during outbreaks of diseases induced simultaneously by several causative agents of influenza and ARD, as well as by pathogenic enterovirus strains.

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