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Localization of the gene for DNA polymerase epsilon (POLE) to human chromosome 12q24.3 and rat chromosome 12 by somatic cell hybrid panels and fluorescence in situ hybridization

Szpirer, J.; Pedeutour, F.; Kesti, T.; Riviere, M.; Syväoja, J.E.; Turc-Carel, C.; Szpirer, C.

Genomics 20(2): 223-226


ISSN/ISBN: 0888-7543
PMID: 8020968
Accession: 008966956

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DNA polymerase epsilon (DNA pol epsilon (EC is one of the four nuclear DNA polymerases in eukaryotic cells. The mammalian enzyme is involved in DNA repair and possibly also in replication of chromosomal DNA. The gene encoding pol epsilon (POLE) was assigned to human and rat chromosomes 12 by Southern blot analysis of genomic DNA from mouse-human and mouse-rat somatic cell hybrid panels using human cDNA probe.

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