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Lysosomal enzyme trafficking between phagosomes, endosomes, and lysosomes in J774 macrophages. Enrichment of cathepsin H in early endosomes

Lysosomal enzyme trafficking between phagosomes, endosomes, and lysosomes in J774 macrophages. Enrichment of cathepsin H in early endosomes

Journal of Biological Chemistry 273(16): 9842-9851

ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9258

PMID: 9545324

DOI: 10.1074/jbc.273.16.9842

In this study we take advantage of recently developed methods using J774 macrophages to prepare enriched fractions of early endosomes, late endosomes, dense lysosomes, as well as phagosomes of different ages enclosing 1-micron latex beads to investigate the steady state distribution and trafficking of lysosomal enzyme activity between these organelles. At steady state these cells appear to possess four different cellular structures, in addition to phagolysosomes, where acid hydrolases were concentrated. The first site of hydrolase concentration was the early endosomes, which contained the bulk of the cellular cathepsin H. This enzyme was acquired by phagosomes significantly faster than the other hydrolases tested. The second distinct site of lysosomal enzyme concentration was the late endosomes which contain the bulk of cathepsin S. The third and fourth large pools of hydrolases were found in two functionally distinct types of dense lysosomes, only one of which was found to be secreted in the presence of chloroquine or bafilomycin. Among this secreted pool was soluble furin, generally considered only as a membrane-bound trans-Golgi network resident protein. Thus, the organelles usually referred to as "lysosomes" in fact encompass a growing family of highly dynamic but functionally distinct endocytic organelles.

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