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Chapter 8,993

Marine conservation reserves, petroleum exploration and development, and oil spills in coastal waters of Western Australia

May, R.F.

Ine Pollution Bulletin 25(5-8): 147-154


DOI: 10.1016/0025-326x(92)90218-u
Accession: 008992845

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Conservation, petroleum exploration and development, shipping and oil spills in the marine environment can generate a volatile mix of issues and public perceptions. The progression of objectives for marine conservation and the extraction of petroleum resources from coastal waters without environmental, social or economic conflict requires the separation and evaluation of discrete issues. Data from shipping accidents and petroleum developments in Western Australia indicate that the apparent conflict between marine conservation objectives and extraction of petroleum resources is largely unsupported. Key issues are examined together with options and a strategy for resolution of conflict aimed at developing equitable policies for the establishment of marine conservation reserves, while providing for the utilization of petroleum resources without environmental conflict.

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